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Interest Check: Bonding Authority


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For various reasons, I've decided to get Rusty into the mercenary game, but before I get started, I want to try to import one of the better ideas I've encountered.

In the Hammer's Slammers universe, mercenary contracts are governed by an organization known as the Bonding Authority. They're a neutral organization whose primary purpose is to enforce contracts between mercenaries and their employers. When a contract is created between the two parties, the hiring party forwards their fee to the BA, who holds it in escrow, less the operating expenses stipulated by the contract. When the contract is complete, they release the remaining funds to the mercenary company. They in turn make a killing off the collected interest, as well as their service fees.

In the event that there's a dispute, they act as neutral arbitrators, whose sole purpose is to determine whether or not the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. Various penalties exist for breaching contracts, depending on the severity of the breach. Usually, forfeiture of all funds paid is the first step, all the way up to blacklisting.

ICly, something like this could add a measure of security to mercenary contracts, as well as the possibility of interesting storylines. OOCly, it gives mercs a chance to get together and talk about merc stuff, trade stories, and so on.

If I were to start something like this, would anyone be interested?



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That's certainly enough to get started. Hopefully, we can draw more people in if it works. If you guys don't mind, I'll set up an open thread so we can all meet face to face to discuss the particulars.

[member="Myles Davorak"]
[member="Keira Ticon"]
[member="Alkor Centaris"]
[member="Oron Verd"]
[member="Ardgal Raxis"]


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[member="Rainer Altman"]

Kinda, but different in just about every meaningful way. The purpose of the BA will be to ensure that contracts between mercenaries and their employers are kept, and act as neutral arbitrators when they aren't. No secret societies with their own distinct currencies, traditions, etc, and the puppy always lived.


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Feel free to show up at the meeting. You'll get a nifty little bundle of gear too. I'll post what's in the sample create when I get home, but it's basically 1 of every gun I sell. Link to the meeting is in my status.

[member="Trin Halleck"]

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