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  • Planet Name: Itera
  • Demonym: Iterians
  • Region: Mid rim
  • System Name: Navian
  • System Features:
    • One sun Navia
    • Two hot barren planets close to sun
    • Itera and its two uninhabitable moons
    • Three gas giants
    • Large outer asteroid belt
  • Location: Shares same hex as Dressel
  • Major Imports: Agricultural goods, metals (durasteel, phrik, other minor metals) fuel, luxury goods, decommissioned ships.
  • Major Exports: Cybernetic parts (limbs, enhancements, other prosthetics) air/water purifiers, combat droids. From the under city, things such as spice, slaves and other illicit goods are discreetly exported.
  • Unexploited Resources: Deep pockets of common metals (iron, brass, copper) and and various gemstones (sapphires, opals, emeralds)
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Cool and arid. Domed capital city and outposts are climate controlled.
  • Primary Terrain: Cool arid desert with deep canyons and high mountains. Toxic lakes and pools dot the landscape where oceans used to be. Small mining outposts find shelter in the mountains, to dig up ore buried deep in the ground. While salvaging outposts sit at the edge of abandoned cities and ship salvage yards.
  • Atmosphere: Mixed: Type I in upper city and outposts, type I and type II in lower city, type II outside of domes or protection of outposts.
  • Diameter: 12,700KM
  • Standard hours: 28
  • Orbital period: 410 days
  • Capital City: Arcadis
  • Planetary Features: Itera was once a beautiful planet of vast forests, deep seas and rich grasslands. After the clone wars, the newly founded Empire turned Itera's environment into a toxic wasteland. This was caused as a 'punishment' for siding with the Separatist during the war, when in reality Emperor Palpatine used the planet as a testing ground for some of his newly designed cybernetic soldiers. Now Itera is a toxic planet of cool arid deserts, toxic lakes and abandoned cities. Experimental war droids and Sith abominations can be found wondering the wastes, leftovers dumped out into the wastes to be forgotten. Small mining and salvage outpost can be found wherever old ruined cities or pockets of ore can be found. Large salvage yards of decommissioned ships can be found around the planet. Arcadis is the largest, and only real city on the planet. Massive transparisteel domes and shielding cover the upper half of the city exposed to the environment. The lower half of the city is buried mostly underground, covered by large plates and buildings above.
  • Major Locations:
    • Upper city: The upper city is home to the wealthy citizens of Arcadis, business owners, politicians, investors and the like. Modern buildings with expensive condos, up to date medical facilities, and police departments are all found here. Large protective dome of transparisteel, durasteel and layers of shielding keep the city safe from the terrors outside. Ray shielded entrances allow freighters and yachts to safely access the dome. While bright neon lights draw tourists to elaborate collection of clubs and casinos.
    • Under city: Home to the poor, unfortunate and forgotten. The under city contains the bulk of the planets population, all living under the solid durasteel and duracrete plating and supports that hold the upper city above them. Very little sunlight filters down through the massive ray shielded entrance ports found in each sector. Some of the citizens could go their entire lives without seeing the sky. Unlike the upper city with its company paid politicians to make laws and security to enforce them, the under city is ruled by Hutt cartels and small gangs. Most of the planets factories reside here, such as droid facilities and steel forges. Vents leading from the factories dump exhaust outside the dome, but in the process type II atmosphere leaks into the under city in large quantities from vents and pipes leading in from outside storage units and exhaust ports, causing it to pool up in some areas. To combat this, citizens of the under city have either undergone cybernetic surgery to help process both atmospheres, or undergone genetic manipulation in order to breath both, although both have their drawbacks. The cybernetic processors require maintenance and can sometimes fail due to the low quality of the parts. The genetic manipulation works better and doesn't fail, the problem is that people now occasionally require a mix of the two atmospheres to survive, when venturing into the upper city or off world, they have to carry a special mask that can create the two atmospheres for when they are feeling weak or tired.
    • Temple of the Force headquarters: Unlike the citizens of the upper city, those that dwell beneath the duracrete structures above are a religious bunch, for it offers them one thing that is always needed in the under city, hope. Followers of the Church of the Force set up a a headquarters in the under city sometime after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Breaking away some from traditional practices, they followed methods of meditation to seek peace and balance. They established smaller shrines and buildings across the massive metropolis to give people a place to seek peace and meditate on their problems. Followers give food, medicine and guidance to those who need it, while casting aside most of their own possessions in order to live simple lives to help others. Even the Hutts and other gangs leave the temples and shrines alone, calling bad luck to disturb such things.
    • Senate building: This grand structure sits in the most central dome of Arcadis to symbolize the that the government is atthe heart of the city. Many of the citizens of Arcadis see the building for what it is, a giant grandstanding monument. While Itera does have politicians, the vast majority are paid of or sponsored by one corporation or another. Making the building itself nothing more than a flashy structure to catch the eye of tourists.
    • The Hub: The Hub is the center point for all small and medium freighters to and from the planet. A towering structure of landing platforms, docks and cargo lifts. All storage facilities in the under city are linked to this structure, allowing cargo from across the city to be rapidly delivered to the surface. The Hub contains dozens of cargo lifts that raise hundreds of cargo containers an hour to ships waiting at the forty docking stations built along the outside of the structure. This facility mainly deals with already sealed cargo containers moving on and offworld. Supplies, such as scrap and ore, are directed to the ray shielded entrances between the upper and under city.
    • Omega Scrapyard: The Omega Scrapyard, most commonly called the rust pit, is owned and operated by the Omega scrap and sterl company. This scrapyard is the largest salvage operation on the planet when it comes to decommissioned vessels. Ships ranging from starfighters to star destroyers have found themselves at the mercy of the breaking teams assigned to tear these vessels apart. Scrap from these ships soon finds its way to the lower levels of Arcadis to be melted down and reused.
    • Arcadian cybernetic and engineering laboratory: Or ACE Labs for short, was once one of the top cybernetic and engineering laboratories before and during the Clone Wars. Researchers from across the galaxy came here to advance their field in life saving cybernetics and biological engineering at this state of the art facility. During the Clone Wars, Separatist forces arrived and offered the citizens safety in exchange for research efforts. The people of Itera took the offer, as their military was sorely lacking, but in the end the deal went against them. When the Clone wars ended the Empire arrived and forced scientists to create advanced cybernetic soldiers and other monstrosities. The scientists soon developed several biological weapons that, in the end, were tested on their own planet. After the destruction of their planets environment, they surviving scientists abandoned the facility, which still stands hundreds of years later.
  • Native Species: Iterians (Humans)
  • Immigrated Species: Twi'lek, Hutt, several near human species.
  • Population: Heavy, Vast majority of population lives in Arcadis. Estimated 50 to 55 million.
  • Demographics: 85% Human. 10% Twi'lek. 5% Other species.
  • Primary Languages: Galactic basic, Ryl, Huttese (lower levels)
  • Culture: Itera is home to millions of sentients, with the vast majority of the population packed into one giant matropalis. Over hundreds of years dozens, if not more, small cultures have formed in different parts of the city. Even still a strong difference can be felt culturally between the people of upper and under city. There us one thing that every person on Itera has, cybernetics. The city of Arcadis is split not only by the large plate that separates the upper and under city, but also by governments. The upper city and outposts are run by corporations, while the under city was taken over by the Hutt cartel and ruled by the Hutt council. The two ruling bodies came to an agreement when credits became involved. The Hutts were allowed to rule the citizens in the under city as long as they paid a percentage of illegal goods shipped off world and items produced in the factories. The ruling corporations also agreed to never check certain cargo containers bound for the under city and also to never get involved in the Hutt's affairs. As long as the two governments never crossed the border between the two cities, peace was kept.
    • Cybernetics: The majority of the galaxy at large would find strange to say that cybernetics are a frontrunner for ones culture, but to the people of Itera it's become something done for more than just survival. Different groups use cybernetics in different manners, especially depending on where one lives. Upper city citizens have sleeker cybernetics that blend in better or maybe stand out more and occasionally, more often than not really, upgrade body parts to make them more attractive. The majority of citizens from the upper city are involved in business in one form or another, and therefore focus more on that can give them an edge over their competitors or help them run their business more efficiently. Unlike the aristocracy of the upper city, citizens of the Under city are to poor to afford sleek and expensive cybernetics. The need for cybernetics is completely different, rather than business oriented, they focus mainly on survival. Breathing mask and enhancements to lungs help people breath type II atmosphere that leaks into the under city. Cybernetic limbs and replace lost ones, or undergo upgrades to improve their job. Some people receive specialized cybernetics just to wake jobs such as smuggling or increase their fighting skills when working with local Hutts or gangs.
    • Religion: Citizens of the Upper city, while not to religious, don't really bother with the aspects of the after life like the citizens of the under city do. Below the duracrete and durasteel structures and plating, where the sun never shines and daily life can be difficult, religion has taken a strong foothold. While many beliefs have been brought into the city over the years, the Church of the Force has become the most popular. The followers that came to Itera hundreds of years ago were a break off group from the main order. They believe that their should be balance in the force by staying in the center, rather then just following the light. Finding more of an inner peace and helping others without expecting or wanting a reward. What the religion did for the under city that wasn't lost in the upper city, was hope.
    • Art is a strange thing on Itera. The upper half of the city celebrates famous painters for their well done realistic paintings or abstract arts, all of which can be found in galleries across the galaxy. In the under city, the most famous artist would be called vandors by their neighbors above. Sides of buildings, pillars and any other open space can be turned into a canvas for a strangers artwork that was plastered onto it during the dead of the night.
    • Society: Those of the upper city are a business driven people. One standing in society can be judged by not only their wealth, but their standing in a company and which company for that matter. Looks, manner of speech and even quality of cybernetics can be judged. Which is why citizens of the upper city take care to improve themselves every chance they get, whether taking speech classes to get the right dialect down, or finding the right cybernetic or prosthetic piece to improve their physical appearance or desired trait. The under city is different, credits and looks aren't nearly as important as family. Whether that family is one who biological, a Hutt cartel or even the local smugglers outfit. Living in the under city is a game of survival and someone alone either dies quick or gets caught up in something worse. Members of these outfits will receive cybernetic implants or pieces that signify which one they belong to or as rewards for their faithfulness.
  • Government: Corporatocracy (upper city and outposts). Hutt council (under city)
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Wealth:
    • Poor (under city), The citizens of the under city are paid relatively poorly for their work. Most of the planets wealth is horded away by corporations in the upper city or by Hutt cartels. Most of the wealth generated comes from either factory work or the production of illicit goods. Profits turned from the less then legal goods are split between the Hutts and the corporate owners above, leaving little for anyone else.
    • Medium (upper city) The citizens of the upper city enjoy a modest amount of wealth, some even gain very lavish lifestyles. Most of this income comes from sales made by CEOs and businesses owners. Citizens below them enjoy a well off life from jobs working in casinos, clubs or other highly priced tourist destinations. Even inventors, artists and other famous persons call this place home, living lavish lives and spending large amounts of credits for such things.
  • Stability: Medium: The stability and safety of the planet is variabl depending on location. The upper city is well protected with regular patrols from law enforcement, patrol droids and advanced security systems are in place. All this to keep CEOs, business owners and wealthy citizens safe. The under city is run by the Hutts, which means safety can depend on which Hutt is in charge. Some have thugs patrolling the streets trying to keep some semblance of order, even if they cause some problems themselves. Crime does happen and depending on the level or victim, might be ignored. All isn't completely lawless, as some patrol droids have been purchased and released by the local Hutts to deter more serious crimes, such as murder. Combing the thugs and patrol droids has kept crime at a decently low level. Most outposts are guarded by droids or mercenaries purchased by the company that owns them. The wilds of the planet are dangerous and for the most part left unchecked.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Arcadis is split, like most things, on levels of freedom.
    • The upper city has stricter laws that overseen and passed by corporate entities. Crimes such as murder and stealing are harshly dealt with, an added to that list is speaking of corporate projects and sensitive information. Punishment in the upper city can range from jail time all the way to lose of wages or losing a position in a company. Most of the laws passed are business oriented, some protect company assets while others can judge whether someone has the right to move up in a company due to their social status.
    • The under city is considered to be the most free out of the two. Hutts will pass some laws in order to keep some peace, such as laws to punish murderers, thievery and some petty crimes. A number of these crimes can be waived depending on severity. Petty criminals can get a small fine paid to both the Hutt and victim. Some murders may be overlooked depending on situation, while sever cause may find the murder imprisoned indefinitely or some cases bound into slavery to pay off their life sentences.
  • Military: Itera's military consists of a small amount of conscripts, mainly under city folk, mercenaries and battle droids of various types. The bulk of their forces are battle droids that have been redesigned and drastically upgraded from the ones used in the Clone Wars. Large anti ship artillery cannons have been strategically placed around the planet, and orbital defenses are in place to deter any would be pirates. The domes around the city of Arcadis have large shields in place not only protect against the elements, but also against heavy blaster cannons. The bulk of Itera's navy is bought and paid for by corporations, although in recent times many have been calling for a more standardized navy.
  • Technology: Galactic standard. Itera is at the same level of technology as the rest of the galaxy, except in the production of cybernetics. Before the Clone Wars, Itera was the leader in cybernetic technology due to its large research facility. That aspect never changed even after the destruction of their planets environment by the Empire. Every citizen on the planet has a cybernetic implant or replacement of one kind or another, and the constant need for them has pushed the tech even further. Whether for basic survival or finding a way check your company stocks faster, the citizens of Itera have found a way to improve and integrate it.
  • 2,500 BBY: Ria Itera discovers the planet Itera and founds the first colony. She names the capital city after her father, Arcadis Itera. The colonies purpose was a peaceful one, a place where being of academic backgrounds could gather and share ideas .
  • 2,300 BBY: The first large colleges were founded and placed under the charge of heads from each department. Each department would provide a simple means to improve the lives of citizens, and ultimately the galaxy. A law of transparency was put in place so no department could hide anything considered unethical.
  • 600 BBY: The Arcadian Cybernetic and Engineering laboratory was built and opened to the greatest minds across the galaxy. Advanced cybernetics, engineering and biological studies drew in hundreds of scientists and practitioners of the medical fields.
  • 21 BBY: The citizens of Itera are approached by the Separatist who offer aid and protection in the exchange for advanced war droids. The people of Itera agreed since they lacked a proper military and unrest had been growing at their borders.
  • 18 BBY: The newly founded Galactic Empire sought to 'punish' the citizens of Itera for their involvement with the Separatists. Using the planets scientific research, the Empire proceeded to create soldiers enhanced with cybernetics and biological improvements, along with the creation of abominations created from Sith alchemy. The planet was placed on lockdown and the heads of each scientific department were imprisoned.
  • 17 BBY: Heads of corporations were placed in charge of the planet in order to produce machines of war. The people were enslaved and scientists forced to create horrific weapons for the Empire.
  • 10 BBY: Scientists at the Arcadian Cybernetic and Engineering laboratory produced a bio-weapon capable wiping out mass amounts of an ecosystem at once. For a first test, the weapon was used on what was left of their planets environment, what part the Empire hadn't destroyed anyway. The bio-weapon successfully wiped out the rest of the planets ecosystem, poisoning the air and water, and making everything almost completely uninhabitable. Fearing what they had done, the scientists at the lab destroyed the weapon and its data in a riot that claimed their lives, but saved many more on other planets.
  • 8 BBY: Refugees pile into Arcadis and begin using cybernetics as a means to survive the harsh environments created by the bio-weapon.
  • 3 ABY: The Empire abandons Itera, leaving the corporations in charge.
  • 20 ABY: Citizens of the city Arcadis begin to feel the strain of living in a city run by corporations and began to riot against them.
  • 25 ABY: After a short civil war, the riots were quelled. The corporations, with their near endless amount of credits and mercenaries, push the rioters into the lower levels of the city that was once used for storage and a safe bunker for orbital attacks. The large number of citizens down there began to expand and build what would later be called the under city.
  • 35 ABY: Gatho the Hutt arrives on Itera and strikes a deal with the corporations. The Hutt cartel takes control of the near lawless state of the under city and pays its dues to the corporate council, and the citizens of the upper city can turn a blind eye to the happenings below them. The corporations agree, and so began a cautious, but profitable, alliance.
  • 50 ABY: The large duracrete and durasteel plate was finally completed, separating the upper and lower city. Both groups of people, ruled by different governments, began to live their lives as if in two different worlds.
  • 425 ABY: The Gulag Virus outbreak begins. Itera, already partly sealed from the galaxy, limits space traffic into the city. This quick action and advanced forms of biological medicine save the city from the devastating plague.
  • 428 ABY: After the fall of Coruscant to the virus, Itera all but completely seals off any form of offworld travel. Medical ships piloted by droids send out lifesaving medicines and receive needed resources. Everything brought from offworld is quarantined for safety.
  • 700 ABY: Itera reopens all forms of space travel and trade.
  • 700 ABY to present: Itera remains one of the top producers of cybernetics and prosthetics. While the lower city becomes a small haven for the Hutt Cartel.
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