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How to be a Faction Admin? Q&A.

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I'm Jay. And in my time I've worn many hats. Including helping to run a few factions around the board and even as an RPJ. So now I'm going to take the time to open the floor to the community to discuss some ideas on how to be a Faction Administrator. Hopefully this will help a few members around the board gain a broader perspective on what it takes to succeed and prosper in a Leadership Position.

  • Q: What is a Faction Admin?
  • A: A Faction Admin is a board member given the duty of 'Administrator' over one of the Board's many Faction Groups. Their duties can entail many creative things. Such as:
    Ex: Creating, organizing, archiving, and moderating the Faction Forums and it's Sub-Forums. Examples include:
    Moving, deleting, hiding, or archiving Faction Threads
  • Creating and organizing a Faction Resources Forum
  • Cleaning their Members List of inactive Members and updating their Officers Listings
  • Pinning Important Threads and creating Public Announcements

[*]Ex: Managing the status and new-member approval of Faction Members. Promoting them into one of 3 basic roles:
  • Faction Member
  • Faction Moderator
  • Faction Administrator

[*]Ex: Creating Faction Rules and Policies and ensuring the running the day to day operations of a Faction
[*]Ex: Delegating any of their many responsibly upon other members. Generally by promotion to a new role such as Moderator.
[*]Ex: Providing Leadership by example and Mediating were socially acceptable.
[*]Ex: Approving new members into the Faction and releasing others from participating.

  • Q: How do I become a Faction Admin?
  • A: Creating a Faction makes you the Owner and by extension, it's first Administrator. You can also promote other members to the Role of Administrator at your leisure through the FactionCP. (*A control panel of options available at the top of an Faction's Splash Page. Visible to Faction Staff only.)

  • Q: What are the qualifications of a Faction Admin?
  • A: Currently, none. Err. Maybe: Human. idk.

  • Q: How can I be the best Faction Admin ever?
  • A: That depends upon the demands and expectations of your members. Human Nature necessitates that you probably won't please everybody, all the time.

  • Q: Uh, okay. So do you have any tips for the new guys?
  • A: Sure.
    1. Know your Roleplaying Schedule: Your on this website to RP and have fun. Make time for that while your doing your duties. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. *wink*
  • 2. Be Accountable: Make public announcements, set dates, be personable, and follow up with your actions. Always write things down. Finish what you start. Finish what you start. Yes, I said that twice.
  • 3. Cover your Butt: Keep records of any drama, violations, or infractions that happen. Copy/Paste is your friend. Use these records to defend yourself and your actions later on when Board Staff asks for a report. Don't be caught saying: "I deleted our conversation. I guess all the evidence is gone now. Bummer dude."
  • 4. Attempt Professionalism: I know. It's a global website with lots of cultures, creeds, and age groups. Professionalism is impossible. But at least try to be presentable. Be nice. Don't smack talk or be a drama-momma. (Even on Skype or in-Private) And never lose your cool. If you need to vent, turn off your computer first. Then go outside.
  • 5. Put Community First. Your Faction is cool brah. But this website is a community. Remember to honor the spirit of fellowship and cooperation Tef has created for us to gather together and have fun. Love your people and your cool little groups. But learn to put the community first.
  • 6. Communication solves Problems: Your going to run into problems. It happens. Staff is organized to help you solve those. Let's review:
    For Violations of the Board Rules. Use the Report Button. Or, PM a Board Administrator if the Report Button is not applicable to the situation.
  • If it's an OOC dispute. Talk it out as gentleman and ladies in private. Public spectacles are strongly discouraged. PM's are your friend and provide a log of the conversation for later.
  • If it's an IC dispute. Talk it out as gentleman and ladies in private. Or get an RPJ to mediate on your behalf. Accepting the RPJ's ruling is mandatory. Again, Public spectacles are strongly discouraged.

[*]7. Train your Replacement. Your not going to be Admin forever. Part of your responsibility is to leave the Faction in good hands. Just like the Kings of old. Designate an Heir. Then train your replacement.

  • Q: Will you hold my hand?
  • A: No. Part of responsibility is the glory of doing it yourself. There is honor in overcoming challenges. There is pride in using your God-given human body to overcome adversity. And you will forever be proud of your achievements made in good character during difficult times. Such is the majesty and diversity of humanity. (But seriously, don't be afraid to ask for help. K?)

The End. May the Force be with you. :D

Sarge Potteiger

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