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I Drink To Her Honor, For Thy Beloved Lie Slain, Thy Son The World Shall Never Meet (Dorn/DragonsFla

It had been a rough week for a certain Jedi Master. The sudden demise of Sandrow and Ijet, the turning of Hion, the revelation of a father long abandoned, the allegiance of the sibling... Yet none could prepare him for the worst. Saoirse, his light in the dark, lay slain, gone. Josh had taken years worth of frustration, pain, suffering, and had pushed it aside, graced the world with a witty manner and a handsome smile. Yet the death of Sao and his unborn child finally broke him. What had kept him strong for so long lay six feet under, gone. It was a void that wouldn't be filled for a long time to come.

Hood covering his head and face, Josh decided to head to Tattooine. It held a special place in his heart that calmed him down. It was here, in this very cantina, which he walked into not long after arriving, that he had met the bartender that had kept him alive for so long while he had amnesia, kept him standing while he scratched and clawed to make a living, up until he was found and brought to the Jedi. That seemed so long ago now.

And yet, it also carried another meaning. This was where Josh's final secret meeting with Saoirse had been. She had come to him, excited, with news that she'd left the Sith. Rounds of drinks followed, it was one of the happiest days of his life. Sure, it'd been marred with conflict. The Sith weren't happy of her leaving, and had sent two Sith Knights after her. The two, with the chemistry they had, had warded them off. Josh scanned the room, and every spot, whether it was now occupied by patrons or not, he remembered the moments of slamming a Sith through that table, or kicking another into that wall. He took note of the spot where Saoirse had severed the hand of one of them, ending the conflict.

Yet, despite the memories that plagued him now in this location, it still brought him comfort like no other to be here. He felt safe here, he was known here, he was generally well liked here. He could get a good drink and hit it off with the other patrons like old friends.

Yet, he wasn't here to socialize, or meet people. He was here to drink, to forget his troubles, and forget the pain.

Under the hood, Josh's eyes were filled with sorrow and evidence of an extreme lack of sleep. The five o'clock shadow on his face was another testament to the lack of sleep, and he had halfheartedly combed his hair. The hood hid most of these problems, but up close, one would be able to tell if they looked hard enough.

"The usual, please" Josh grunted as he took a seat. The bartender was too swamped by customers to ask what the matter was, so he poured his drink and slid it to him, patting his friend on the back, a silent promise to see to him later.

Josh nodded in thanks, gulping down the drink like it was nothing.

@[member="Karin Dorn"]


My mum says I'm clever.
It looked as if nobody was having a good time recently.

Karin Dorn herself had greeted death once more, losing the plant-body that Miss Savan had gifted her to a pair of Jedi, one of them had been a simpering girl with an impressive sword but the other was so overzealous that she may have been preparing to burn every Sith at the stake. However she had not simply lost to the power of two mere girls, but her own sickness played a part, she had gone charging in as if she were a warrior and not a sorceress.

Fortunately the Sith was currently immortal and therefore her second demise was of smaller price. Well, it took a fair toll on her fast deteriorating mental state, I suppose there could be no such thing as death without consequence.

She had an insurance scheme set up, of course.

Young impressionable women she could hook with ease. The guarantee of power, glory, fame, wealth. Everything they wanted to hear she would promise to them and the would fall in line with glee. It didn't take much to fool the minds of such girls. All they had to do was wait in the depths of Thule Castle, wait to be chosen. Their ascension. Of course, naturally her promises were all blatant lies and the fact of the matter was that Karin Dorn stole their bodies, casting their original owner's spirit to Chaos below.

Her current form was a Devaronian who found herself so enraptured by the world of the Sith and the stories it held that she had begun to tattoo herself while she waited. How could any of the other girls compare?

A familiar presence to Joshua DragonsFlame would enter the cantina, but it would not be a face he remembered.

Her sickness was worse now, her mind felt choked by a permanent haze and memories were beginning to slip. From years long past or from moments ago. Truthfully the woman could not recall why she had gone to Tattooine, perhaps there was some vital reason. Or perhaps her brain grew ever softer.

She hunted refreshment. Swanning over to the bar, she leaned on the counter and offered the extremely busy bartender a sick smile. “An ice water, please.Even with madness approaching she would still mind her manners.

“Seen better days?” she queried, not even turning her head. Naturally, of course she was speaking to rather gaunt looking man in the hood. Her favourite Jedi.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Ah, he sensed it... The presence of Karin Dorn. Though her... Rather different voice made him wonder if she'd seen better days lately. As she sat near him, he sighed, answering "You could say that" rather coldly, the tone would likely strike Karin as unfamiliar, coming from the Jedi who before had so much snark, so much wit. Finally, he looked over at her.

"...... Did you do something to your hair?"

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
Oh dear.

Now this wasn't the cheeky chappy that she had encountered on Nar Shaddaa, far from it. Tragedy had paid this man a very severe visit, that or he was on the rag but given his gender it was rather unlikely. She raised an eyebrow at the Jedi, it was a most curious matter given how excited he had been for life the last time they met. She could only assume the worst.

Karin pushed down the urge to make a dye/died pun immediately. “Indeed,” she answered softly, “vegetation was so last season.” Funny how the Sith could make a joke and yet sound so serious at the same time.

“What has happened?” Sincerity had escaped the lips of Karin Dorn. We must prepare for the apocalypse.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
A small smirk crossed the face of the Jedi at her quirk, the remains of a personality long destroyed.

"You look better without reminding me of steamed broccoli" he quirked in response. Perhaps he wasn't dead just yet. But would he recover? That was the question....

Those last remnants of cheekiness, though, disappeared as she asked her question. The memories came flooding back, that feeling of dread, of despair, of overwhelming devastation, and eventually the overwhelming cloud of depression, all from that fateful day, returned to him.

"She's dead" he said quietly. Saying that almost caused the Jedi Master to break down. Hah, a Jedi Master breaking down in front of a Sith. Funny how the world works huh?

"She's dead, Karin...." He repeated, his fists clenching on the bar. "Saoirse, dead... My unborn child... Dead..."

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
There it was, that spark of life, that aspect of the Jedi that cracked jokes and could smirk all day, he wasn't completely lost and thus whatever ailed him could be eventually be vanquished and the man could be dragged out of his current pit of despair. Hopefully. It doesn't always work out like that. Even great Jedi Masters can be lost to the darkness, to apathy. What's the point in a galaxy that suffers so?

She could feel it, and if she were not a friend of sorts Karin would have fed upon it. His suffering was great. A true villain would even say it was delicious, but she was an enigma, not a monster.

Then the reveal came.

Her hand came up to her mouth as if to stifle a gasp that never came. This was the galaxy she tried to keep her daughter safe from. This needless tragedy, this loss of life and love. Nobody is safe from this variety of pain.

She was reluctant. Sympathy was not her strong suit, oh no, she could usually look at the pain of another in the face with a straight face and sleep like a child that same night...but he had been so excited, so brimming with energy at the idea of fatherhood, of domestic bliss. She placed a soft hand upon his shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze. What else could she do?

“I'm sorry, Josh,” the woman said in hushed tones, “I'm so sorry.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh took a breath as he drank the alcohol down. It was the only way he was going to keep himself calm at this point. His fingers lingered too long on the glass, his emotions overcoming him.

The glass smashed. Blood trickled from his fingers as they stained with glass. That woke him up.

"Sorry, sorry..." He managed to get out to the bartender. Luckily for him, the bartender was a friend of his, and understood the situation.

The bartender assured them he understood, and took the remains of the glass as Josh brushed off the pieces that stuck to his skin. With a little motion, the blood stopped and the wounds healed. Pity you couldn't just heal a broken heart just like that, huh?

Josh muttered a "Thank you" to the bartender, who if not for the busy day would have joined in on the conversation. He'd been there when the two had officially gotten together, seen the look of absolute joy in his eyes when the months of secret meetings and flings was finally over. Been there the whole day as they celebrated with drinks and conversation, and was there when the chemistry became evident as they defended each other against the Sith. And now, here his friend was, he remembered last he was here, talking about how excited he was about becoming a father. Having that dream destroyed, and Saoirse with it, it's a hard thing to imagine someone going through.

Alas, he couldn't busy himself, only help subtlely by sliding the Jedi a new glass, which was filled. Josh managed to get out a "thank you" before the bartender was back to his work.

Sighing, he took a breath and removed his hood, finally looking fully at Karin. Needless to say, the Jedi Master looked like a mess. His eyes looked like he'd barely slept in weeks, and at this point it was very close to true. He looked exhausted, the baggs under his eyes looked horrible. Yet they also showed depression and agony. The five o'clock along his chin was further proof of the lack of sleep. At the very least, he'd kept himself groomed, but it was obvious that the effort level wasn't what it normally was.

"I should have seen it coming..." He said quietly. "The Sith were bound to get her eventually. I just wish I could have been there" he whispered. "I can save civilians from blaster fire and lightsabers. I can save Tracyn from Sith Poison. I can free Coruscanti civilians from gang warefare. But I couldn't save Sao's life. What the hell kind of boyfriend does that make me? What kind of father would that have made me?"

He said this half to Karin, half to himself. He seemed to be slowly descending into madness... Everything was coming down on him after all these years.

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
Oh my! She could almost taste his emotions, they practically polluted the air around them.

Karin kept a firm hand on his shoulder, even as he shattered his glass in a haze of tragedy. It was all perfectly understandable. As previous mentioned the last time she had saw him the Jedi was on cloud nine. His love, his unborn child. Brutal.

So powerful was his agony that it awoke an unwanted presence.

T͟҉AK͢͡E̛͘͞ ̕H̨҉͜I̴̢͜M͢.̷͠

The Sith Master stood very still as pure malevolence attempted to take the reigns. This would be the prime moment for one of a darker persuasion to swoop in and make the convert. He was vulnerable, the emotions were raw. A few promises. Retribution, not revenge. It was important how you worded those things.

Perhaps it was out of stubbornness, or perhaps to demonstrate her will, maybe it was because she considered the Jedi to be an almost-friend like person but Karin Dorn refused the request of the darkness. Soon that free will would be all but gone.

“What happened?” she enquired, not wishing to make any blanket statements of hope or consolation until she knew the story.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Ah, how Sith were motivated, even for the best. Josh knew he was taking a risk, even now, in mildly trusting Karin. But despite how vulnerable he seemed, one inch of even a hint that Dorn would betray his trust... Give false promises or even say the word "dark side" would change him into a different person. Josh was someone that didn't take being crossed very well, and he'd seen the age old Sith tricks a hundred times.. The end result would be Karin needing a new body every time he found her. Just like Circe, cross him and be hunted.... Despite how jolly, witty and playful he seemed to be on a good day, he was one of the more dangerous Jedi in the Order, and Ossus showed that this new demeanor was the most dangerous yet.

He sighed. "Her family told me" he said quietly. "She was visiting her folks for the first time in quite some time. Wanted to neet them again first before she took me to meet them. I was looking forward to it. I mean, getting to meet her parents just after becoming a Master and Grand Admiral? That leads to a good first impression, yknow? And since I was considering.... Yknow... Within a couple months..."

He fished out a small box, which he held up momentarily before putting it away. It was nothing but a memory now.

"It was important... But instead, my first meeting with them is a call because I was the emergency contact on her datapad. They told me that several Sith broke in and cut her down. She'd gotten them to hide, but couldn't save herself"

"They called... Told me what happened... Told me she was gone. And that was it. I didn't even get to see her beforehand. The funeral was last week"

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
He was planning on proposing too? Oh sweet baby space Jesus. Were there several puppies that got caught in the crossfire and perished too? Every new element he added to the story only served to worsen it.

What could she say? What could she do? Tell him that there was sunshine and rainbows on the other side of death? Because that wasn't true, she had met death, she had been there to death and back again and she had seen what the bowels of Chaos had to offer. Not saying your girlfriend went to this galaxy's incarnation of hell though, no way, not at all, let's just do some more back-pedalling there.

The aura produced by his tragedy was almost painful to be around, she would have to keep her concentration up if she were to hold on to her sanity during this conversation. Demons dwell, waiting for dark times such as these.

Her water finally arrived, understandable, it was busy and there had been smashed glass to clean up. She took a delicate sip, that hand still on his shoulder. The only comfort she could offer was that she was there to listen.

“I'm so sorry.”

What? She sounds like a broken record? It's a delicate moment, what else could she say?

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He sighed as he looked over at her.

"No, I'm sorry..." He said quietly. "You were killed, new body and all... I heard Evelynn got found by the Jedi that killed you and got moved somewhere. The two Jedi that did it got Master'd.... You've probably got a lot on your mind, and here I am crying my eyes out because I'm suffering from personal loss"

He sighed, but gave her a small smirk. "Yeah, I found out about your death not too long ago. Even if i've been sort of alienating myself from the other Jedi on my off time. I was planning on asking where they'd taken your daughter, if you hadn't busted in and taken her already. I did make a promise, remember?" He said, taking a sip of his drink.

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
“Do not belittle your own tragedy for my sake, Josh,” she scolded softly, finally removing her hand from his shoulder, “mourn freely in my presence, it will do you a world of good.”

Karin openly laughed at the prospect of those two girls now achieving the lofty realms of Jedi Master-hood. It wasn't mirth because she didn't think they were capable enough, no, rather mirth because the head of Karin Dorn probably looked quite impressive in their resumes. She'd only caught the name of one of them.

“Yes, Daella Apparine is quite the pious little creature, isn't she?” the Sith grinned, tracing her own hand along her throat. In that moment of Karin's despair she had eluded her own pride and begged for help, Miss Apparine on the other hand decided that beheading was the easiest route.

She took a quick sip of her water, finding it rather disappointing that devaronians didn't react to water quite as favourably as the plant people, perhaps it was easy being green.

“I felt her, you know,” Dorn said conversationally, “I felt her across the galaxy as she was told of my murder.” The woman's face turned grim. “I felt her anger, and pain. The Jedi who informed her no doubt received quite a surprise, she really is quite the mousy young thing. I had to muster all of my strength to soothe her, I did not think telepathy could reach so far.”

Still frowning the Sith turned to look the Jedi in the eye, “I am no longer safe to see my daughter, I am expecting you to keep to that promise as if it is a holy vow, Jedi.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
"I will" he promised, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'll find your daughter, ensure she's safe. For your sake" he said.

He sighed, and took a drink. "So. How's the new body? Honestly, it's a vast improvement. You don't look like a cheap knockoff of one of Circe's sax toys anymore" he joked with a grin."Plants have a REALLY bad name now... Which sucks because one of my good friends got turned into one. And now he wants to be a full plant for..... Well, Force knows why" he said with a shrug. "Maybe he's just a really big fan of Kermit The Frog and wants to be more like him.... Except Plant"

"As for Daella..." he began. "She's.... Quiet. Cold. I heard she lives to burn heretics. No wonder our "Beloved" Grandmaster loves her and Diana so much. They bloody complete each other" he said, shaking his head. "The Order is beginning to be run in a way I don't recognize anymore. And now your killers are on the Council, with a Grandmaster that's just like them, and two other Council members who are also just like them. It almost sickens me" he spat.

"I'm actually afraid to tell them about my brother now. My own Council, my own Order, I'm scared to tell them about him. Because they won't help me, they'll just kill him" he said, shaking his head.

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
“I like it,” she said, lips curling into a pleased-as-punch grin, “it's not exactly subtle mind you,” the woman continued in reference to the Sith tattoos that littered her current form, this girl had certainly been devout the word of Karin Dorn, susceptible vigour. Pure brilliance. “However it is an absolute joy to behold.”

She grimaced at the mention of plants. “It's not easy being green.” A moment of thought was spared towards a race that was fast becoming ostracised. The laughing stock among certain groups. Groups that the woman regarded as mere children, juvenile morons that deserved to be regarded as lowly as the grains of sand that littered the soles of her boots. Ah, the joys of adolescent bullies.

“Welcome to the cycle,” she commented coldly, “not even the Jedi Council can escape the inevitable.”

Speech time was rolling up, get comfortable ladies and gentlemen, yes, go to the toilet now, yes yes, get a new drink and bring some crisps, we'll be peckish by the time this is over.

“You must have noticed the sorry state of the Sith as of late, yes? Low morale, ineffectual leadership, essentially crumbling from the inside,” Karin began, as if she were your least favourite college lecturer. She spoke about the Empire with little emotion in her tones, it wasn't her Empire. “Well the Jedi are no different. Since the beginning of the order there is a near constant conflict between those who would use their emotions and the stoics.”

She took a break from being an insufferable windbag to take a drink. Okay, sufficiently refreshed? Back to it then.

“Eventually this will lead to civil war, and that will lead to destruction,” she admitted, with a slight wave her hand, “if what you're saying is true then the cracks are already there. It cannot be stopped, but the damage can be lessened, Josh.”

“I assume there are those that are like-minded? Who feel how you feel? Unsafe, barely recognising the council that stands before them? Do not remain and let it boil. These philosophies will forever clash. I suggest you begin a new order, one that adheres to what you believe in. Spare the bloodshed.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He smiled a bit. "If only it were that easy" he said quietly.

"Right now, we disagree. But we still have a common goal. We still need to fight. If we let this problem divide us now, then we'll be picked off. We're in the midst of a war, Karin. Sure, I dislike the direction the Jedi is being led, but right now I can't let that cause problems and risk us getting killed off. It's unwise"

"After, perhaps, it might be brought up" he said with a sigh. "But during this war, we have to stand united. Disgruntled or not. Perhaps when the war is over, Selena will be able to be pacified. I doubt it, but it's worth a try. Better then defecting from an Order that has been my home and my life since I was five years old" he said flatly. "I don't agree with a lot of their new tenets, but I don't know any other way. The Jedi Order is my life, and this cause has been the one thing I have believed in since childhood. My father was a Jedi, my mother was a Jedi, my grandfather was a Jedi. To run and start a new Order because this one isn't behaving right, when people's minds can be changed when they are not clouded by war... That'd be a disrespect to my family that I don't think I can live with. Sure, you could say that I'm still upholding my Jedi tenents with a new order, but I'd be backstabbing the Republic and Jedi Order that took me in when I was alone and dying."

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
“You vastly overestimate your enemies,” she scoffed.

The Sith were scattered and weak, currently in the midsts of self-destructing. It really was for the best, it was an environment that could only be seen as toxic. Soon the cycle would begin anew and there would be unity once more, high morale would be more than just a distant memory. Of course, a few heads would have to roll in order to kick start events but that could always be arranged.

She offered Josh a shrug in response to his spiel regarding defection and loyalty. The woman wouldn't push it. She knew that the Jedi were well on their course to fracture, nothing would be able to stop it. Perhaps it would be better for her if it came naturally, after all, suggesting that DragonsFlame orchestrates the split would probably not be beneficial for Sith-kind.

It would give them organisation. Oh no. They would pounce when they were scattered, sweeping upon the stragglers. Decay. Destruction.

“That is fine, Josh,” she finally said, almost regretting her prior advice. Imagine the flexibility of two Jedi orders underneath the one banner of Republic. They would surely steamroll. “You'll have to forgive me, I need to be more mindful of what I say.”

“The body is young but alas, the mind is old.”

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He chuckled. Despite trusting her on a personal level, although it wasn't like he had anything to lose in terms of the parts of his personal life he had told her. His girlfriend was dead. His unborn son was dead. He had NOTHING left to lose....

He still knew not to listen to anything she might say on a professional level. Despite how she'd treated him, she was still a Sith at heart. While he regarded her as a friend, he knew better then to take advice such as that. Sometimes, he wished he could turn Karin. She wasn't really Sith material, in his eyes. Sure, she had the attitude at times, and looked out for them, but she was far kinder, far more intelligent then many sith he had met. But... He doubted he would be able to. She seemed quite set on her path. But sometimes, he wondered....

"I was in Ossus not too long ago, Karin" he said quietly. "The Sith are strong, especially with Kaine at the forefront. While they may be starting to crack, they are still a threat. One that underestimating is nothing but a deadly mistake. We have to be prepared in full for whatever, whether Sith or anything else, might throw at us, and then be prepared to throw six times harder. That is the only way we may win this" he said calmly.

He looked over at her and smirked faintly. "Why do you stay with the Sith?" he asked.

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
“Who is to say that I am still with the Sith?”

Valid query. She had not been at Ossus, Manaan or even Dromund Kass. Could anybody really make the claim that Karin Dorn was amongst their ranks? If they did then that made them liars. Still, as it stood being a liar wasn't a crime, it just made you a target for meaningless playground taunts.

The path of Karin Dorn had new direction, a path that branched off from those within the Sith Empire. She served a new Master now. The Dark Lord.

For a moment the woman relaxed, forgetting for just a moment that her current mental state was a precarious one. She knew before it had even occurred that in that single moment, an insignificant second on Tattooine that she had relinquished control. I hope you weren't expecting all smiles and happy shiny conversations.

"̪͍̻̮̮͠W̟̥̠̪H̤͇͞y̰̞̤ ̡͈̟̞ḍ̯͓̳̘͞O͔̞͍̮͖ ̰͉Y͔͚̣͖̺̼̕O̳̤͍͝u̻̦̭̹͚ ͙͈̮́r̞̬̪͖̟̱̗ḛ̯̼̙̞ͅM̫͕̥A͍͎͉̘͔͕͙͡In̲̻͈ͅ ͓̱̀w͔̳̭ͅi̤͘T̕H̶ ̬̤̹͔̰̘t͙̱h͉͠E̠͓̥ ͇͙͔͇J͏̦̦E̗̥̞̰̪ḑ̣̣̺̦̭I̭̰̰͍͉,͓̯͓̣̀ ̼̱J͎̻̠̱̫̗O̝̹͇͉s̨͕͍̳̮H̴U̥̗͉͎A̛̻A̝͈̖̙̥a̪̜̹͎?̯̠͇"̯̦̖̥̺ͅ

The woman's face lay blank, as if unsure what mask of emotion it should be wearing. A battle for control raged on within.

"͍̟̩͚̳̯̬Y̮͈͓̭͈͟O̡̗͚͉U͓ ̭̳̩̩̤̠H̘U̮͖̙R҉̼͇̭͕̪̲T͍̣͈͔̩̭͞."̟̞͚̝͢

The face smiled, it tried to be pleasant but the end result was not human. As if the demon had up on emotions but never actually experienced them.

"̴̺̳̳̩I̷͓͙ͅ ̹̩̮̦̪F̻̤͘E̠̠E̤̤̩̥̮L҉͚̭̦̤̬̼ ̳̠̰̪̲̭Ý̠̤̜͚͓ͅO̹̻̩̼̺͓̖U̙͇̣̬.̯̪̠̗͙"̸͈̖̳͎ͅͅͅ

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh stared into the soulless, empty eyes of whatever was fighting with Karin Dorn. The moment of smiles had ended, and he let her give her questions, in a tone that he knew was not the Karin he knew.

Or perhaps it was, and she had simply decided to discard a disguise, having lost patience with him, or lost use for him... Who knows? But Josh was, as always, defiant, honest, perhaps even to a fault... And he would continue to do so.

"Loyalty" the Jedi Master said quietly, yet boldly with an exclamation on it, said dead to her face, the breath even being felt slightly on her face as he said it.

It was there that he realized just how close they had become, physically. In the midst of the cold and sudden change to Karin, and Josh's quick, cold snap of a response, he realized they had become near face to face, their encounter had become a staredown, almost a nose to nose affair. But in the heat of the moment, he just didn't give a rat's ass.

"Loyalty" he repeated. "Loyalty to the ones who not once but twice saved me from certain death. Gave me a home, gave me a LIFE, gave me a place in this galaxy and something to fight for. My life has been fraught with nothing but tragedy, and the Jedi have helped me for YEARS now ensure that tragedies like mine don't befall others... And I've done it again and again and again and again and again and again and AGAIN.... And I wouldn't trade those 16 years of service for the entire galaxy"

He took a breath, not caring for her demented, hollow smile, nor her sudden change of tone. If it was Karin or not, questions were asked, and he would answer...

"Their direction is different from what it used to be, yes..." he said quietly. "But they are STILL the Jedi Order.... They are still my brothers and sisters in arms. They are still my family. And they still have a cause that I believe in and will fight for with my life"

"Yes...." he began quietly. "I hurt, Karin. But my life has been full of tragedy. It's part of life, like it or not.... I have lost so much. And the loss of Saoirse.... The loss of my son... I might never recover" he said boldly, his eyes never leaving those of the Sith Master. "You may feel me, Karin.... But you do not understand me. But.... Do you really feel me?" he asked boldly, perhaps a jab at how close they were in the heat of the increasingly tense situation.

"I hurt.... But I don't crumble. I am down right now, but I will get up and I will fight like I always have. And that is because over the years, the Jedi have given me the strength to overcome anything that is thrown my way...." he whispered, taking a breath and awaiting what this "New" Karin Dorn may say next....

@[member="Darth Asmodea"]


My mum says I'm clever.
Oh god, there was a being out there that could match Karin Dorn word-for-word in terms for speech length. Let's hope they never join a debate club together, it would never end, it would be dialogue until the end of time. Civilisations would rise and fall the pair of them would not even be finished. Bloody windbags.

Fortunately, the spirit known as Verraad as malicious as it may have been was not one for words.

She tilted her head upwards, so that those crimson lips sat directly in his line of vision and she slowly, deliberately mouthed the word loyalty over segments of his speech, mocking his tragedies, his defiance, his belief.

This behaviour was about as far removed from Karin Dorn as you could possibly get, it took a running start and jumped into seductress territory with both feet. Somewhere inside that mind there was a woman mortified by such behaviour. She was lady, damn it! Not some poxy little slut trying to seduce every force user from here to Dromund Kass. Disgusting.

Of course, the demon relished this fact and would crank it up to eleven.

A tongue lashed out, it slithered across her own teeth and lips in an agonisingly slow manner. Warm shuddering breaths left her mouth to greet the Jedi's face. "Wou͜ld ̸you͜ ͟l̸i͢ké t̀o..

.͓̞͍̜.̜̻͎̞̱̝̦͢.̠͖̹̠̬̜͡ͅF̯͙̺͠E̶̘e̘̯̞͔̩L̼̯̱͇̪̕ ͞ḿ̦È͈̖͓ͅ,̘̦ ̢̱̯J̟͍Ed̩̮̭͙̣̥ͅI̶̞̥̹͖?̧̭̲"҉̖̫̣

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