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Approved Tech K1 Blaster Rifle

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Marik Baldear

K1 Blaster Rifle / Ion Blaster Attachment
image by torvenius

Intent: to give the Coalition aces to a standard blaster. / Give Coalition troops a way of dealing with electronic defences without damaging potentially usable technoligy.
Development Thread: NA
Manufacturer: Tak & Con
Model: Combat Rifle / Ion Blaster
Affiliation: Coalition
Modularity: yes
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel

Description: The K1 was a blaster rifle made in secret for the Coalition by Tak & Con. The rifle was made to be very solid and robust but still manages to be disassembled into 5 small components that could be smuggled more easily. The blaster could be equipped with a ion blaster, which attached to the bottom of the rifle and was used to nock out electronic defenses, like turrets, droids and cameras. The ion blaster only had charge for a single shot and was very expensive so most blasters were not made with them. Instead soldiers modified their blasters with flashlights and bayonets.
Classification: Blaster
Size: Handheld / small
Status: Limited
Length: 85cm / 28cm
Weight: 2.2kg / 0.4kg
Ammunition Type: Power cell
Ammunition Capacity: 100 / 1
Effective Range: 200m / 20m
Become the Crisis
Considering that the ion blaster attachment is technically a separate weapon, would you kindly add a copy of the weapons template(Classification, size, status, etc) for it? Otherwise I don't see anything really needing to be done. A rather standard blaster sub.

@Marik Baldear

Marik Baldear

just clarifying. did you want me to make a separate application for the ion blaster or did you just want me to add the relevant information onto this one?
i have already added the information on to this one.

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