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Human-oriented characters

A lot of Chaos characters are humans or near-humans. I think so, especially with some of the more experienced rpers, that this happens because humans have more images and gifs than aliens. I've tried to be diverse and include as much non-human characters as possible, with at this point, 7 non-humans to 5 humans. But with these characters, it's difficult to find proper images to them compared to humans.
Honestly I think most people write humans because they identify with them better. In the Imperial factions it's because Imps are xenophobic. Elsewhere I believe it's a familiarity thing, but probably also the lack of abundance of good imagery of the various other species also has an impact.


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Its because everyone is anti jawa and that is a sad thing.
But i think the main reason is just that its easier to relate to humans than to a wookie since most people on this website are humans
I for one are a jawa you can not prove otherwise

I've pondered this a lot, and I agree with you and with Ignus: I think the two big factors are image availability and the struggle to identify with a non-human character. That said, I've found that many writers can identify easily with at least one or two non-human species; I work well with Ithorians and Whiphids, for example.
I have a wookiee, a sentient spaceship, a sentient crystal, three human Mandalorians, and two near-human Imperials. At one time I had a Yammosk PC and two clones as well.

The problem with non-human characters is that the design concept people tend to come up with for them is fairly narrow, which makes them hard to write. Compound that with a most canon races having a very narrow cultural background to pull from (such as Zeltrons being hookers, Twi'leks being strippers, Duros being... Creepy, Hutts being sleazy, exc) and you end up feeling trapped in a very narrow box trying to write a non-human in Star Wars. Then there is the language aspect, which is a nightmare to write sometimes, and the problem with trying to be easy to understand and fair to write against in competitive threads... Most non-human characters just... End up sat on a shelf in favor of simpler, more flexible human characters.
Well since MOST of the writers on this site are human (not sure about some like [member="Velok the Younger"] :p) it's easier to relate to that.

Also, the major heroes in the movies are human too, so that helps.


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You can always do what I did for this character. Scour the Codex Approved Species list and create a character and lore from that. Then you can image up to what you perceive the species looks like based off the subtle descriptions.


I'm the exception to the rule, I suppose. I have on human character, one near-human, and the rest are all over place, honestly. However, in regards to the image issue, I mostly use a lot of poetic license. Sugar should be way more amorphous, Olom was the most ominous-looking Grey alien I could find, and couple of them are just comic book rips that made me say "huh, that looks like it could be a thing."

As for Jawas, I keep getting tempted on that front, but I've never pulled the trigger.

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