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I'm missing something.

Wrapped up in a bandage was my stump of a leg. It was still healing from my bout with the man who was part of the Atristan Empire. I remember his face like as though it were the back of my hand. I swore to myself that If I ever saw him that I would do the same to him. Leave with his pride ruined, his leg gone, and his dignity taken. Oh but I was going to do more. I was going to leave him worse than I was. I promised myself that I would cut off all his limbs with my sword, that way he would slowly bleed before my eyes. I would stay there just to see the life leave his eyes. Currently I was walking only with the help of the force making a Phantom limb, and a crutch if I got tired of using the force.

I was not going to stay in some stupid hospital. I needed to talk to the Tech crew back at the HQ. I needed a leg. one that would allow me to move freely. something so I can atleast feel my toes. Even if they were going to be fake. Walking down the steps of the front doors was a task, but I got tired of it, Using the force I levitated my self for just a few seconds to float down to my bike. From there I pulled out the keys and turned on the engine. Setting the crutch on my bike where my quiver was supposed to hold arrows. Feeling the hum of the engine calmed me down, but only enough that I didnt start a massacre.

On the road I zoomed the streets going a nice 400Km/h. The fast pace sent my long hair back out of my face and made my jacket flap in the wind. It felt good to have something normal. Ether way, it only lasted for a few minutes as I had reached the Tech labs. I reached the door and waited for someone to open the door for me. I tried to be calm, but no one came. So I made the door open myself. The tech guys might have to fix the door now.

I only kept my head down and my eyes glowed a orange white color as I was fuming with anger, and hate. Walking in people stared at me, but I didnt care. I calmed down to speak to everyone who was there at the current moment, "I need a new fracking leg."
@[member="Pandeima"], @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]
Circe had been... Well, she had only been working on some advanced tech. Adegan crystal electronics for a new, specially made fighter being worked on at the Charros IV. Her construct fell on the floor, thankfully not shattering as she bent over and picked it back up. With an agitated look on her face, she eyed the Darksider who had nearly cost her the prized creation she had been working on.

"Well you don't have to blow down the door... Cyren was about to get that." Said Cyren was currently embedded partially in the wall, and she did feel somewhat sorry for him.

"I can get you a high-tech prosthesis."
A green woman started to speak to me as I had just spoken to everyone. People were still looking at me as I hobbled over to her. I had no weapons with me at the current moment so I didn't hear the comforting sound of my lightsaber and sword jingling in their respective places. I stopped infront of her and nodded my head. "I'm sorry, but I am rather pissed right now. I'll help with fixing it later, promise."

I could care less if I had to fix it later. I just wanted to be able to stand upright without the help of a crutch or the phantom leg. I looked up at her and nodded once. "If you could help me then that would be greatful."
@[member="Pandeima"], @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]
She noticed his covered stump and sighed, motioning for him to follow her to a nearby laboratory. Here was a near-duplicate of one of the rooms from Zel Medical, replete with the various medical devices thereof, though some were more functional and of a more advanced type than others.

"I work with biofiber prosthetics, the goal is to make the prosthetic as well integrated into you as your current limbs. Artificial limbs can be bulky, inflexible, and prone to malfunctioning - which is why I intend to use as much of your body as possible to make this work."

She motioned for him to sit down on the table, picking up a scanner that would help her to determine to the micrometer how much of his leg had been removed.
Nodding I followed the woman moving to a Tech lab. Along the way she explained how she didnt like the fake prosthetic legs that others had. She dealt with Biofiber. From what I could get from the word, it sounded like she was making living fibers? ether way I would find out soon enough. She continued to explain with that the new lib would be implemented even further than others into my stump. Grabbing my stump slightly as she spoke. I could feel the bandage as it rubbed on the skin. It was baby skin. Soft and easily damaged. I thought back to the last time I had that effect on me. It was my hands. A woman named Coryth. She used the force to heal my burned arms. Looking down at my hands. I could see the callused flesh. However on my left hand there was a circle where it was also young skin. Where I was stabbed with a lightsaber.

I nodded my head and looked up as she said that she wanted to use as much of my body as possible. I was fine with that. Nodding my head I spoke. "Thats fine with me."
Stepping into the laboratory, Morna would be overwhelmed by the smell of what was almost like molten plastic, but more meaty. It was the smell of biofiber.

"Alright, here's how it'll go... Once I input these measurements into the machine, it will begin the creation of a biofiber prosthesis for you. This prosthesis will perfectly replicate the function of your old leg - biofiber muscles, ceramic bone, and appropriately organic-based cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. I will then cover it with skin cloned from your cells, graft the leg, and its skin cells, to your body, and use a cell rejuvenator to accelerate your body's acceptance of the new leg. The artificially grown nerves will allow for your new leg to have a far quicker and more accurate response time than a mechanical leg. As well, it can never be deactivated by ion weaponry, and is naturally stronger than your other leg."

She paused, moving to take a skin sample from @[member="Morna Imura"]'s good leg in order for the best possible match to be made with the cloned skin.
Walking into the laboratory, it stunk to high heavens. I could deal with burning skin and rotting flesh, but the plastic crap was just nasty. I could taste it in my mouth. Though I tried so hard to keep my posture about myself. The woman spoke about what she was going to do to make my limb. Some of it sound just plain creepy. and others I could deal with. But what interested me was that my limb would more stronger than my original leg. As the Green woman took a sample from my leg I had to ask. "With this new leg, what weaknesses would it have? And could I use the force with the leg?" my second question may have sounded off, or strange, but when you spend most of your time around flames caused by your powers, I didnt want to go Demon form and have part of my leg be a human foot rather than the little skeleton that I turn into.
"Only weakness is that you feel everything it feels. As for it being affected by the Force... I suppose I could utilize the tissue rejuvenator to more adequately integrate it with your body. The more integrated, the better it will adapt to however someone like you alters their physiology."

She of course had no idea as to his demonic alterations, but figured she could make a limb that would allow him to be adequately altered.

@[member="Morna Imura"]
Nodding my head I smiled for the first time since the fight. And this smile was out of happiness to possibly be the revenge on the man who took my leg. I let her take a sample from my leg so she could clone me my right leg. I thought about how my right leg would be much stronger than my left now. I may have to do some training for a while so I could get use to the off balance. Because I dont want to go into battle and simply put my foot down and instead break the floor beneath me. Though I doubt that it could have been that powerful, If I told someone, they would have understand my madness.

"How long will this take?"
"A few hours. This sort of technological work isn't done that quickly, you know. The cloning process can be done rather quickly, since we're only talking about a leg, but we can't afford to do it so fast that the tissue becomes corrupted. It is designed to naturally be replaced by your own cells after all."

She smiled, getting to work on a table as she plugged her scanner into a nearby console.

@[member="Morna Imura"]
As the woman set out to work on it. I allowed myself to lean up against the wall. And I sat the crutch under my rear to use as a makeshift seat. It would take a few hours to do the work. And that was fine with me. I didnt really have to go anywhere. And I didnt feel like moving alot. As it happened I didnt want to fall flat on my face, and not be able to get up. As the woman continued to work. I didnt actually introduce myself. all I did was cus about wanting a new leg.

"Hey, I uh, I'm sorry about earlier. The name is Morna, Morna Imura."


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Zaiden poked his head through the door, "Morna? Man has it been a while. Last we met was our battle in the arena." He said with a grin and stepped inside. He believed he had heard about a leg implant..."If you mentioned a prosthetic, I can help with that. James armor co makes intricately harnessed appendages, so intuitive it might as well be a second ofthe same." He shrugged, both of his arms were prosthetics, one at the elbow the other at the shoulder.

He wondered if he may have been miss hearing, but shrugged. If nothing else Morna was now a friend, so it didn't matter to stop and say hello.

@[member="Morna Imura"]
"The name's Pandeima. Nice to meet you."

She took several large cubes of biofiber and began to manually trim them to roughly fit the shape of the muscles involved in this leg construct. Smaller trimmers would be used to cut the biofiber down to the perfect shape and align the fibers in the proper direction.

"Oh... Hello, Zaiden. Good to see you. Don't be trying to steal my customer with your mechanical constructs..."


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Zaiden grinned and winked at the princess, "But I am not just a mechanical engineer! I do bio as well!" He chuckled and winked at the woman then stepped closer, "So what have I missed? What step are we on?" Zaiden questioned. @Pandeima @Morna Imura
I nodded my head at @[member="Pandeima"]. She continued to work even when @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] had shown up trying to get me to switch to him. As much as I needed a limb, and a good working one. I could not take a metal one from my friend. I wanted something almost human like. that way I could still feel my toes, and to do my little transformation. Zaiden had seen it once before, and if I were to be part fire, part human, and part machine. It would be all kinds of messed up. I smiled and shook my head. "She has the bargain here man." I said as I stood up. well as tall as I could with one leg.

"I would love for you to help me man, but..." I looked down like I had sinned or something. A line even went on in my head. "Forgive me father for I have sinned." I don't know where I did get that thought but it came to my head. As I was trying to speak Zaiden inturupted me to say that he also worked on BioTech. I shrugged my shoulders as he went over to help. "Okay, Looks like I'm back to sitting on my ass." I spoke to myself.
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"], @[member="Pandeima"]


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Zaiden laughed, "hey, just cause my company works with metals doesn't mean were only weaponssmiths. Look at both of my arms! 95% of people can't believe their prosthetics, the other 5 think I'm lieing. James Armor Co learned to include living tissues etc among it's materials. So you'd end up with a metal bone, but the rest living tissues." He shrugged, "besides I'm not trying to steal a sale or anything. I can handle income, trust me on that. Just offering advice."

@[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Pandeima"]
Nodding and smiling I just let myself sit back and watch as the two started working. I mean, I could do a few things with my hands, but I couldnt move around really fast. Watching them was all I could do for the moment.
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"], @[member="Pandeima"]
"Well then, get over here and let's do some more work. Set the machine up for fine polarization. If we don't properly orient the biofibers for these muscles once they're in place, the leg won't be strong enough to support his own body weight." In the meantime, she had taken the biofiber and placed it in a machine that would adequately shape it to the contours of Morna's own musculature.

"This should work... You ready, Zaiden?"

@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] @[member="Morna Imura"]

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