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Kyra Perl Kyra Perl

Miserable planet. Miserable inhabitants. Miserable intentions. Faldos was a den of sin coveted by black marketeers, gun runners, spice traders, and slave traffickers. The worst of the worst all congregated at the tail end of the Hydian Way. This was a criminal's haven. It even made Nar Shaddaa look tame by comparison. The only laws here were the ones made up and enforced by whomever held the most power and influence on that very day. Today one might be answering to someone that tomorrow was no more than a distant memory. There was no such thing as loyalty on Faldos, not to anyone with a brain and the will to survive, that is.

Jamie didn't want to be here. There were plenty of other backwater planets to distance herself from matters of the Jedi and Sith. Problem was she didn't exactly choose to be on Faldos. That was sort of the unfortunate luck she possessed however. Wrong place, wrong time, all the time. She had miscalculated her ship's fuel level and thought she could reach Terminus at the junction of the Corellian Trade Spine and the Hydian Way hyperspace lanes. Turns out she was wrong, and Faldos was as far as she was getting.

The other issue? This wasn't the sort of place the dealt in credits. It was more of a bartering system. Spice for guns, slaves for illicit tech, that sort of thing. Jamie needed fuel, and the expected currency wasn't something she could, let alone would, deal in. She would need an alternative means of getting off the planet, one that involved either stealing fuel, or stealing a ship. And while she would generally disapprove of such a thing, this wasn't a planet full of reputable, well intended souls. She could make an exception.

The sun was still high over the planet, which meant Jamie would need to wait a few hours before sneaking through the spaceport to hijack her way off world.
Chasing Stars
Kyra had long since learned her lesson on going into things alone. But, she would just like to point out, Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais also said that experience was the next thing that would help her get anywhere in her training. The fact that she was out and trying to handle stuff on her own was just a testament to her growing confidence on the field.

She expected hug upon her return.

She had done NOTHING wrong.

The gunslinger cocked his gun, leveling it at padawan's head. Kyra's expression pinched, her hands slowly raising up to her ear level. "Hey nooooooow. Come oooooooon. This really isn't what it looks like. I dunno what happened to your wallet, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, have you considered looking to any of your other friends over here? I mean look at big ears right there, you notice how he keeps looking down at his boot cuff? I'm just saaaayin~"

The brute gave a predictable glance backwards, a skeptical glance leveled on his cohort, who was little more than a body to get things done. Kyra had been watching them for a day now. Ever since she saw a girl get tugged unwillingly through a side door. Kyra had MEANT to just keep her space; maybe hand over any findings to local law enforcement? Fly back home? Feel like she contributed? Then she realized this place had none.

And she caught sight of that girl's fear-stricken face.

"I'd think I'd know if my man was stealin from me." He took a step forward, unwilling to be played as he twisted the blaster as leveled it against her temple.
Her back hit the wall of the dingy alleyway-- what was with her and getting trapped in them anyway-- as a tight knot curled in her chest. She took a deep breath, trying to imbue a bit of witnessed confidence of a certain Loske Matson Loske Matson as she raised a brow.

"Then why don't you check him and see."

The weight of his wallet pressed heavily into her hip. Her muscles coiled as he looked back.

Jamie Pyne Jamie Pyne
Kyra Perl Kyra Perl

The streets of Faldos weren't the safest. Not for travelers, not for anyone who didn't look the part. If you were a hulking brute with a blaster the size of an arm, folks might leave well enough alone. If you looked like prey that could be caged and sold three blocks down? That's precisely what might happen, should you let your guard down.

Faldos was most certainly not a place for Jedi, or even Sith for that matter, though Jamie suspected the Sith would simply cut down anyone that got in their way if for no other reason than to make a statement, the sentiment still stood. A lightsaber was worth a lot to the right party, and a bounty for a Jedi with a lightsaber? Nearly priceless.

All of this was well in mind as Jamie wandered through what could probably pass as a market district. It was rundown, filthy, and everyone carried weapons in hand or at their side, ready to go. The sight of both humans and aliens alike in cages ready to be sold made her stomach turn, but there was a firm awareness that a single confrontation could turn the entire block into a warzone. Just how anyone called this planet home was incomprehensible to her. Crime was so rampant that even in broad daylight nobody would bat an eye over a murder. They would simply step over the body until it became enough of a foul stench that someone would drag it away simply to be rid of the offense.

Jamie continued to walk a block or so through the district when her eyes drifted down an alleyway that carried the sound of voices arguing with one another. Curiously she paused, watched, and listened for a moment. A small statured red haired girl had backed herself into a wall while a group of brutish looking thugs cornered her, blasters in hand, demanding something from her. Whatever it was she wasn't privy to, late to the conversation and all. But this girl was clearly in need of some help, and at least down there, Jamie wouldn't be squaring off against a district full of armed crime lords from all corners of the galaxy.

Intimidation wasn't quite Jamie's strong suit, so to expect anything short of a fight with this particular group was probably asking for too much, but all the same she would try.

"Hi there." She called out, stepping into the alley. "I would appreciate you not harming my property." Jamie gestured toward the girl. "She was quite expensive and still learning proper behavior. I'm sure we can come to an understanding."
Chasing Stars
The tension in the alley turned at once, all eyes falling to the petite blonde speaking with a tone that reeked wealth. Some of the men perked, a hungry look to their eyes that no doubt painted her as a target.

Kyra gave the woman a look of utter distaste. "I am not!" And she was so not going back in that bikini! It was in that moment the brute holding her pinned with a gun looked back at her. The force flashed a warning. She ducked. The sound of metal crashing into gravel clattered overhead, the girl's temple spare a blow as she tackled the man's legs. He barely stumbled, but the pain in his hands was enough to make the gun fall. A sharp bite of pain hit Kyra's shoulder as it dropped on her.

She released him, the sound of the other two men reaching her as one dipped forward to pry her up. He was stopped short by the sudden sight of the dropped gun, now in Kyra's hands and leveled dead at his face.

"I'm no one's property," she insisted, a childish pout to her voice. The gun barrel shook ever so slightly, the weapon unfamiliar in her hands. She could have reached for her saber, and she should have. She just knew better than to attract attention like that now.

Where was the balance?

The whole alleyway stood at a standstill. One man looked pointedly to Jamie, the slight jerk to his chin demanding she reign her slave in.

Jamie Pyne Jamie Pyne
Everything happened in an instant. Before Jamie had time enough to react fists were flying and blasters were pointed in every which direction. A real karking stand-off, and to make matters worse Jamie wasn't sure whether or not this girl had taken the cue or if she was actually an escaped slave and thought Jamie was there to reclaim her on behalf of someone else. There was also the look one gave to her that suggested he might find her a prize worth claiming as well.

A. Real. Mess.

"Look." She said, stepping further into the alleyway. "I can't have you boys roughing up what doesn't belong to you. She's young," Deep blue eyes shifted with great focus upon Kyra. "And she has not yet learned proper etiquette." The blonde really did not want to do what she was about to do. It would compromise her identity and make her task of getting off of Faldos that much more difficult. But time was growing short and it wouldn't be long before an itchy finger pulled a trigger. Out came the lightsaber. Left hand drew from the right pocket of her vest, emitter pointed towards the ground. A soft depression of her thumb against the activator switch and with an ever recognizable snap-hiss, a bright yellow beam clawed its way to life.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time to please lower your weapons, leave the girl in my custody, and be on your way."
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Chasing Stars
Kyra held the stranger's gaze, a veil of obvious frustration preventing any deeper understanding from reaching the prone padawan. Well. That was until a snap hiss filled the air.

So this was a time for sabers. Bollox.

That long sought understanding jumped into Kyra's gaze, a bit of excitement parting her lips as she grinned at the woman. The thugs, however, had a very different reaction.

The Brute nursing his hand gave a heavy sigh, gesturing his men off. "Karking Jedi." He spat a wad of gunk down on Kyra, leaving her flinching and giving a look of disgust as she coiled backwards. Her anger begged her to pull the trigger. A single glance at the glowing saber at the end of the alleyway kept her in check. She glared up at the second man, and yet slowly.... both weapons were lowered.

The stand off slowly dispersed, Kyra pulling herself to her feet as the steady thrum of the saber kept the tension fueled.

"I want my here property," The head thug growled. If Jamie thought she had gotten trigger itchy, the pulsing veins in his temple told a future of something worse.

Kyra dodged his attempt for grabbing her arm, nimble and small. "I don't have it!" She scattered back a few steps, giving them a wide circle before darting into Jamie's side. She pressed far too close than was mannered for strangers, but the young zeltron did not care. Perhaps she would just seem scared, but in truth, the fellow Jedi was an anchor for her.

"I don't have it," she insisted, whining in distress into the woman's ear.
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Kyra Perl Kyra Perl

Jamie hadn't much for the gift of premonition, though she could see the path this was likely going to take when the small Zeltron girl didn't turn over whatever it was this man was after. Had she stolen from him? Hard to tell given all the tension. Faldos wasn't the place you went for a relaxing getaway, and thus it was equally plausible that these guys were simply looking for entertainment in assaulting the girl. For a brief second Jamie looked to her, then back at the ruffian.

"She said she doesn't have it, and I'm inclined to believe her."

After all, if she did have it, why wouldn't she have just handed it over instead of being threatened and beaten and possibly even killed in an alley?

Jamie's grip tightened around the hilt of her lightsaber, the thrumming of the vibrant yellow blade creating the ambience of their surroundings. Her free hand reached out towards her side, resting in front of the girl in a gesture of protection. "We're going to be on our way now. Be sensible. There's no need to escalate this further."

Sapphire eyes remained locked onto the group before them though she spoke quietly to her side, "Stay very close to me. We're getting out of here."

Itchy fingers were always one step ahead of the unstable mind. Jamie knew this all too well.