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Approved Planet Jhooruus

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Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker

Name: Jhooruus

Region: Koga
System: Karnok System
Suns: Sorq, G-Class and and very dim.
Orbital Position: about 100,000,000 miles from the sun
Moons: Gula Prime (Built up military Outpost)
Coordinates: H-26
Rotational Period: 35 standard hours
Orbital Period: 300 days a year

Class: Terrestrial.
Diameter: 12,700 km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Temperate.
Gravity: 1.2 standard.
Primary Terrain: Grasslands, plains, mountains, oceans, forests, and arctic, with some desert.

Native species: None. (Prison farm Colony.)
Immigrated species: Humans, non-humans, aliens.
Primary languages: Galactic basic.
Government: Lords of the Fringe.
Population: around 1.2 million.
Demonym: Prisoners.
Major cities: Jorak (Main Farm Region), Kiltek (Main Fishing Region), Narmo (Military-Prison City) Jok (City that holds the prison faciltiies) Jor (Second Prison City), and Gharno (Third and last prison city-Main Prison City)
Major imports: Prisoners, Medical, Tools, Equipment, Clothing.
Major exports: Foodstuffs
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe.


The prison colony is comprised up of many roles and duties that need to be performed, there is a higherarcy of prisoners where the Korsik, or the top tiers of the inmates control the seafood part of the productions, since the seafood is very hard to obtain due to deep sea fishing and since it takes a lot of skill and effort and months of training to allow the prisoners to work the seafood nets and poles the seafood production outlet is the most difficult to maintain and receive a quota for and is very time consuming.

The Torek, or the second highest tier of the prison colony is in charge of the wine, and alcohol production of the world and is tasked with the raising and berries, fruits, and grapes, and hops for the sole purpose of making expensive wines and alcohols from them. It takes years of masterful dedication to create the alcoholic beverages and wines that come from the planet.

The Calor are the ones that see to it that the meat production of the world is taken care of, they operate the slaughter houses and maintain the farms and ranches where the meat products come from, this is the middle tier and is said to be the highest source of income for the world since every day a million pounds of meat is processed and delivered to waiting ships everyday.

The Remir are the masters of the art of berry and fruit manufacturing, all berries, and fruits that are not sought for wines and alcohols are raised for the sole purpose of providing a sweet delicate treat for those that can afford the high costs of the products.

Last but not least the Lumira are the ones who take care of the vegetable crops, all vegetables that are produced on the planet are looked after by the newest prisoners of the world so this is the lowest rank tier and usually the prisoners that are protected by guards come to tend the crops for vegetables.

Technology: The technology of the planet is merely imported as machinery, equipment and others things like this. there is no real technology of the planet since it is not that type of planet. It is more primitive, save for the tech needed for agriculture and fishing.


The planet was discovered over one-hundred standard years ago by a lone Vortek Scout ship that somehow stumbled upon the system and world and so therefor found a isolated planet with no life on it, after the planet was discovered it was found suitable for a penal colony and was found to be able to host a wide array of things for foodstuffs, yet with further inspection of the planet the scouts found it was very rich in seafood, fruits, berries, and vegetables and found it would be a wealth trove for whoever controlled it since it has the perfect climates for making alcohols, and wines as well as raise meats.

The planet was settled on and it took over fifteen years the build the cities due to the fact the earth of the planet was unstable for building on so therefor it took more time for them to build buildings but when they did they made sure to build up the moon above the planet to make for a military outpost outfitted with scanners and a artifical gravity well, the planet was also secured with a squadron of fighters and several capital ships that secured it completely. The planets ground was made stable by packing the dirt with specialized equipment and by terraforming the earth, it took a while but the world was made to be able to support structures on it.

After sometime animals and other imports were brought to the planet to ready it for raising of different food products and to make sure it was maintained, a year later prisoners moved in and were given certain tasks to complete, it took a while for them to train the prisoners in fishing for the seafood products and took a little longer to raise the grapes, fruits. hops, and berries to make alcohol and wine but when it was able to sell off to other worlds and systems but when it did the planet started to boom with wealth and the economy of the planet become a serious stability of growth, later that same year in which the wealth came the warden of the world installed a pay scale not only for the guards but also for the prisoners believing that no prisoner should be held on a scale of slavery and so some of the profits were given to the inmates to help them pay for better equipment, clothes, medical, and hygiene products and even were given a predetermined salary for reward of their hard works.

Recently the world has been undergoing even more stable growth and has been given a profitable stance on galactic economy, the growth could only be achieved by the prison cities and the prisoners themselves.

Notable PC's: N/A

Intent: The intent of the planet is to bring in a prison colony world and a farming/agricultural world.
@[member="Tarika Sadow"]

I'm mostly OK with this, but there are some things that need to be looked at.

I'm not sure how the system's 3 suns are laid out. A triple system, especially with red dwarfs, is possibly quite difficult for a planet to orbit, unless two of the stars were quite a long way out. Is there a specific reason this needs to be triple?
I'm not sure what you mean by the earth being unstable, or why they needed to terraform the planet. If things were growing there already, then surely the soil was fine for growing?
The technology section needs to be rewritten. I don't understand what you are trying to say there.
This is a purely logical point, but is there any reason for the planet to be larger than Earth is? For a planet this size to emerge from a triple system seems unlikely.

Let me know your thoughts.

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
1. It is like 210 million miles from the sun. (<-excuse the equation, I am so bad at numeral values)
2. The three suns were there due to it was originally in the same system as Vortusa, I guess I forgot to edit that out thanks for editing that out.
3. What I meant for the earth being "unstable" was it was not able to easily allow structures to be built on it, should I edit that out?
4. I was merely describing the stability of the world due to the technology it imports, I will clean that up a bit.
5. The size of the planet was merely for the planet being a prison colony so it could hold more beings, should I make it smaller?

Thanks for taking a look at this, I appreciate it. :)
  1. That's around where Mars is in our solar system. The problem with that is that a Class M is far too small to support life at that distance. Having extra orbiting stars don't help either because they are also traveling around the central star at a different speed, meaning the planet will be alternately cooked and frozen. I suggest decreasing the distance and upping the star to a class O. You can have a second star if you want orbiting further out.
  2. Thanks?
  3. It seems unlikely. I think you should take that out. Remember, this is a planet after all, it's got a lot of different areas. Earth after all has rocky deserts, forests and plains...sometimes very close.
  4. Thanks
  5. Earth is 12,700km in diametre. Even with 7 billion people we're not even close to crowding the planet. Remember Coruscant has a trillion people and even it isn't fully covered in cities. I'd drop the size to Earth at the max.
Thanks @[member="Tarika Sadow"]

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Edited: Hopefully that is better, I apologize I am still new at creating new planets and so am very confused about how to do it.
Thanks for your help again. :D
Good except for two points.

For orbital distance you've put too many zeroes in. Just use the figure 1.1 AU, and make the star a class G.
Population seems high for prisoners. Drop it back down to the 1.2 million you had before.

@mention me when these edits are done.

@[member="Tarika Sadow"]
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