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It is done...

Keepin Corellia Weird
So, after a long and winding and very odd road, the story of Ijaat Mereel has come to an end. From a gruff NFU blacksmith and inventor with a sly streak of snark to a Master of the Force and single combat, he's done a bit. I'm the type to never step in and stop the story when it makes sense or feels natural, so several things this character underwent or did I had never planned.

But now that [member="Cato Fett"] was a brilliant writing partner in the end of this character, and as I prepare to step out of beskar'gam entirely with new faces, I suppose I'll ask for one final critique. What can I do better the next time? What should I keep doing? What did you like or dislike about the character? About me or my writing style?

His end can be read here, and I am happy to toss up a few of the more favorite threads of mine he has been in if someone wishes.


[member="Ijaat Mereel"]

Best advice I can offer is to be as amenable to change as you can. You'll find partners and helpers where least expected, and character progression is very much reciprocal. Never mind if whether or not the set piece or action sequence or emotional revelation is impressive, ask whether any of it is helping push development or progressing the tale along. Don't deter yourself from embracing consequences.

As for the rest, I'm not qualified to critique prose.

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
I've enjoyed watching you grow as a writer and try new things aggressively - new voices, for one. Some have clicked better than others, but the experimentation is what matters, and learning from it. I think your prose style has deflated and gotten more straightforward while retaining a hint of formalism. It works out pretty well. My only advice would be to keep that approach for your next face.

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel
When you asked for feedback regarding Ijaat going FU from a complete NFU and by complete NFU, I really mean complete, I wasn't really for it. But I was wrong. As Jorus and Seydon both said - try new things, try changes, accept transformations. It always pays off - whether it becomes a mess and you learn a valuable lesson or the opposite - it turns out pretty sweet and I think the latter could be said for Ijaat. I noticed that when you shifted to FU you seemed to have some complications adapting (I might be wrong) or at least's those were observations but you reigned it all in and I think Ijaat became a character worthy of his own book through all the twists and changes in his story and positioned in a really niche character concept of his own.

Been a good ride, man, and it's ending fitted Ijaat after all he's been through.

As a writer - I've always enjoyed your writing but I am not a capable writer as either Seydon or Jorus to give you a critique worth its salt.

My piece of advice wouldn't be too different than the aforementioned and it's an advice I've given another long-term writer - Darth Carnifex - and it's try new things. Explore new waters, new horizons, stuff you've been uncomfortable with or not feeling like writing. Leave that comfort zone and you're gonna be really delighted, or at least I was when I did that by making my first Jedi - Ember Farseer.

Before I could succeed in exploring a new 'horizon' such as Ember, I failed more times than I could count in doing so, but that didn't stop me and I am sure as hell that won't stop you!

So do it.

[member="Ijaat Mereel"]