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I’d like my empire of The sith sovereignty of illum to be added to the map

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[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]
Hi! Welcome to Chaos, I see you've decided to start writing a sith lord - great choice, by the way!

Here on Chaos our map is occupied by Major Factions. Major factions are large groups of writers that work together to form their own role-play groups that act as governments on a galactic scale, such as the Sith Empire, First Order, or Galactic Alliance. We have a process to becoming a major faction, which is typically fulfilled by gathering 4 or more other writers and forming a minor faction and remaining active for a 30 day period. Once this quota has been met you can apply for Major in our Factions subforum of the looking for group forum.

You can find our rules for factions, both major and minor, here, and you can find the template to apply for Major here. If you need help creating a faction there are many of us willing to help.
Donalia Elizabeth said:
I’d like then to annex it in the name of the sith if that is possible
You can create a minor faction that has a presence on the planet, but it won't be added to the map unless you create a minor faction that applies for major status and is accepted by staff - or gets dominioned by an existing major faction (i.e; the current Sith Empire major faction).

Only the major faction admins/owner can do the whole dominion thing, however, and right now they're a bit too far away for that to happen. On the other hand, it's more than fine if you set up shop there as a minor faction that isn't on the map as a place for Sith.
I don’t control all of it and I’m sure my rakkatan ghostfire crystal can take care of it (look it up as to find out why)

Why don’t these Jedi just pay for this like vacations we’re reasonable people you know I’m not going to murder the younglings
[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]
Please read the rules as you have been requested. You as an individual member cannot claim a planet. That is the role of factions which are groups of multiple people.

Please follow the instructions of my staff whether posted or via PM. We want to get you acclimated to the forum, and the only way we can do this is if you listen and pay attention.
I'm too old for this
Why should we pay to visit a sacred ground of the Jedi? What your doing is like some rich business woman forcing pilgrims to fork over money on thier spiritual journey @Donalia Elizabe. I can say now this will not end well.
Did you even read my post I did not claim a planet I claim a part of it to serve as my home in fact I will not charge or force conversion and will be friendly to all that enter because it was not the way of the force to prevent them
Alright, this has gone far enough.

This is an OOC forum. Save your IC posturing for the roleplay forums. Start a thread there if you wish.

[member="Donalia Elizabeth"] please respond to the PMs you have been sent by a member of staff and contact me if you have any further questions.
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