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It was a long and winding road....


Silver Shroud
The ship had been effectively tumbling through the void, for what felt like months, the lone astromech droid doing it's best to keep the derelict vessel moving. The fuel supply had been restocked at the last landing, the droid transmitting the requests and credits at behest of it's 'master'. Materials to maintain the vessel secured, the droid set out before too many questions could be asked. It was easier when people didn't ask Emvee too many questions. It kept the little droid from having to.... incapacitate.... the curious.

But, some time between the last stop and the next, the courageous droid managed to drift into a small asteroid cluster, which battered the ship savagely. The engine was largely rendered useless, leaving the vessel stuck on it's dead drift through the cosmos. Communications were down as well. If it weren't for the fact that the Droid didn't require life-support, this ship would be lost completely. The droid spent countless hours working to recover communications, and then work to recover the engines.

As the droid got communications back up, inadvertently recovering the astrogation, the plucky droid realized, servos whirling excitedly, that the vessel had only over-shot Commenor by a few quadrants. Perhaps with enough power focused to the coms, a distress call could reach an old friend of the droid's Master. The droid began assembling the missive for the recipient.

But then, an already terrible situation took a turn for the worse. A sizable piece of space debris slammed into the hull, sending the vessel careening into the gravity field of a nearby planetoid. As the ship began starting to gradually accelerate, the droid fired off a quick emergency missive, addressed to the head of Commenor.

Shortly after the missive was sent, the ship began burning into the atmosphere, the droid scrambling to do whatever it could to reduce the velocity of the ship, to soften the inevitable impact into the lush forests below.



A missive would be passed along through appropriate channels, before eventually reaching the personal data-pad of the ruling Monarch of Commenor, [member="Lady Kay"]. The missive was simple, addressed by a Droid designated as M1-V1, or Emvee.

"President Kay, this is the Mask, seeking emergency evac. We are damaged and on course for a crash landing on Antar 4. Estimated coordinates to follow." the missive read, followed by a string of coordinates. To anyone else this missive wouldn't have warranted much response. But to Kay, and a very select few out in the cosmos, this message was huge. The name of that ship, along with the designation number, was one that Kay would only find in old Commenori data-storage from at least sixteen years ago.

A certain young Jedi she knew owned that ship. And they were calling for help....


-Antar 4-

The ship was done for. The bulk of it's frame kept the droid, and the ships precious cargo, intact. But, where they crashed, was unlikely to be any convenient rescue. The side of the mountain the ship struck caved in, the bulk of the ship partially buried, with no ease of access from above, and the dense jungle growing all over and around the peak prohibiting any convenient landings and extractions. This was not likely to be an easy task, but luckily for the Droid, the charge it protected and escorted was not going to be going anywhere anytime soon....

This is a lightly DMed event, with chances of success and marginal failure being handled by random dice rolls. Any "failure" will not be exactly a failure, but merely a "you didn't ace that landing" type scenario. Whether you actually fumble, fail, fall, get hurt, or (heaven forbid) die, is exclusively in the hands of you, the writer. But, no one's going to be 100% god-moding through this little adventure, unless the dice are really on your side (and mine tend to be loaded against me, so odds are looking good for y'all).

On to the nitty-gritty. There will be multiple "challenges", and different paths of approach, to accomplishing this mission. Some NPC combat, some environmental challenges, etc. There is room for some support from the skies over-head (though, with the atmosphere here, might want to be extra cautious with your ships). There will be possibilities to diplomacy ones way out of potential conflict, and there will be some situations that are geared explicitly for a throwdown (though, with a lucky enough dice roll, and properly worded diplomacy, even those situations can be avoided).

My request to you, the writers, when performing your attempts at over-coming a given encounter, is that you write it open ended. Don't assume that you cleared that jump, or successfully talked that smuggler into lowering his weapon. Tell me what you're going for, and we'll see what the dice decide. Did you make that landing as gracefully as a dancer? Or did the ground kind of give way and you stumbled, losing your footing? Then you continue on from there.

And, Kay, as you're in charge (at the very least, on an IC level), I'll let you decide how everyone gets together on this and gets rolling forward. And Fellow CSA members, it is not too late to jump on in!

[member="Caedyn Arenais"] | [member="Gideon Lenn"] | [member="Rahn Haaku"]​


Rainbow Smurf
Kay was sitting at her desk, sipping her tea as usual and pouring over her regular day-to-day paperwork. Some of it was written on actual paper, while others were handled on her datapad. It had been a few weeks since she had gotten Olivia to hide away her wedding rings, and still she found herself reaching for them to fiddle with. But they weren't there. She had split up with her husband [member="Veiere Arenais"] for the betterment of her people and her government. It was an extremely tough decision for her, but it had to be done. Everyone was calling for it, including Veiere himself. She was just the last to accept it.

Now Kay busied herself with whatever she could in order to get her mind off of it. She needed to focus and get her head back in the game.

And that was exactly what she was doing when the beep came, indicating that she had a message. Kay raised a brow as it was marked as an emergency. Her mind went straight to her children and Veiere, believing that something horrible had befallen them. But that wasn't it at all...

She opened up the message and read it not once, but twice. It took her that long to realize what she was reading. "Ryn...could it be?..." First there was the return of [member="Ultimatum"] . And now there was a chance that [member="Ryn'Dhal"] was out there somewhere too. And quite possibly on Antar 4.

Kay got up from her desk and stepped quickly to the door of her office. She opened it and spotted her assistant [member="Rys'sya"] at her desk, working away. "Rys, I just got an emergency message from possibly an old friend. See who's around. I need to get to Antar 4 and can't go on my own. See if my son is near there, or my daughter, or any of my Ministers. And I need a pilot to get us there quickly." A quick trip to another world wasn't the best thing to do right now. But it could be something that she needed.

[member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Gideon Lenn"] [member="Rahn Haaku"]
The Repertoire drifted in deep space, the vessel having exited out of FTL between grids in order to pull out into the abysmal darkness that Caedyn Arenais might simply stare up and out of the cockpit with the silence of his ship and nothing else to disturb him. Things had been less than smooth sailing lately; his family was in tatters and at times he felt himself torn between the Je'daii and the Commenori people.

Caedyn's Master within the Je'daii Order had been most comforting and often encouraged him to embrace his life, all aspects of it. Where his family was concerned, [member="Asha Hex"] had never kept him from seeing them, often voicing her concern for his time isolating himself where he could be either training with the other Je'daii his age or back on Commenor making something of a social life.

His Father had left a black mark upon the family name, Veiere Arenais having disgraced himself by turning to the Darkside and turning his connections around to fund and orchestrate an attack against the Jedi Order living on a planet that the Systems Alliance resided over. It had led to a trial that Caedyn had not been willing to show up to, refusing to support his father in any way and just as well, as the ordeal had exploded into an open invasion and attempted rescue by the Dark Jedi whom followed him.

Indeed, it was safe to say that the lad of fifteen years, had plenty to consider.

Ashla came bounding down the corridor giving a playful and impatient bark as she called out for Caedyn's attention. She was his Yorshi, his Pupper whom he absolutely adored! Her little collar glowed brightly with the small green stone that hung from it, Caedyn's first lightsaber crystal that had been reshaped and molded so that he could always sense where his little companion was at all times. The little Yorshi was a happy little furball and often curled up beside him where he slept. She was accustomed to life aboard the starship, whether his or his Master's "Prophet"; where ever they roamed, the little bundle of joy was content so long as she was coming alongside Caedyn.

"Hey you..." Caedyn smiled, kneeling down upon both knees to pick her up. The little pup warmed his heart every time he laid eyes upon her, the little nip at his jaw and playful little yip accompanied by the excited wagging of her tail; she were always so happy to see him even if it had only been a manner of minutes since he had been gone. Holding Ashla in his left arm, his right hand swept back over her little head and worked to scratch at the back just behind her ears, the motion causing her head to tilt into him with a cute little whine.

[member="Ryn'Dhal"] | [member="Lady Kay"]

Gideon Lenn

Thrill-seeking Entrepreneur
Location: Anteluma, Commenor

The swoop rounded a corner, sliding up the banked track. The back of it wiggled a bit, as if the pilot struggled to keep control. Then the powerful engine whined loudly and the large bike careened forward down the last stretch. It was the sole swoop on the track, the spectator stands and towers empty, the lights and display screens dark, the numerous camera and tracking probes and droids absent.

All that awaited the swoop pilot was a multiple armed mechanic droid and a Falleen woman standing by idly scanning a data pad, ignoring the roaring swoop bike as it slid to a halt before the unusual pair. The woman did not look up, dark eyes fixed on her data, the longjet black ponytail hanging down her back striated with pewter-colored strands. She was clad, not in the usual professional garb she typically wore, but more fashionable slacks and blouse fitting an outing to the track. Mature but attractive, her vaguely reptilian features gave her a sober, serious appearance.

The swoop pilot unstrapped his helmet and slid it from his head. Wavy brown locks hung unruly, stuck to his head until they were ruffled by a gloved hand. Gideon looked to the droid. "This ventral flap responds on a Corellian dime, buddy," he indicated, pointing to the offending part, "...a Dug might be able to handle that, but I am going to end up in a heap trying to work that touchy control. How about you adjust it again." Gideon directed the droid, who quickly whirled over and set to it with a number of tool-tipped arms.

Gideon slipped from the swoop seat and strolled towards the Falleen, who had yet to lift her gaze from her datapad. A smile slid across the man's orangey bronze features. "Illan, did you see that last run? A bantha on a speeder bike cut me off and dumped a whole can of zag nuts on the track to clog my repulsors..." He teased his assistant.

Without glancing up, the green-skinned Fallen replied. "Ha, ha." She paused a moment then lifted her gaze to Gideon. "Gelb has called three times insisting that he speak with you. Something about the Duros trying to alter the delivery dates on the tranducer shipments. And you have a meeting with the board in an hour." Illan had become accustomed to her boss' habit of cramming some social or recreational activity into his busy schedule, but she didn't appear to appreciate the volatile nature of his whims.

Gideon sighed. "Always sucking the fun out of things." He taunted the Falleen woman again with a charming smile. Illan revealed only the slightest quirk at the corner of her mouth. "Send Gelb a note that I will call him on the transport back to Chasin City."

Tugging off his riding gloves, Gideon headed to the executive speeder, Illan close behind. The driver opened the door for them and the pair slid into the vehicle, before being whisked away.

[member="Lady Kay"] [member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Ryn'Dhal]


I -see- you.
As she requested, the young Miraluka began dancing her delicate fingers across the surface of the data-pad, sending out corresponding missives to relevant parties. Firstly, a message seeking the location of the Monarch's progeny, which returned with notification that her son, [member="Caedyn Arenais"]'s vessel, was somewhere within CSA space. A personalized message from 'the Desk of the Queen' was sent, requesting his aid in a personal endeavor. Coordinates were supplied to him, as there was a Diplomatic vessel that [member="Rahn Haaku"] was upon, who having just finished a mission on Nubia, was requested to stage near Antar-4 to serve as a base of operations for this operation the Queen wished to undertake.

She then sent a following missive to several of the Ministerial Staff, particularly [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], [member="Adron Malvern"], and several others, seeking their assistance at Kay's behest. She also slipped a missive to [member="Bradshaw Ku"] as well, certain the Crown Prince would likely not want to see his mother traveling without him. Then came up a shortlist of potential pilots. She checked several flight records, service records, and made the best educated guess she could. A message was sent to one [member="Gideon Lenn"]. "Mister Lenn, your services are requested by the Queen for a mission. Should you accept, please report to the palace immediately." Simple and to the point. Rys'sya had no real information to give, but didn't wish to include the Queen's perception of this as an Emergency, lest information get out to the public to paint this situation in a terrible light to draw more negative attention to the Monarch.

Finishing the messages, she turned her sightless gaze to the Queen. "My Lady, I have done as you asked. I could not reach your daughter at this time, but I have contacted your sons, your ministers, and I believe I have selected the most fitting pilot for your needs."

[member="Lady Kay"]​

Rahn Haaku

Minister of Foreign Affairs, CSA
Rahn's eyes fluttered open. "What... What is that racket?" He said grumpily as he emerged from a deep sleep. Emergency alarms had been activated and it took a moment for the Neimoidian to realize their significance. "Are we under attack?" He asked again, alarmed at the prospect. He had spent a considerable amount of tax payer dollars on his private vessel, but despite its modifications, he had found little reason to use them.

"No sir." Replied CT-14. Rahn would never admit it but the droid's mechanical monotone put him at ease. It also helped that the protocol droid had dismissed his suggestion that they were under attack. "The alarms indicate an emergency deceleration."

The Noimoidian groaned as he pulled himself out of his posh bed and walked slowly to his wardrobe. The mission to Nubia had been a successful one and he had hoped that his leisurely return flight back to Commenor would allow him some rest and recreation. "Why? We can't have made it more than half-way to Commenor." He said as he pulled on a blue and silver robe.

"The communications center just received a priority message from the Queen herself. I assured the pilots that your intention was to respond immediately to her directives." CT-14 had become used to taking certain liberties on behalf of his Neimoidian owner. Rahn could be grumpy or irritable when his privacy was infringed upon and it usually took a few moments for Rahn to center himself.

"Oh very well. I suppose I am needed on the bridge?"

"Yes sir, I informed them you would join the captain as soon as you clothed yourself."


The bridge's blastdoor opened with a hiss as Rahn and the silver plated TC-14 made their way to the captain. The bridge crew stood respectfully for the CSA's Minister of Foreign Affairs before Rahn's mottled grey hand waved them back to work. He appreciated their deference but now was not the time to wallow in it. The neimoidian's orange tinted eyes looked beyond the crew and their workstations, and out beyond the forward viewports. He saw a massive gas giant and a number of smaller orbs that he assumed were planets from this distance. "Captain, where are we?" Asked Rahn as he moved across the bridge.

Captain Quayle Argyus was in his mid forties. He was a Commenori native and had served in their navy before Rahn selected him to become his vessel's captain so many years ago. "Minister." Argyus gave a low bow before continuing. "We received a priority transmission from the Queen herself. The message was highly encoded, obviously a confidential matter. It appears we may be the closest CSA vessel in proximity which is why we were contacted." He said

Rahn read the the decoded transmission quickly. "Is there more to the message?" Now Rahn was interested. What could be so important to pull a diplomatic vessel off course for a search and rescue mission? The Queen's message was tantalizingly sparse and the mystery improved Rahn's mood.

"No sir. As you can see our orders are to secure an orbit over the crash-site."

"You may proceed captain." Rahn said, giving Argyus permission to return to his station. In the meantime, Rahn turned to TC-14. "What do we know about this system?"

"Sir, Antar is a massive gas giant which is visible now. While it is incapable of supporting life, it is surrounded by smaller moons. Perhaps the most important of these moons is Antar-4, home of the Gotals and it is the new home of a crashed starship. While a terrestrial world that supports a robust and technologically capable species, the planet's close proximity to the gas giant causes lengthy solar ecplipses that plunge the world into cold and darkness. In addition, its orbit and the gravitational forces from the gas giant create strong tectonic and tidal forces. The Gotals have had all of their history to adapt to these conditions, those not adapted may find traversing the terrain difficult to say the least." TC-14 finished its short report, leaving Rahn with much to think about.


Under Argyus' steady piloting, the Jaded Flame began its orbit above the crash-site. The vessel's sensors and scanners were pointed at the chaotic world below but were unable to pin-point an exact location due to atmospheric interference. The best that the crew could do was agree that the downed vessel was located in what orbital scans revealed to be a large mountain range surrounded by thick jungle.
Master of Diplomacy Lady of Juniper
There were days when it was a good thing Jairdain was patient. Today was one of them. Even though Bradshaw had changed in attitude there were times when that old prince showed through.

The womanizer, scoundrel, pilots and gambler. Today it was the pilot and he had invited her to join him in his flight. Other than spending time with him, she really had now idea why. Any sights it provided would be essentially lost on her, but the time alone with him was what mattered.

It had seemed so long ago when they met. Another lifetime almost. What had started out rough had smoothed out until a day came where things just fell into place. To be together was as natural as breathing and while they had needed to part ways, they had returned to Commenor together. Now when they were separate, each knew the other would be there when it was needed.

"Why exactly are we flying in circles Commenor space, Brad? You know sightseeing isn't something I'm very good at."

In her voice it was clear there was humor there, but also that touch of irritation. She didn't even know why this outing was so bothersome to her. Letting out a sigh, she knew it shouldn't be so disturbing. Something in the air maybe? There was nothing she could think of that would be causing this.

[member="Bradshaw Ku"] [member="Rys'sya"] [member="Gideon Lenn"] [member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Ryn'Dhal"]

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor

Bradshaw’s hands were still as they rested in front of him on his lap in a way that easily suggested a posture used for meditating, not piloting. He sat just ahead of [member="Jairdain"] in The Calypso’s Gambit, a modified Z-95XT two-seater. Though the craft was indeed circling in orbit around Commenor, he was not steering it, nor was Shorty, the slicer/astromech droid rooted just behind the cockpit. After launching the fighter into orbit and then setting it to the right height and speed to keep it there, the ex-smuggler turned former playboy prince turned student of the force had gone quiet in order to take a few rotations not so much to meditate, but to do what he found himself doing quite often since returning from his training and discovering what had happened to his estranged step-father Veiere. That is, he would reach out to feel through the fabric of the force, tangled and rough in places, smooth and serene in others, to locate the fallen former Commenori King.

It was always a long shot. The Galaxy was a maze in the force, so much life, death, love, hate to sift through. It was too much, but he felt he should try and he found that it was that much easier a task in orbit than on the planet where the force noise created by the planet was more difficult to screen out. He had to try for himself, but more than that, for his mother who he knew must be devastated inside, though her strength often kept her from showing it.

But today, like all the others, the galaxy was far too big a place for him to find Veiere. Still, there was always hope, as Veiere once believed and always tried to impart on Bradshaw throughout the years.

This futile, lonely effort was not the reason he brought Jair with him, of course. No, he had something more pleasant for her in mind. She was right to point out that sight seeing was not her strong suite. There were ways around that however and Bradshaw had learned and practiced just such a way in his travels, learning a combination of techniques that paired force sight and telepathy, taught to him by an eccentric elder Bruvian sage. It took most of his concentration to pull it off, but, he was sure he could finally do just that – pull it off.

Finally, he spoke, “Remember, the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts, my dear,” was his sage advice. “In other words, you seem uncharacteristically grumpy and anxious today… hmm… perhaps you’re sensing a vision coming down the pipeline?” he paused for a moment, before adding with a chuckle, “or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?”

His eyes were still closed. Despite talking, his mind was primarily focused on the technique he’d learned. Shorty, having been told what he was planning before they took off, whistled a signal to Bradshaw that meant their trajectory was about to place the planet between them and the sun. He knew he couldn’t keep the technique going for long, so timing was key.

A few more moments passed and then he opened his eyes. Cool blue spheres stared out toward Commenor. The sun’s rays were now peeking around the planet in a half halo of light and bleeding through the atmosphere beautifully. Using the force bond that had built between them through the years, Bradshaw opened himself up so that Jair could literally see through his eyes. It wouldn’t be anything like the force sight she was used to, drained of color and texture. Instead, it was true sight. With all the contrast, color, texture, and shadow that made such a sight truly something to behold.

Shorty whistled and booped something about an incoming priority message, which distracted Bradshaw just enough that he lost the ability only a little while later.

“Learned that one from old Miluign Angdoss on Bruvia, he’s an old kook, that one, but knows a thing or two. Makes a mean mystery meat pie too.... still don't know what was in that...” he said as he looked down at his dashboard and the message scrolling across it from his mother’s assistant [member="Rys’sya"]. It was vague, but two things were clear. It was important, and it appeared [member="Lady Kay"] would be going off planet. Having spent so much time away from her and his duties, not to mention everything that happened with Veiere, Bradshaw was keen to stay near his mother. Which is why, since his latest return, he dared not leave Commenor, going into orbit was just about as far as he would go and if she was about to leave the planet for some sort of important mission, he and Jair would be alongside her.

Knowing that Jair likely couldn’t read the control panel screen in front of her, Bradshaw announced, “Looks like sight seeing time is over, love. Just got a message from Rys’sya and it appears my mom may be heading off planet for something important. Don’t know much more than that but we’ll be joining her, if you’re up for it? You know the kind of trouble she attracts, after all.”

Then he told Shorty to reply to Rys’sya’s message, “Tell her Jair and I are currently in orbit around the planet and will be back on Palace grounds ASAP. Ask her where we should meet them.” Then, griping the controls once more, he quickly pulled the fighter out of orbit and toward the Palace.

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Master of Diplomacy Lady of Juniper
A cloud of foul mood must have clung to Jairdain and it was strong enough even Brad had picked up on it. His skill in the Force was different than what hers was, but it was likely their personal and emotional connection that allowed this. Between the two of them there was no reason for her to keep what she thought of felt hidden and buried. It was not something she could do easily as her emotions usually showed clearly on her face as they happened.

So she sat behind the prince and man she had fallen in love with while they had been away. The not knowing why they were in space was nagging at her, but he answered her a few minutes after she had asked. Sitting in silence for that time, Jairdain had felt him embrace the Force. What he did, she had an idea of, but not the why of it.

If she had wanted to, Jairdain could have taken it from his mind, but even she understood somethings weren't meant to be shared. She felt this was one of them. Whatever he hoped to accomplish at first was futile and she picked up on the resignation within him. There would be a small sense of curiosity from her, but not given voice. If he wanted her to know what he was trying to accomplish he would tell her. Given time, she hoped Brad would open and tell her, but she would not force the issue.

Giving thought to what Brad suggested to what might be bringing on her foul mood, Jairdain did not think it was a vision. Those normally just happened without any control on her part or forewarning of one happening. Maybe she had just woke up on the wrong side of the bed as he put it. While not like her, it was a possibility. The silence reigned around them and then there a change.

Brad opened himself fully. His eyes granted Jairdain a sight she had never seen before. Their connection through emotions, the Force and each other enhanced what he did. He wasn't as strong as she was in using the Force especially for the more mental aspects, but this was something he had been practicing with. As the sight filled her mind, almost all of her grumpiness faded and was replaced by a sense of awe.

Like looking down on a world full of life through her own vision and crossing it with actual sight, this was something Jairdain never had before. There was an interconnection between everything and color involved. Through everything the Force flowed and she could feel that as well. She would never forget this sight and when it ended, it was firmly in her memory.

"So beautiful..."

It​ was all she could think of to say for words. Her tone was full of the awe she felt and hopefully it was strong enough Brad could pick up on it. Their shared vision might have lasted several moments, moments or hours and Jairdain felt it ended too soon. It was caused by an incoming communication from Lady Kay and Brad relayed it to her. She couldn't help but let out a small sigh, but family and duty she understood.

"I'm up for anything with you, Brad. Together we are stronger than separate. Where you go, I go, my love."

A reply was sent back to Rys'sya saying they would be returning and Jairdain sat back. She looked forward to another meeting with the woman. They were very similar yet entirely different. In time, maybe they could be friends.

[member="Bradshaw Ku"]


Rainbow Smurf
Kay watched as [member="Rys'sya"] went straight to work, her fingers tapping so quickly on the datapad that you'd think that she was born with the ability to do it. Her confidence in her young assistant was very strong, as the woman seemed very adamant about serving her well, almost as though she owed her something. But that would smooth over in time, she was sure.

"Thank you, Rys. Now let us pack. We should bring a few days worth of clothing with us at least. And by we, I of course mean that I'd like for you to come along. Plus we need some food, water, tea and a med kit. I would hope that I will be allowed to go on this search and not be forced to stay behind. If this message is genuine...then my friend needs me..." It was good to be needed for something other than politics. Rys offered some of that as well in the sense that she had plenty to learn about the Commenori way of life, something that Kay was happy to teach her.

She turned around and went back into her office, calling over her shoulder as she began to head to the metallic spiral staircase that led up to her bedchambers. "Come on, Rys. And if any of those that you messaged are meeting us here at the Palace, tell them to meet us at the hanger by the landing pad." By now she was at the bottom of the stair and was making her way up it, skipping over every other step, as she was quite used to the dimensions of it. "You're going to have to borrow some of my trousers as I've only seen you wearing dresses so far. And in this venture, a dress isn't going to cut it." Most especially if they have to go through difficult terrain.

[member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Jairdain"] [member="Bradshaw Ku"] [member="Rahn Haaku"] [member="Gideon Lenn"]

Gideon Lenn

Thrill-seeking Entrepreneur
The message sent on behalf of the queen was received directly on Gideon's private comlink as they traveled towards Chasin City. He reviewed the missive with a furrowed brow, already gathering a plethora of questions, but the message did not invite inquiries, or even a response. It was clear details would be provided in person. He sent a quick response, to assure the Queen's assistant that he was on his way.

Looking to Illan, the Falleen woman was already watching him with great interest. "The queen requests my presence on some sort of urgent mission. Contact Shi'tan and have him collect my gear, config two, and bring to them to the hanger at the main landing pad at the Palace." With the quirk of a barely visible brow, Illan nodded, slender fingers beginning to dance across her datapad.

Gideon pressed the button to the air car pilot's comm. "Change of plans, take us to the Palace."

Turning back to Illan, the familiar grin graced his lips. "You will give my apologies to the board, won't you?" He asked. Such suggestions were often tongue-in-cheek requests by Gideon to employ her innate pheromones to influence others on his behalf. Whether or not the Falleen woman ever did, Gideon didn't know, and Illan meant to keep it that way.

The air car landed lightly on a landing pad long enough for Gideon to step out. He didn't have a chance to change out of his riding gear, still clad in leather pants and boots. He had left the dusty leather jacket in the car, leaving him in a plain green tee shirt. Not exactly the proper attire for an audience with the queen. He made his way to the hanger.

[member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Jairdain"] [member="Bradshaw Ku"] [member="Rahn Haaku"] [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Rys'Sya"]
Though he and the pup, Ashla, were playing within the corridor of the Repertoire, the echoe from the cockpits communications terminal reached him through the speakers that dotted the ceiling of the vessel throughout. Glancing up curiously, Caedyn paused in wonder. 'Who would be trying to reach me way out here...' he mused inwardly, slowly and begrudgingly pushing himself to his feet with Ashla huffing as she were taken into his arms and they both started back for the head of the ship.

Dropping his pupper down into the co-pilots seat, he soon fell into the pilots seat and turned to bring up the secondary systems on screen. Prodding the dash several times and hitting a series of the keys, the message from Commenor soon came up in text form, the signature of the office of [member="Lady Kay"] having signed the transmitted document as proof of his Mother's seal of approval.

"A retrieval request?" He asked himself as if expecting Ashla to clarify for him, she of whom had already fallen asleep upon the Co-Pilots seat, nothing out of the ordinary what-so-ever for his beloved little hound. "Well...Alright then. Mom could probably do with some good news after all..." he thought aloud, bitterness coming out in his words at the expense of his father of whom had ruined a great deal for their family lately.

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I -see- you.
The young Miraluka proceeded to forward the request of the Queen that any who were to be joining her on Commenor to meet at her designated location. She then paled when she realized Kay was expecting the young assistant to accompany her on this adventure. "I-I-I don't know how, how much good I'll be... umm... in this endeavor...." the young woman stammered, unsure of what the Queen was getting the two of them into. But, she was a dutiful servant of the Head-of-State, and gave no further objection.

Doing as ordered, she sought to pack what she could, though the monarch was not wrong. Dresses, skirts and blouses were all that the young woman possessed for a wardrobe. She did have a pair of cute boots that could sort of serve for foot-wear in the adventure to come, but beyond that, the young woman was woefully unprepared for an adventure the likes that this seemed like it was going to be.

Within the hour, Rys'sya found herself at the hangar, a single piece of luggage in hand, holding the few changes of clothes she hopes she didn't need to go through held within. Nervously gnawing on her lower lip, her sightless gaze scanning about for the first arrival, whomever that would be, for this adventure to come. What have I gotten myself into.... she pondered, the urge to flee rising in her heart.

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Rahn Haaku

Minister of Foreign Affairs, CSA
"Master, what are you doing down here?" TC-14's mechanical voice cut through the low hum of the ship and startled the skulking Neimoidian. Rahn turned around quickly with the look of someone whose hand was caught in the cookiee jar. "Blast you droid!" He said angrily before looking past the droid to see if he had anymore unexpected guests. "Sir, you retired to your stateroom some time ago and when I did not find you there I began to search the ship. I would not have expected to find you near the escape pods."

Rahn's orange eyes flicked to the now sealed escape pod hatch, inside was an experimental battle-droid, a recreation of an old commando-droid schematic that Rahn was about to send on their first field test. He had found the designs on Cato Neimoidia when he was spying on the Trade Federation. The commando droids had been used during the Clone Wars and were allegedly quite effective. He stole the forgotten designs and kept ahold of them for years before making connections with the Verpine who developed a new VI program to command them. Rahn only had 6 prototypes for quality testing but the allure of the downed starship and its personal appeal to the Queen was too much to resist. Rahn had excused himself from the bridge and had moved to march two of the droids to an escape pod, it would have been easier with a Verpine tech, but their designs were elegant and simple enough to be commanded by even the inexperienced. So with only a small degree of difficulty he had managed to program 2 commando droids with a reconnaissance assignment and had them strapped and sealed into an escape pod.

"TC-14 now that you are here I require this escape pod by synced with the launch controls for our probe droids." Instructed Rahn, taking control of the situation and making the droid's interruption useful.
"Of course sir, I assume you want this to look like a computer or mechanical error?" TC-14 responded obediently.


Rahn returned to the bridge and found it much the same as when he left it. "Captain, status report?"
Arguys studied a report generated by the ship's sensors and frowned. "Well we're still having trouble scanning anything useful past the moon's atmosphere. We could get closer, but... Electical discharges, high stratospheric wind..."
"Our orders are to stay on station, this must be a sensitive matter for her highness. But, we could send a probe droid."
"Aye we could, It would give us telemetry data on its way down, though there's no telling that they'd survive the descent."
Clapping his mottled green hands together and smiling slyly Rahn assured the captain, "More entertaining than reading the sensor read-outs captain."

Acquiescing Argyus commanded the crew to prepare to launch a probe droid. however when the order was given not one, but two objects jettisoned from the ship and towards the planet below. An alarm flashed across a crewer's control panel as it reported the launching of an escape pod. Rahn feigned surprise and irritation. "What happened captain? Why is an escape pod tumbling towards the planet?"
"I uh don't know sir. It must have been a mechanical failure or a cross wire, a glitch or something." Said the Captain quickly as he looked around the bridge at the equally confused crew.

The bridge watched as the probe droid and the escape pod with its secret cargo get smaller and smaller until they disappeared into the atmosphere. The probe droid faithfully sent back atmospheric data which showed increasingly strong winds and electrical discharges. The probe droid stopped transmitting 2 minutes into the atmosphere where it was either shredded by winds/particulates or else zapped by lightning. The ship's trackers kept an eye on the descended escape pod as it neared the general area of the crash. However it too was at the mercy of the moon's inclement weather and strong winds push the escape pod into a cliff-face where the signal went dark. Rahn had barely breathed as he had studied the pod's descent on the monitors. His heart and 1/3 of his expensive prototype investment dropped as the indicator ping failed to reappear.

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor
The compact fighter screamed through the air as it broke into the upper atmosphere, bursting through the sound barrier, before gently tapering off by the time it reached Chasin City. The days when Bradshaw might have attempted a dangerous and ill-conceived landing were now receding quickly in the rear-view mirror. Instead, he respected the city’s speed limits and aerial traffic lanes as he guided the fighter to an easy stop on the Palace landing pad with no unneeded excitement.

He popped the cockpit hood and unbuckled his harnesses with a click. Speaking over the low hiss of coolant valves expelling excess heat, he climbed over the side.

“I’m glad you liked my little surprise, I only wish it could have lasted longer,” he then added with some humour, “But I do hope, sweetheart, it maybe got you out of your cranky mood and onto the right side of the bed.”

He reached up his hands to help [member="Jairdain"] down from the backseat, a gesture primary expressive of intimacy rather than any real functional need, even for his blind partner. After Jair was on the tarmac and he’d released Shorty from the astromech-well behind the cockpit and lifted him down with the Force, Bradshaw noticed [member="Lady Kay"], [member="Rys'sya"] and a man waiting off to the side.

As Jair, Shorty, and he approached, he became increasingly intrigued with this sudden mission... Rys’sya and his mother appeared packed for a trip and the young woman looked more worried or apprehensive than eager. Not to mention the man he didn't know who was also standing with them, clad in what looked like riding gear.

Bradshaw smiled in greeting to his mother, sent a friendly hello through the force to her assistant, and nodded respectfully to acknowledge the man.

“Looks like we’re dramatically under packed for whatever it is we’re about to get up to,” he pointed out, looking between Jair and Shorty. “Not that I’m complaining, but maybe now would be a good time to fill us a little more in on where the fire is? Or not, everyone likes a good mystery, don’t they?”

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Rainbow Smurf
Kay had spent nearly an hour packing. And not just for herself, mind you. She had to pack for [member="Rys'sya"] as well, not to mention their food and medical supplies. Instead of a case of luggage however, she carried with her a backpack slung over her shoulder. During that time she had received word that her son [member="Caedyn Arenais"] was going to be joining them. Good. She offered her assistant a small smile. "It'll be alright. You need to venture out a bit, and this'll help us to work better together. Besides, we'll be in good company."

[member="Gideon Lenn"] was the first to arrive. She wasn't dressed in some fancy gown or anything. Instead she wore her light armour that her estranged husband had made for her. It included her own personal cloaking device that had proven itself to being very useful. Kay bowed her head to the man. "Hello there. I take it that you're to be my pilot?"

Her attention was soon brought to the little fighter that [member="Bradshaw Ku"] and [member="Jairdain"] used for their own transport. And as usual Brad came armed with his sense of humour. "I received a distress signal from an old friend that I haven't heard from in years. Even if it's fake, I can't just sit by and not investigate it."

[member="Rahn Haaku"] [member="Ryn'Dhal"]
Master of Diplomacy Lady of Juniper
The little connection they had shared and display she had been granted did assist in getting Jairdain out of the foul mood she had been in. A small bit remained, but it was mostly gone. Climbing out of the ship, she accepted the hands he offered. She could have done it on her own, but this was just another opportunity for him to display what they shared openly.

She was patient as he let down his droid and rejoined her. Their flight had been called short because of a message from Kay and here she was along with a small group. What the issue was would soon become clear. Jairdain could tell Kay was maybe slightly disturbed by the distress call she had gotten. That call was what had brought about her sending out the message, bringing her and Brad back to Commenor.

Noticing Rys'sya, Jairdain attempted to give her a comforting smile. They may both be physically blind, but each could see through the Force. The emotion behind the smile would be clear to the other woman.

"I'm used to travelling light. Brad here is the one that needs to bring the entertainment center along. Any idea where we're going?"

Geography in the Galaxy was pretty ​much lost on her, but she had been learning the lay of the land in her own ways.

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Gideon Lenn

Thrill-seeking Entrepreneur
Within the impressive hanger stood the queen. Though he had never met the Lady Kay in person he had seen her from a distance at some state events. The woman, dressed not in official or royal garb but in recon armor, was easily recognized. Anyone living in CSA space had seen images of the queen. Gideon now believed those holonet images did her no justice. He bowed slightly with a broad smile in reply to the queen. "I suppose I am the pilot! Gideon Lenn, at your service." He offered with a rakish glint in his eye.

His gaze swept to the woman next to the queen, assuming it was Rys'sya, the woman who contacted him. She was attractive as well, with a thin mask across her face. Miraluka. He flashed another smile at her, but further greeting was interrupted by the pair who emerged from the star fighter heard landing behind him. Gideon turned as the couple approached. He admired the man already, a strapping fellow that exuded confidence. And so he should, as Gideon suddenlty recognized Bradshaw Ku, Crown Prince. The woman with him was lovely and he laughed lightly as she teased her companion. She too carried herself with a quiet strength, and eyes that didn't seem to focus on anything in particular. Gideon greeted them in turn. "Gideon Lenn, my pleasure."

While they were all friendly, they could not miss the sober tenor of Lady Kay's statement. A distress signal from an old friend. Anyone could understand the queen's need to investigate. "My supplies should be arriving any moment." Surely she was eager to get underway. Maybe they could glean more details enroute to the signal's location.

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Rainbow Smurf
Your tags didn't work [member="Gideon Lenn"] . Otherwise I'd of jumped on this sooner. But [member="Rys'sya"] / @Rhyn'Dhal is on an LOA for work/life, so we can't get very far in this thread yet. But we can still get on our way and arrive at the destination :)

There was something in Gideon's eyes as he greeted her. Was it the usual cocky pilot attitude? Or something else? Regardless, he had answered her summons and was going to take them where they needed to go. "Glad to have you with us."

Her attention then turned to [member="Jairdain"] and [member="Bradshaw Ku"] . "I was given co-ordinates for Antar 4, and that's all. My friends ship called The Mask is in distress and relayed just where they were going to crash. The odd thing is's a really old message. They addressed me as President Kay. I haven't had that title in nearly two decades. So it must be some pre-programmed beacon of some sorts. In any case, we need to get there and find out."

Kay chewed the inside of her cheek, hoping that she wasn't going to run into the same kind of thing as she did when she came across a planet known as the Graveyard. It was there that she stumbled on the wreckage of her mother's ship and learned about her Imperial family ties.

"My son Caedyn will be joining us. We should wait for him." In the meantime she pondered on which type of vessel to take. The Free Lady? Or something bigger?

[member="Caedyn Arenais"] [member="Rahn Haaku"]
As The Repertoire made it's way towards the co-ordinates that he'd received, the boy had had a little more time to making himself a Stim-Caf and wake up enough to realize that the missive he'd been sent wasn't actually a retrieval errand for his mother but rather a rendezvous with her or her affiliated members of staff aboard what sounded to be a vessel of some import. With that realized, he had scrambled back to the cockpit of the Freighter and drove forward on the thrusters to send her into full impulse leaving a wake of space-dust behind him (Or so he liked to imagine at such speeds!).

"This is 'The Shadow of Commenor' seeking docking permissions aboard unknown vessel..." Caedyn spoke through his commlink, the headset that acted as part of the communications hub for the Repertoire and otherwise made things much easier when manned by a single pilot; "Sending identification tags to you now" he soon followed through sending not just his vessels identification tags but so too the royal house clearance code that had been given to him by his mother to ensure they knew that the vessel was friendly. Despite calling his ship the shadow of commenor, Caedyn had learned early on that you simply couldn't take people by their word in this galaxy anymore...If you ever could.

Whoever this [member="Rahn Haaku"] was, Caedyn didn't recognize his ship and thus decided to come along to the party with weapons on hand. Keeping his Side-Arm holstered against his hip and his lightsaber upon his belt hooked securely, he awaited for the Repertoire to signal that the locking clamps had properly attached to the fellow ship before reaching to the wall and pressing against the release for the ships air locker, depressurizing the room and soon stepping across onto what he considered to be foreign territory.

"Anyone home?" he called out, not certain whether he'd meet with a welcoming party or not.

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