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Artist Ingrid's workshop (avatars, sigs, flairs, etc.)

Hey, Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim if your still taking requests I'd love a signature!

I'm thinking maybe something with the figure in this image on the left and the figures in this one on the right. Maybe with the Silver Jedi logo bridging them? Or some other sort of scenery bridging the gap? I'm not exactly someone with an artistic eye so whatever you think is best! Additionally, having Centin's full name somewhere on the signature would probably be good.

Let me know if that sounds like something you'd be interested in!
Well I actually meant digitally color! I hand drew a drawing with a pencil and tried coloring it in with colored pencils but it ended up looking sloppy...And I don't have a good coloring/drawing software....Did you by any chance alter the clone on the left of my signature?
The Red Witch; Emperor's Hand
Zurin Zurin

I didn't repaint much of it from black and white, or simple drawing, but you have to learn everything (they said). So if you give it to me, I can try and of course replace the affected image with that image. :)


Hello Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim !

I was wondering if you could make a sig and some flairs for me. I chose some images for the sig so you can decide what works best/is easier to do:

Link I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V

If none of those are good for you to work with, the faceclaim is Nastya Kusakina

For the flairs, if you could use these: Flair1 & Flair2, over any background you like that'd be great! The first one would read "House Astier" and the second one "The Obsidian Bank".

Thanks a lot again and if there's anything I can help with let me know!!
Do you mind adding the little blue line border that you have around the avatar, for the sig as well. I was also wondering. Why is half of the emblem in the middle sort of faded out? Is there a way to not fade it? Thank you so much! Otherwise I love them.