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Intermittent LOA w/c 7th May


Half Bond, Half Bean.
Hi everyone.

Just a heads up that the w/c 7th May I will be a little up and down with activity.

I lost my Uncle last week in a passing that was prepared for, but still heart-breaking to see. The funeral is next week back up North, and with this and a busy schedule at work out with my drone, it will be a little sporadic with travel and days off-line.

The site has helped me fuel some escapism into my stories, so I'll be around as I can until normailty resumes.

Primarily this will affect [member="Valae Kitra"] and the SJO, [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Kyra Sol"] [member="Jairdain"] - thank you for your patience as always.

Thanks all! :)
[member="Chris Gelderd"]

Sorry for your loss, dear; take all the time you need, and know we'll be here waiting.

Oh, and enjoy the North. Because it's better than the South ;) <3


Rainbow Smurf
[member="Chris Gelderd"]

Thanks for the heads up. Sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm glad that we are all some kind of help.

Don't crash the drone! ;)