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Character Viscount Fleur Valencia


Full name:
Fleur Valencia​
Marital Status:
Sanguinius Vampirika-Diathim
22 Years​
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Vibrant Blue​
Alabaster White​
Force sensitive:
The Confederacy of Independent Systems​
  • Viscount
  • Heir to House Valencia

  • Appearance
    Fleur is someone who is always sharply dressed. With everything from her hair and makeup, right down to the shoes that she wears. In public, appearance matters for she represents House Valencia. The woman has long blonde hair which is fairly common to those of the Diathim species, which is either style up or down. Sometimes it is straightened and other times she leaves her hair to naturally wave down her back.

    Vibrant blue eyes, another common trait to those of the Diathim species will watch anyone with close scrutiny and under extreme pressure, like emotional duress or stress, the grey ring around her eyes will brighten to a pale white. It is barely noticeable to anyone who doesn't pay extra attention to the slight details and the only reason why that the ring will change, is because of her vampirika side. Also, while under extreme emotional duress and stress, small veins will travel from under her eyes and down her face for about three centimeters.

    Another one of the vampirika qualities that she inherited, were the fangs. However, unlike her vampirika blood, she doesn't have the duel fangs. Instead, she only has the one set of canine fangs. Most won't even notice unless she opens her mouth wide enough for people to see them.

    The woman is considered to be a little on the short side for those of the Diathim species, but only those that know the family well and knows the true story will understand that her shorten height is partly due to her father's species.

    Another characteristic that she inherited from her true father was the alabaster white skin. While most Diathim's have glowing white skin, hers does not glow. This is another trait that most will not pick up on unless they pay extreme attention to the minuet details.

    However, despite all of these things, she also has wings. Wings that she can choose to show or hide at will.

  • Force Abilities
    Key: [I] - Apprentice | [II] - Knight | [III] - Master | [IIII] - Apex

  • Known Associates
    Biological Mother:
    Odette Belrose Redacted
    Biological Father: Unknown Redacted
    Mother: Isla Valencia
    Father: Elias Valencia
  • Achievements

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Fleur Valencia
    Fleur's story began before she was born. Her mother had fallen in love with a vampire. A vampire that no one knew the name of. Her mother Odette had fallen pregnant to the man and at the time, her mother had a twin, Isla. Now Isla had married into an old family of Illyria. One who was known as House Valencia of King's Water and her husband Elias, didn't want to bear the stain of a bastard child; even one of a sister-in-law. It was too much. So Elias Valencia had his wife secret her twin away and out of the spot light where they both were never seen by the public for nine months. Odette had spent many days in pain, pain of heartbreak and she had spent the rest of her days singing to her unborn child while hoping that she could provide a life for her child. Even in the shadows.

    Yet it was a few days before the birth that it had come to light that she would have to give up her child to her twin sister and some surmised that it was that knowledge that made her lose the fight the day of the birth. Fleur came fast and hard. So fast that Odette's body did not have time to prepare for the child and as she was born, it seemed as if the child ripped her way out of her mother. Born in blood. The House of Valencia blamed the vampirika side of the child and swore up and down to suppress that side of the child as much as they could.

    This is all information that Fleur does not know of about her birth. In fact, she grew up as if she was a normal child. Her parents had always told her that her fangs and the slight appearance differences were due to the meddling Force. That her connection with the Force was so unstable that it created defects within her. Defects like fangs and the changing of her eyes. Due to this, she had to spend many of her days in extra lessons learning to control and manage her emotions. To quell the chaos of her mind and make sure that no matter what, that she did not reveal the fangs which she had been told that she had been cursed with. Another sign of her curse, was the fact that she was told that she had to drink blood once a week. To help keep control over the chaos of her mind.

    After she was able to prove to both Isla and Elias, of who she currently believes are her true biological parents, that she could control her emotions even under extreme stress. She was soon able to begin her own political career in the eye of the public. One of which Viscount Fleur hopes to rise up and move beyond those of which she calls her parents.

    To be continued...
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  • Strengths and Weaknesses

    +Charismatic - Fleur appears highly charismatic and will rise to any social conversation with a calm that can be off-putting that wish to try and intimidate her. She conducts herself in a matter that is open and friendly. Yet, she is observing those she speaks to. To watch their movements and tries to determine their mood. For if she can she will try to manipulate others through her charismatic charm.

    -Photo-Sensitivity - If her eyes comes into direct contact with the sun, it causes a strain upon her eyes.
    -Nightshade - Is deadly to Fleur and will kill her if she isn't careful.

  • Taozin Amulet - She wears an amulet to cloud force senses.
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