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I Will Hurt You... It's Fun!

Hello ladies and gents, I am the Forecaster. I am just a simple girl who lost her mind and is searching for someone who will help me master my force powers.

Then I can use them for evil! Mwahahahahah! But I'm not sith. I prefer Dark Jedi.
Of course it was, that's why I chose it.

Just to warn everyone, I am almost always in character so sorry ahead of time. I'm not a jerk, I'm a nice loving girl. But when I am in character... well... good luck. ;)


@[member="The Forecaster"] I'm a great tracker and I am force sensitive (not trained but can still use my powers slightly) and I meant if you became a Sith because I hate Jedi and Sith (but not all force users) because the Jedi and Sith killed my parents in a fight over me.
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