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Jacob Vex

Jacob Vex

Name: Jacob Vex
Age: 18
Species: Human
Skin: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1 meter 65 inches
Weight 55 Kilograms
Force Sensetive: Yes
Faction: The Order of the Black Hand
Rank: Dark Jedi Padawan
Build: Muscular, but looks skinny
Clothes: Shadow Corps Uniform (See Biography For Explanation)
Appearence: (see profile piture)
Strengths & Weaknesses:
+/-) Emotionless
+) Very good education
-) Looks weak
+) Good at combat
-) Cannot handle lightsabres
+/-) Very violent when provoked
Ship: None

Double bladed sword that can be split into two single blades
A long time ago, when i was still a baby, an unknown species threatened the planet. This species feed off fear, it made them strong, but this species had one weakness... it could only see you if you felt fear. There were people, who were praticly emotionless, they came together to form the Shadow Corps, they were invisible to the unknown species. I know one of them, my father...

My only childhood memories are waiting for my father to come home, every time he did he looked battered and bruised. As soon as I was the legal age to join the Shadow Corps I took the oportunity, i aced in the classroom, i ran 6.75 seconds faster than anyone else and i exeled in hand to hand combat and blade combat, i passed by a mile and was soon given my Shadow Corps uniform.

I remember the look on my fathers face when I told him, at the age of 10 I had been the youngest human ever to complete Shadow Corps training, I was admited to one of my Fathers fleets. He took me to a planet were the Unknown Species was the main force.

Most of the fleet was destroyed in raids, untill it was only me and my father left, but he had broke both of his legs badly. He asked me to recieve a natural becon. I managed to survive, but my father didn't. I was so sad that my emotion system just... shut down.

At the age of 15 I became the youngest Fleet Comander in the final war. most of my comrades died in the action, untill i was the last one left. Now 2 years later I use puplic transport and hired ships to travel around, my mother and sister died in a crash.

Bounties Collected:

Woah, what?
#coincidence in timing

Jacob Vex

Ignore the title, or if possible can someone change it to Jacob Vex.