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Approved Starship Infernex-class Citadel

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The Spacepiress of Chaos
Out of Character Information
Intent: Mobile Citadel Vessels for the Hellknight Orders
Image Souce: [HERE]
Canon Link: Not Applicable
Permissions: Not Applicable
Primary Source: Not Applicable

Production Information
Manufacturer:Von Sorenn IndustriesAffiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems; The Hellknight Corps
Galactic Alliance ArmyMissile Deactivation TransmitterModel: Infernex-class Citadel
Taim & BakAdditional Weapon SystemsProduction: Semi-UniqueCitadel Gheradesca
BvK Fleet SystemsAdditional Shield SystemsCitadel Enferac
Phylon TransportAdditional SystemsCitadel Dinyar
CoMar Combat SystemsAdditional Weapon SystemsCitadel Vraid
Balmorra ArmsAdditional Weapon SystemsCitadel Krane
Citadel Rivad
Citadel Demain
Hull PlatingStarship Internal StructureAdditional Materials
Carbon-Durasteel ArmorAluminiumTransparisteel
Quadanium SteelTitaniumStarship Components

Technical Information
Classification: BattlecruiserArmament: Very High
Length: 3,000 metersDefense:Very High
Width: 415 metersManeuverability: Very Low
Height: 1,095 metersSpeed: Very Low
Hyperdrive: Yes; Class 2Hanger: Extreme
Armaments and Defenses
Hanger Allocation
Starfighters / Bombers: (20) Squadrons
Support Craft / Shuttles: (10) Squadrons

Additional Information
Crew Complement:6,789 OfficersPassengers: 77,500 Droids
34,568 Enlisted50,000 Organics
751 Gunners
Cargo Capacity:89,000 Metric Tons
Minimum Crew Complement:12,591Consumables:4 - 5 Galactic Standard Years

Standard Features
Standard Features Continued
Standard Features Continued
Advanced Features

  • AR-0B Damage Reduction Armor Component - Coursing through the Hull of the vessel is an ablative current that assists in the removal of harmful debris and substances. This current reduces the damage that the vessel's armor takes, while also ensuring the longevity of the hull - resulting in less time required needing repairs or refitting, and more time spent securing planets in a Chaotic Galaxy.
  • GalaxyGuard Mk VII - These systems augment a vessel's capabilities by providing additional endurance and range to the Deflector Shields. Additional systems - up to a total of three - can be installed on a vessel to further enhance these capabilities and better protect the vessel.
  • Automation - Many of the vessel's internal systems are highly automated, resulting in the need for fewer crew members.
  • Mobile Citadel - The Citadels of the Hellknight Orders are vast mobile Star Fortresses, armed and armored to such an extent that they are more than capable of assaulting, securing, and holding a system on their own with little help from additional sources. However, where they truly shine is when they are in the midst of an accompanying Hellknight Fleet, serving as command vessels to these larger formations to bring Law and Order to chaotic systems that need a stern, guiding hand to lead them out of the Darkness.
  • Hades Follows with them - "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and the Hellknights followed with Him." These Hellknight Citadels ferry vast armies of Hellknights and Droids into the void of space. Capable of carrying a multitude of Sub-Chapters, Droids, and War Material to the front, they unleash their horde as though the gates of Hell have been rent open. Their complement is more than enough to secure planets they come across that surrender peacefully or bring Law and Order to those Chaotic worlds that seek to resist the march of progress and civilization.

  • Slow Moving - Easily overtaken by faster-moving vessels such as Corvettes, Frigates, and some Cruisers; the Infernex-class Citadel is not built for speed.
  • Limited Production Run - Though not entirely cost-prohibitive; the Infernex-class Citadel is neither cheaply produced. Rather, each Citadel is produced in a specific manner for the needs of the Hellknight Order under its command; with only seven of these vessels known to exist at a single time.
  • Low Maneuverability - Unlike those vessels designed to pull swift movements, rolls, or right-degree turns; the Infernex-class Citadel is not one that can be easily maneuvered when facing a more agile opponent.
  • Exposed Ventral - While not entirely undefended, the Ventral section of the vessel is a bit more exposed and easily targeted due in part to the large structures that extend down from the vessel. More often than not, additional forces are required to boost the defenses of the vessel's ventral sections.
  • Exposed Superstructure - A single massive spire towers over the rest of the vessel, providing a commanding view of the surrounding void. This superstructure contains a multitude of sensors, communication arrays, and other vital systems. Its exposed nature makes it all the more a tantalizing target; were the superstructure destroyed or otherwise heavily damaged, it would potentially disable or otherwise hinder the operations of the vessel.

The Infernex-class Citadel are massive vessels that serve as the mobile fortresses and headquarters of a given Hellknight Order. With only seven such vessels in existence, they are zealously guarded and protected by the Hellknights as one would defend their own home when such a vessel enters orbit and unleashes its armies upon the surface. These vessels are heavily defended and armed, equipped with multiple Turbolaser Batteries and Defensive weaponry - more often than not they are seen slipping through the Void at the edges of Civilized space, acting as bulwarks and enacting pre-emptive strikes against what they consider destabilizing or Chaotic elements in Wild Space. Though not entirely cost-prohibitive to construct, they are neither cheaply produced either, resulting in only a limited number of the vessels being manufactured and fielded by the Hellknights. They are equipped with a Damage Reduction Armor Component, as well as GalaxyGuard Systems, hallmarks of vessels constructed by Von Sorenn Industries. Coupled with their Carbon-Durasteel Armor and multiple Deflector Shield Generators, they boast an extensive defensive capability which also includes Anti-Missile Countermeasures and tertiary defenses such as Deck Cannons. However; as mentioned, they are just as equally armed, allowing them to easily stand toe-to-toe against Battlecruisers and Star Destroyers.

Their massive size and odd aesthetic in their construction have resulted in these vessels being slow and ungainly; incapable of performing more dextrous and rapid movements that a more maneuverable vessel is capable. They can easily be overtaken or at times overwhelmed by faster-moving vessels such as Corvettes, Frigates, and Cruisers; however, the Infernex-class Citadel is often accompanied by an escort fleet that assists in dealing with these threats. That is to say, that the most vulnerable sections of the vessel are the Ventral underside - whose large structures jutting down from the vessel make weapons coverage a bit more difficult - and the large spirelike superstructure that juts up from the vessel. This larger spire-structure serves as the primary command tower of the vessel, housing a multitude of systems, command facilities, and similar features that if deprived of, the vessel would effectively be rendered inoperable or at the very least, operating at minimum efficiency.

Capable of fielding a larger number of starfighter squadrons; it is also more than capable of unleashing a horde of support craft and shuttles to ferry its forces to a planet below. Additional systems also aid in protecting the vessel, such as a Tracking Control system which maintains control over the various Quad-Laser Cannons that the vessel is outfitted with. Additionally, these Citadels often utilize their Ion Cannons to disable enemy vessels before pulling them closer - to be boarded or into their hangers - with a series of Tractor Beam Projectors. While the majority of its defenses are external; internally, the Infernex-class Citadel is a beast to assault for those that somehow manage to board the vessel. With a slew of security systems such as Ray Shielding and Holocams to track and trap an enemy - the internal workings of the vessel are highly compartmentalized, creating bottlenecks, and highly defensible positions within the interior of the Citadel.
The Hellknight Orders
Citadel GheradescaOrder of the Chain
Citadel EnferacOrder of the Gate
Citadel DinyarOrder of the Godclaw
Citadel VraidOrder of the Nail
Citadel KraneOrder of the Pyre
Citadel RivadOrder of the Rack
Citadel DemainOrder of the Scourge
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It...it is....beautiful. The formatting, the ideas...oohhhh it oozes perfection! I imagine this as a horrible evil floating fortress of holding people down with sixty-four heavy tractor beams. My word the amount of power required...but given your weaknesses, I am allowing it through. Just pray you never snap onto something larger than it...else you are getting pulled around the system.

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