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In the dark of the night(Republic Dominion of Dahrtag)


Came in like a wrecking maul
"Ahhh I'll kick your arse"

Saki moved as she exited the shuttle, the one trooper had heard they were going to the Necropolis and freaked out spewing processed gunk from the ship all over her robes and the smell. It was like he had eaten and then threw up a bag of trash mixed with other things. She might be a black sheep but her Hapen upbringing kept her with a face that was slightly disgusted but puching him aside the jedi spoke. "Alright despite that we have a job to do, search the place and work to secure it. Don't disturb the tombs and be quick, we'll set up listening outposts and early warning stations here. Maybe a small temple enclave for honoring the dead if we have time."

  • Investigate possible harvester claims
  • Survive
  • Setup listening outpost for Republic
  • Setup small temple for jedi


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Rumors circled the Republic and Jedi Order that the dead came back to life on Necropolis. After the Dark Harvest, such ideas were more easily accepted - to the point that the Jedi Order and Republic sent a team to Necropolis to investigate.

For a moment after the Republic got off their shuttle, the surrounding area was quiet. Daella panned her head around several times. The air seemed stale.

Yet without much warning, a ton of boneworms exploded from the ground and began to attack the Republic troops that landed.

Ayumi Pallopides

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They weren't rumors or at least ones she wanted to deal with, Ayumi had been in CIS space when the Harvest infection came and right now she was reading up on it while in the ship. Zombies seemed like something out of a tall tail or fiction that people made up to scare little children. These were grown people acting worried about a corpse, but ehhh she couldn't begrudge them in the end as it all went on. All she could do was make sure whatever political fallout there was came to a somewhat small thing. They could handle several hurt feelings over fighting on a barren and dead planet but explaining that the dead were rising and trying to infect the galaxy might take some more explanations. Then the bone worms were attacking the ship as her hand went over to a soldier and grasped his pistol bringing it out and about towards the entrance.

Van Cleef

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"These reports are accurate yes?" Looking them over for a time he didn't want to believe it but he couldn't deny that they were handling the situation. Something had started the rumors and being in the GIA with few field operatives they had sent him and possibly Isis to investigate. The Republic thanks to some dealing did have a cure to the plague if it proved zombies which could be administered in time. That was the hope at least they had only been able to test it with a few people and in truth, the results were varied. It all depended on level of infection and how long since exposure. "Just make sure you don't get bitten I would hate to see bad things happen to good soldiers."


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Having been at Coruscant when the infection hit it Quenladose knew a few things. One it was not something she wanted to relive and now moving about the shuttle as it touched down on one of the old temples she had to admit to some revulsion. This was a dead world with a sole purpose of burying people. They shouldn't come here and disturb it lest the dead really do rise again. Her face showing some slight agitation but not a whole lot as she stepped out and another bone worm attacked them. Her blade activating when it went over her and onto a soldier. Slicing it in half and kicking the pieces. "Please be careful careful steps."

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"Ah the Necropolis never before has there been a more wretched place for the dead but it serves a purpose, lets see what we can do here and if the reports are correct. We have the data and would be able to alert the others should anything bad come of it all. He doubted in the end it would matter or that people would care to hear but the least he could do was try and try was all his guards were doing when the ship hovered. The worms were attacking some of the jedi and he pointed towards one of the ridges. "Take it over there and look for rock not dirt. Usually they can't go through it and be careful. We're here to make sure not disturb funeral rites from other cultures."


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The silvery blue blade activated with a snap hiss as the jedi master moved quickly, letting the force guide him as he sliced through the worm attacking the from the ground and he expanded his senses listening for it and more that were going to come. If there was an infection here and it was like the swamp he was just glad there wasn't trees. Last time he had gotten thrown into one and that was what caused most of his injuries compared to the infected. "Daella move" His cloak went away leaving the basic tunic and trousers whiole he circled feeling the ground with the force.

Matsu Ike

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Matsu let off a breath as the scent of decay came, she wasn't being attacked like the others she was just there walking through the one crypt where the worms hadn't gotten in. Letting the flesh rot, the bodies decay and the smells linger while they moved. There were small temples they could find around and in the different places to test their investigation. Finding if the zombies had returned would be one of the top priorities Her hands though remained on the closed parasol under her arm while she prepared for attacks that might be coming. She wasn't looking forward to fighting more of the harvesters abominations as killing them had proven difficult enough.

Marakai Al'Orren

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Out of reflex, she shifted claws onto her right hand and sliced through the worms that had made it to the far side of the clearing they had landed in. She growled and watched with rather detached fascination as the boneworm segments twitched on the ground.

With a shrug, Mara shook her hand and gave it back it's human shape. Reflex, she supposed would eventually have her reaching for her lightsaber, but she wasn't quite there yet. Being diligent in her training with Diana would certainly go a long way toward fixing her flaws. Of which there were many, naturally. She blew a loose curl away from her cheek and surveyed the area, fingers smoothing out the newly fitted tunic over her leggings. Not her usual tank-top and leather pants, but she couldn't avoid the garb forever. At least it was comfortable, she mused, grinding her boot heel on a piece of boneworm that just wouldn't stop twitching.

With a nod to the soliders nearby, she plucked the datapad off of her belt and called up a map of the area. It wouldn't do to put the listening post on top of a tomb or a holy site of any kind. There had to be a high, solid outcropping of rock, that wasn't precious to any particular faith. Easier said than done.


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His lightsaber flashed side to side when the boneworms came out of the ground to attack them. One had nearly gotten to him, but it was a good thing that he had decided to turn around at that same moment. He struck down another boneworm, before he noticed that the rest of the Jedi and the soldiers had dealt with the boneworms.

It was done, and with that he pulled his data pad off of his belt and started to document something. It was good to remember things that happened to you on missions. At least if he had it written somewhere he would have something to speak of in the future. For whatever reason.