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Jacen Cavill Likes This


Disney's Princess

Anybody else noticing all the random Likes cropping up around the site. Everytime I post something the posting gets a free and random Like by somebody instantaneously. It's so weird. I mean, Jacen Cavill is fast. But he ain't that fast. Omg!

So yeah. What up with all the random Likes??? :(

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
The deleted posts also deleted your likes. This is probably the way the site is recuperating from the crash by randomly giving likes to your posts until they reach your total like count. Legitimate likes still pop up in notifs and are awarded.
It's tied to the post's ID number. The posts from those empty threads get reused, and if you happen to have one of those where a like was given it shows up there. You don't actually receive the like, mind, it's just showing up there.


Disney's Princess
Damn it! See! There he goes again! Jacen Cavill is just 'Liking' everything I do today. Gods! The man's a Ninja I tell you. A ninja! >.<''

Oh. And thanks to Tegs for the awesome answers. :D

(And darn you Hamish Mcnair! You lie! ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
I know! I've been getting likes from EVERYONE lately! I mean, at first, I thought everyone loved me. But now, I think you guys are just cheating on me with every other person on this site....... :p