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Journalists and Writers wanted (Apply Within)

Arthur Woodburn

Director General of the RBC
Republic Broadcasting Corporation

Here at the RBC, we believe that all peoples regardless of your species or political belief should have the fundamental right and access to freedom of information. Infomation is what maintains the economies and governments of the worlds that we live in so surely it is of vital importance that all those that are affected by any events should have the ability to understand who is responsible and to be informed upon why an event may have taken place. It is, for this reason, that over the last months the RBC has been founded. With this organization and a network of people all around the galaxy have come and converged within the heart of the Republic space in order to create a platform free of persecution or censorship where information and thought can freely flow on the issues we all have to face.

Arthur Woodburn, Director General.
Vacant Positions:
Chief Editor
Political Correspondent
War Correspondent
Financial Correspondent
Journalistic Personal and support staff
Please contact Ciomia main office

(OOC: If you're interested in joining the newsgroup then feel free to message myself or tag me or shout at me on the discord if you have any questions.)

Luther Lewis

Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
[member="Arthur Woodburn"]

I would be interested in applying. I'm happy to fill any position, barring Editor and Chief Editor. I usually work independently, but I think it is time to mix things up.