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Approved NPC House of Rapux

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The Xanha Archipelago, the ancient Rapux Dynasty covered all shown areas.


  • Intent: To create a family for Drios to belong in.
  • ​Image Credit:
    [member="Asha Hex"] (map of Panatha)

[*]Role: Family

  • Group Name: The House of Rapux
  • Former names: The Rapux Dynasty
  • Classification: Family
  • Headquarters: Xanha Archipelago, Panatha
  • Loyalties: The Pacanth Reach
  • Group Sigil: [x]
  • Description: The Rapux Family is one of the many houses living upon Panatha, and is currently run by the Sith Acolyte, Drios Rapux.

  • Hierarchy: Patriarchal Family; run by a male.
  • Current Patriarch: Drios Rapux
  • Membership: To be a relative of the Patriarch.
  • Dogma/Doctrines:
    ​Complete loyalty to the Rapux family.
  • Complete loyalty the Patriarch.
  • Complete loyalty to the Pacanth Reach.
  • Complete loyalty to Panatha.
  • Complete loyalty to the Sith as a whole.
  • Support the First Order whilst Panatha is co-operating with their empire.

[*]Curios: N/A
[*]Goals: To create a family for Drios to belong to.

Drios Rapux, Sith Acolyte and Patriarch.

The House of Rapux has first been traced to the waning days of the Pacanthi Empire of old, where one of the first noble Epicanthix warriors, Yun Rapux and his wife, Terasi Rapux (maiden name not recorded) birthed a single male heir, named Abe Rapux. Abe Rapux was the first man to put the Rapux name on the map, with his famous endeavours against Canthar, where he successfully repelled armies Panathan Legiosn from his lands with his own, considerably smaller armed forces. The feat was to be noted in Epicanthix lore for millennia, and is considered by members of the Rapux family to be the first example of their proud warrior heritage.

Unfortunately, the other, now united tribes of Panatha completely isolated the increasingly weak clan, and now renamed the Rapux Dynasty. Eventually of course the once noble Abe Rapux merged his clan with the Pacanthi Empire, and began serving in the army immediately.

The line of Rapux continued, with each Patriarch less significant than the last until the collapse of Pacanthi. At once, the Rapux Dynasty was reborn and a descendant of Abe, Telar Rapux took the throne and proclaimed himself King of the Rapux Dynasty. For thousands of years, the Dynasty stood, warring with their neighbours to become second to only the City-State of Canthar in power on the Western side of Orcait.

Riches upon riches were bestowed to the Patriarchs of the Dynasty, and in their great fortresses were untold treasures, stolen from long dead kings of other kingdoms. For centuries, the Dynasty festered in their riches, gaining a respectable reputation as they often shared out their wealth with the poor in their own borders.

The dynasty eventually collapsed after Kaine Zambrano united the Pacanth Reach under one banner. The Sith sympathiser king gladly gave his power to the Sith Lord. The family had for millennia admired the Dark Side and were fascinated by it's power, yet they themselves had never bred a Sith. Their greatest ambition would be their fatal downfall.

In 850 ABY, Drios Rapux travelled to Panatha and effectively slaughtered his father, brothers and any other possible heirs and pronounced himself the youngest Patriarch in the House of Rapux's long history, immediately inheriting all of the wealth which had been accumulated across many of the years the family had existed.
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