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Approved Location IGR Alderaan office

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Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman

  • Structure Name: IGR Alderaan office
  • Classification: Bank office
  • Location: Juranno, Alderaan
  • Affiliation: IGR Brokerage
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Description: Occupying the lowermost three floors of an office building in Juranno City, the bank branch is built much like most of the newer branches of the bank: the banking operations on ground floor, the realty operations on the second floor and the insurance operations on the third floor, with the vault being, once again, underground. Above the bank branch are other offices rented out to other businesses, mostly local, and the Alderaan branch is one of the largest of the bank; the bank employs hundreds of personnel for various purposes, such as support personnel, wealth managers, personal bankers, realtors, both residential and commercial, and also all manners of insurance agents, such as life and damage insurance, health insurance and whatnot.
The Grand Entrance: Featuring four multi-story statues, the Grand Entrance also provides a majestic staircase, with an entrance portal that is over 14 meters high, thus covering all three above-ground floors that IGR occupies in the building, with local materials being used for its construction.

Low; a squad of BX-series commando droids, generic alarm systems in the vault

When the Sith Empire attacked Alderaan, it laid considerable waste to the planet's main three cities. The replacement building was designed by a Tro'zet architect, thus ensuring that the ceilings would be higher than normal by virtue of the Tro'zet being much taller than normal human/Near-Human species, which might be a little discomforting to Squibs, who also provide some of the workforce for the maintenance of this building. IGR thus built a building for its own use as a landlord and also for their partial use, while it provided materials and labor to build part of Juranno City in the aftermath of the battle. In the end, the bank branch was completed and it saw record insurance and realty business, especially as it pertains to real estate insurance.
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