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Name: Iso'Jontu

Region: Wild Space
System: <System name>
Suns: 1 (white dwarf, "Ikarajontu")
Orbital Position: Inside habitable zone, though the lack of at atmosphere makes this meaningless
Moons: N/A
Coordinates: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5525/11944132815_4d7e45fde2_o.png
Rotational Period: 18 hours
Orbital Period: 200 days

Class: Terrestrial Giant
Atmosphere: N/A
Climate: Barren, Dead, Lifeless
Gravity: Twice standard
Primary Terrain: Dead flatlands with the occasional artificially chiseled peak or canyon

Native species: N/A
Immigrated species: N/A(no immigrants, just mining stations)
Primary languages: N/A(various spoken, Basic and Huttese are the most common)
Government: N/A, mining stations are controlled by corporate and governmental interests
Population: 1,000+ miners
Demonym: N/A
Major cities: Station X-43, Station W-26, Station B-13, Station U-29, etc.
Major imports: Everything(for the miners)
Major exports: Raw minerals
Affiliation: Pirates

Culture: N/A
Technology: Standard galactic tech
History: An unusual world, the planet known as Iso'Jontu, bearing a Sith name roughly meaning "shape" in the ancient Sith language, is of a type known as Spazial planets.Through unknown means, the core of the planet absorbed direct blasts of almost every mineral currently known to the galaxy, causing it to solidify and making the planet a lifeless, atmospheric rock. While the occasional miner has claimed the planet's ore is so rich, it's worth a fortune, all minerals in the ore are almost entirely evenly proportioned, requiring massive investments and digging of the surface in order to reap even a small profit's worth of valuable minerals. Current mining techniques use "sifters" to extricate valuable minerals from their cheaper counterparts, leaving the ground dust in hills and piles across the landscape. As such, no galactic power has attempted to to more efficiently mine the minerals on this planet.
Notable PC's: N/A

Intent: To create a world that, while allowing for acquisition of a significant amount of void space by the CIS, not allow for easy resource extraction.
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Denied this seems like a clear way to exploit mining materials, despite the intents statement. Just too many things wrong with it to work out.. Please remember you can appeal this, but I suggest you make major changes to what is on this planet before you do that.
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