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House Syrush (Subfaction interest check)

As I continue to place my primary focus on Amelia Sorenn-Syrush, I've noticed more ideas coming in mind. Likewise it have also found new purpose and enjoyment in joining the Free Worlds Coalition, and I look forward to the stories and threads to come from interacting with that faction.

Thus I have found myself visiting an idea for a new subfaction. Yes the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame remains and is also a subfaction within the Free Worlds Coalition, though as that continues I find myself thinking that after two years, it may be best to set them as an NPC organization and focus on the hear and now.

This focus being the establishment of a House Syrush subfaction. As of know the Syrush name has a small following, with Amelia Sorenn-Syrush, [member="Natalia Syrush"], and [member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"].

For the most part this thread is both a discussion and an interest check to find those that would like to join House Syrush, by making a Syrush character or joining it with an established character.

In regards to member species of House Syrush, it would be predominately Energy Vampires, with the next largest population being Humans and Near-Humans, though any species would be welcomed into the house.

Our focus as House Syrush would be loyalty to the Free Worlds Coalition and to House of Organa on Alderaan. Thus House Syrush as a faction would be focused on activities within the Free Worlds Coalition Hex and its neighboring Hexes.

Thoughts and ideas?
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

I honestly wouldn't mind joining; I'm already planning on OOCily being 'part' of the Coalition, and honestly it could work as a cover for my character who's trying to do organized crime in the area. Would you allow this?
With House Syrush being loyal to House of Organa and the FWC, having a criminal in the House would be interesting. I would allow it and in fact think it would bring more story to the House.

Just be informed though that if his criminal activities are found out, House Syrush would be the first in line to punish him mainly for bringing shame to the House.

[member="Dexen Yash"]
That's going to change a bit, due in part, as mentioned above, of the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame being subbed as a NPC group. Additionally they already moved to be more accepting of lightsiders, and Amelia was always more anti-Sith and anti-Darksiders. If House Syrush had a Jedi, it would likely also prefer if the Jedi didn't join one of the many sects around the Galaxy and instead joined the Free Worlds Coalition Force group.



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Following your thought process, Elahad is now a House as well. I already have established in the past that its an ancient family so it is a simple alteration. That being said, Dark could readily be am ambassador or maybe a friend that simply comes around frequently.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

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