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House Verd, Incorporated - Storefront


House Verd, Incorporated is a premier provider of plethora of items. From Starships to Tomahawks, Droids to Artifacts, House Verd is ready and able to provide all your needs! House Verd is a Tier IV corporation.

Items marked with ** are Free for all Dar'manda, Dathomirians, and all CIS-affiliated, Silver Jedi-affiliated, and Outer Rim Coalition-affiliated characters. Simply post below claiming your gear! We currently do not serve: the Mandalorian Empire & the Galactic Empire.
Autumn Arsenal: New!

HV-55A: "Allfate" Disruptor Rifle: A high-powered, light Disruptor Rifle designed with enemy armor in mind. Provides a boon to mental clarity. Limited Production. Barter.**

Personal Weaponry
Akaa'gai (Warhawk) - Limited Production. Barter Only. **
A Vibro-Tomahawk born of Alchemy. It is a cut above the average axe.

AY-214 Combat Pistol - Mass Production. Negotiable.
A blaster based on laser technology.

Personal Armor
Echoy'lii Shuk'orok (Echoy'lan Crushgaunts) - Semi-Unique Production. Barter Only. **
Crushgaunts with a tendency to Push in the right direction.

Taak'tabi (Bone Marchers) - Minor Production. Barter Only. **
Boots that make you Jump Good!

Reclaimer Kama - Limited Production. Barter Only. **
A sensory accessory.

Talisman of Calling - Semi-Unique Production. Barter Only.
Pull your weapons out of thin air! Restrictions apply.

Resam (Light Ball) - Limited Production. Barter Only. **
A magical, floating lightbulb. Literally.

Briya'chite (Lightning Crystal) - Limited Production. Barter Only. **
A magical power cell. Literally.

Kiin'dray Leather - Limited Production. Barter Only. **
Leather that will you get a grip!

Albatross-class Submersible Destroyer - Limited Production. Negotiable.
Planetary Defense, Underwater. 900 meters.

[ Pod ] Meteor-class Droid Dispenser - Mass Production. Negotiable.
96 Droids. 8.5 meters.

[ Droid ] CSTX-01 Droid Interceptor - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Swarm Interceptor. 3 meters.

[ Droid ] CSTX-02 Droid Bomber - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Swarm Bomber. 3.5 meters.

[ Droid ] CSTX-00 Droid Starfighter - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Swarm Fighter. 3.5 meters.

[ Starfighter ] A/Y-92 Aquila Starfighter - Minor Production. Barter Only. **
A Stealth, Elite Fighter. 12.7 meters.

[ Shuttle ] Quill-class Shuttle - Mass Production. Negotiable.
A Shuttle with Bite. 20 meters.

[ Patrol ] Tikkes-class Assault Craft - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Here comes the BOOM! 22 meters.

[ Corvette ] Ventress-class Light Cruiser - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Solid Escort Corvette. 100 meters.

[ Frigate ] Wodrata-class Pod Carrier - Mass Production. Negotiable.
96 Pods. 250 meters.

[ Frigate ] Urakto-type Ramship - Minor Production. Negotiable.
A Frigate that puts the ROY in LEEEROY JEEENKINS! 350 meters.

[ Frigate] Sev'rance-class Light Carrier - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Swarm. 108 Droid Fighters. 300 meters.

[ Cruiser ] Scientel-class Cruiser - Mass Production. Negotiable.
An Escort with some Bite. 450 meters.

[ Cruiser ] Argente-class Assault Cruiser - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Need Boots on the Ground? Got you covered. 750 meters.

[ Star Destroyer ] Grievous-class Star Destroyer - Minor Production. Negotiable.
Close-Range Brawler. 1,800 meters.

[ Star Destroyer ] Gunray-class Star Destroyer - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Balanced Ship-of-the-Line. 1,650 meters.

[ Star Destroyer ] Poggle-class Escort Carrier - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Carrier. 1,150 meters.

[ Star Destroyer ] Tambor-class Star Destroyer - Mass Production. Negotiable.
Quick on its feet. Balanced. 1,050 meters.

[ Command Ship ] Lucrehulk-class Command Carrier - Minor Production. Negotiable.
Lots of internal storage. Low defense capabilities. 2,000 meters.

[member="Darth Metus"]

My old friend I recently gained some terrain that is in need of defense and would like to purchase some items to add to the defense of said area. The list is rather long but as you know I am good for it all here is the list for you.

4x Albatross-class Submersible Destroyers

3x Tambor-class Destroyers

2x Grievous and Gunray-class

2x of the Poggle-class escort carriers

as well as about 20x Meteor-class Droid Dispensers.
[member="Darth Metus"]

Kista does not have much as she is a survivor on Mandalore that has just been recently found. But could she get one of these fancy Akaa’gai (Warhawk) Vibro-Tomahawks? She does have stuff but her stuff would seem like junk to you. If you have something that needs to be repaired she could work off the payment.

I just noticed you have crushgaunts to. If we could work a pair into this trade to that would be epic! :)

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