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  1. Balun Vale

    Request  Signature request for someone feeling charitable

    Hi there to all of our skilled artists and photoshopper's! I was wondering if anyone would be able to make me a signature using the below images with Balun's name included somewhere in the piece. The links for the images are of much larger versions and I'd like to show Balun in his younger...
  2. Mia Monroe

    Request  Signature Request

    I'm lacking in photoshop skill and inspiration to put anything together so opening this up to the lovely artsy folk here. I'm looking for a signature for Mia, nothing specific, I give you complete artistic freedom :)
  3. Darth Angmar

    Request  New signature please

    Can someone make this image the proper resolution to be a signature. Please and thank you
  4. Plikh'ala'niu (Khalani)

    Request  Signature

    I’d be interested in a signature with a space battle going on in the back or something
  5. Jessie 'Kaiser' Corvus

    Request  A signature

    If someone could send me something that would work in the signature tab for Jessie I would love you forever please and thank you. Cause I am to lazy to switch to My main. Damion Dorian Tarkin Would also need one. Again Please and thank you
  6. Parvati

    Approved Tech  Parvati Signature

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To put to paper the original whiskey Parvati created and to expand the options in the galaxy. Image Source: Large Bottle Shooter Bottle Canon Link: Whiskey Permissions: N/A Primary Source: House of Parvati PRODUCTION INFORMATION Name: Parvati...
  7. Laertia Io

    Signature Stories thread

    This is where all members submit their best solo tales about life in House Io or carrying out its missions!
  8. Eddie

    Request  Signature

    Any gfx wizards around anymore? If so, I'd like a signature pic of Denji from Chainsaw Man for this account
  9. Corbin Vasher

    RTL Backgrounds/Signatures

  10. Caltin Vanagor

    Request  Could use a new signature...

    Yula Perl did a wonderful job with the last one (the one on my board right now) but I am thinking of something a little more up to date that befits his outlook. So if anyone is up for it. Something that stretches to fill the width, Have a couple of image layers? Crop this up a bit...
  11. Jack Sparrow

    Request  New signature please?

    Might someone be able to create a new signature for ol' Jacky boy? Here's the image: I'd like this added on the right-hand side and color balanced with the picture of Jack to give the whole thing a warm firelit sepia-infused sort of look, with a star field. For text, I'd like "Bring me...
  12. Gwyneira Vizsla

    Question  Customized signature ships

    Hello there, GENERAL KENOBI! I always loved Star Wars ships that were iconic and signature, such as The Twilight, Ghost and Phantom, and of course the Millennium Falcon. I got Gwyn her own freighter and was hoping to do something where she takes a stock model and turns it into her pet project...
  13. Adira Ventress

    Artist  Adira's Signature Portfolio and Workshop (requests allowed)

    Here are some examples of my sigatures that have worked on over the years. All images presented here were approved by the owner's permission. Signature Request Form Character Name: Playby/Avatar Used: Rank: Faction: Quote:
  14. Ingrid L'lerim

    Artist  Ingrid's custom signatures (no request here)

    This is not a request thread who wants a requests, they can do it in the workshop. I created this thread for myself and for you, the community. There are a lot of pictures that I really like or just like while looking at pictures. That is why the themes of the pictures are also completely mixed...
  15. Ingrid L'lerim

    Artist  Ingrid's workshop (avatars, sigs, flairs, etc.)

    Hello! I think many of you already know me, in the past 6-7 months I made a lot of graphics (avatars, signatures, rank tags/flairs and dividers), not just to myself, but others too. Finally, (thanks to Scherezade deWinter ‘s support), I decided to do a separate workshop thread for myself. Here...
  16. Sahktan

    Signature request

    It would be super dope if someone with the time were to try making a basic sig for me :) seeing as i am not skilled art wise. Basically I would like a simple signature that implements my character into a gif like this one with this style but taller, And this is the character :) would greatly...
  17. A


    can someone turn this into a signature from me, alongside the words "Death's Embrace is the sweetest thing you can feel, those bound from it shall never know true love." and dust practicals.
  18. Amylia Themba

    Calling All Signature Artists!

    Okay, I have to be honest. I really can't use Photoshop or any other program like it all too well, so if any of you amazing artists out there could lend your helping hand I'd really appreciate it! Now... What exactly am I asking for? (Check the title!) The things I'd absolutely love to be...
  19. Alema Rol'za

    A Signature

    Hello you artistic people of the internet! This new character of mine pretty much a pile of scrap for now, but before I start writing and thinking about stuff I'd like to make her profile as 'done' as possible. So! Because I lack the photoshop to skills to do it entirely on my own I'd like to...
  20. Mariya Fleischer

    Masha's Workshop

    I made these tags long ago, feel free to use any of them :) Tags Gherron Dragonsflame's request... usage extends to his brother Joshua or another member of the Dragonsflame family. As I work based on my mood, if I chance upon your request somewhere and happen to like it, I will work on...
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