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Game I Hate Master Uthar so much...


The Sucessor
For those of you who don't know who I am talking about, Master Uthar runs the Sith trials on Korriban when you visit the planet in KOTOR.
He looks like this:

Feel free to off him (if you can)

You see this piece of human garbage is by far the most annoying enemy IN THE ENTIRE GAME. And I don't take that lightly either! Darth Malak...THE FINAL BOSS was more enjoyable to engage than this guy and it took me THREE DAYS TO BEAT HIM.

Now let me explain why he is the bane of my KOTOR playthroughs. Every time you fight him he has a shit ton of health and defense and it's almost impossible to hit him but I was willing to put up with that. No the reason I hate him so much is because of in my opinion the most broken ability in the whole game...

...Force drain when it's used by enemies.

When the player uses Force drain in the game it's pretty balanced doing a meager amount of damage and healing a moderate amount of health. BUT WHEN MASTER UTHAR USES IT Force drain takes up like 15% of your total health with each hit and heals an insane amount of health in the process.

Now I'm used to this kind of thing in video games so at first, I let this slide...but then he kept spamming it...over...and over...

So for a little background, I forgot why this happened but when Master Uthar shows up he has a little section of his health gone which I was (of course) perfectly fine with, but the problem is that when he starts spamming drain HE ENDS UP WITH MORE HEALTH THAN HE ORIGINALLY STARTED WITH.

When this happens you might as well just reload the save because now your gonna have to fight him again with a sliver of health and no doubt little to no Force points.

Anyway in conclusion: Fuck you Master Uthar I can't wait for the day to see you rotting away in hell as your skin is flayed from your bones and your withered old skeleton is ground into dust...
Mr. Save-The-Galaxy
...Git gud?

I've never once found him a particularly difficult fight, didn't matter which of the classes I was running, and it didn't matter if I did the whole "never level up on Taris" trick to maximize Jedi levels or not. I don't know what stat build you're running with, what feats you've picked, what your actual equip build is like, but if he's more difficult than Malak, you've got something really weird going on.

Vora Kaar

Ravenous Ravenous

If you are going the dark route, Poisoning his drink will make it easier. If you are going the Lightside route, then working on the side quests for Yuthra Ban, and if you talk to her right with the charisma checks, she will join you in taking him down, then she will turn to the light side. and leave.

You can also side with her in the evil route, and then kill her after.