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Invasion of Atrisia

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
As some of you are aware, the Fringe has decided to invade us. We shall show them the error of their ways, and crush them. To do that, we need everyone to get involved and helped defend our home world. For now rules are still being discussed for the invasion, but I need to know who will be coming. Please post here.

The invasion is planned for Monday.

@[member="Aditya Amadis"]
@[member="Cadmon Lussk"]
@[member="Cheo Liu"]
@[member="Cronos Aegir"]
@[member="Cyrus Tregessar"]
@[member="Davik Tren"]
@[member="Jyn Sol"]
@[member="Hiroshi Tanamura"]
@[member="Jake Cording"]
@[member="Lydol Orvaul"]
@[member="Moira Skaldi"]
@[member="Rexus Drath"]
@[member="Riko Kahoshi"]
@[member="Rodrigo Satoshi"]
@[member="Thane Danson"]
@[member="The Traveler"]
@[member="Trista Nemorra"]
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
When people say a 'fleet' how many ships are we talking here? Star Wars is pretty bad about consistency and numbers in general. You see 'big' battles with ~15 Star Destroyers per side and then stats that say the Empire had 75,000 Star Destroyers at its height (which is borderline obscene).


Things are looking good for the species sub and it looks like I will be participating in this as early as tomorrow!