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Approved Location IGR Charros branch

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Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman

The Charros branch

  • Structure Name: IGR Charros branch
  • Classification: Bank branch
  • Location: Charros
  • Affiliation: IGR Brokerage
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Description: Sitting near a river bank, the Charros branch is, as is usual with Xi Charrian commercial and industrial architecture, modeled after religious architecture. It comprises three different floors for different uses and a basement crypt with a vault. The ground floor is the bank branch proper, while the second floor is the realty and investments branch and the third floor is for insurance agents to work from. All told, the branch employs nearly 200 staff, with the windows on all above-ground floors being richly decorated with glasswork and Romanesque arches as well as other architectural features of the style. Due to the cramped premises, there are a lot of other buildings around the bank branch, most of which residential in nature.

Low; a squad of BX-series commando droids, generic alarm systems in the vault

When the Galactic Empire attacked Charros, the devastation left in the wake of the orbital bombardment was catastrophic and made a number in all manner of industries across the planet, including but not limited to, the financial industry. Some buildings were completely leveled, while other buildings were still repairable and hence could be repaired. With that said, IGR bought a damaged church with a relatively undamaged basement and then proceeded to rebuild the church nearly identically from an outward standpoint. However, unlike the original incarnation, whereby the internal space was devoted almost entirely to production and warehousing on one floor, here there were three above-ground floors, covering each of the main thrusts of the company: banking, realty and insurance. With the Xi Charrian needs for life and medical insurance, the Charros office now sees an influx of insurance business, while its portfolio of industrial properties supply most of the realty business.
Not open for further replies.