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Home At Last (Moross Covent, Open)

Like Lightning
New Exo Capitol

This feeling.

One of a familiar sound, smells, and sights. The same sky that turned over itself, watching those who traveled along its surface. Going to work, finding new friends, drinking the day away. I felt serene. Calm to my nerves. It was a feeling that I have not felt in forever. I could feel the wind as it blew past me. The same wind that shifted trees, made waves along the plains, yet could also create storms. Such a gentile giant upon this world.

Breathing in, I looked around me. The city that had once stood here had been replaced, but was... still here. I could still see the influences of the Crusaders here. Their strength had kept this world alive and thriving. While they had been gone, much had been done in the Aesir's place. Dipping my head just a bit, I could feel a hand upon my upper arm. Clenching down just a moment. Head turning to face them, I saw the face of the few who I had gathered. Valia, the one who specifically had found me, was the one holding my arm. Her head nodded. Understanding how I felt in some way. I had a huff-chuckle to myself and righted myself.

Walking through the streets, it seemed a little awkward for a rag-tag looking band of characters walking through the streets carrying what looked to be Primitive weapons. A mother taking her child to the market moved to the other side of the street. Holding my fist up, The group stopped. They turned to look at me as the two stopped.

Making my way across the street, the woman then pushed the child away and began to hurry away from me.


She didn't stop. Continuing to scurry away from me, the child however, looked back. Curious about who I was. I smiled just a little. Shaking my head, I walked back towards the group. Valia peering at me with a similar look.

"Some faces, can stop even the greatest of Gods."

I shook my head to rid the thoughts of the little girl who I had once taken care of. Walking onward towards the center of the city.


A small crowd had gathered. Men, women, and children all watching and waiting. It seemed that I didn't have to do much to convince some of the members that worked for the City Government to allow me to speak to a gathered group. Seeing as how the secretary of the man had looked at me with such curiosity, only to be satisfied with her findings as soon as Valia had spoken my name.

"If they won't let us find a gathering, then we will make our own Kalee."
"The Blade?"

Nodding my head rather reverently to the woman, she bowed her head to me. What I did not expect for her to almost fervently remove the top of her dress. While she exposed her undergarments, it revealed a Tattoo of the Crusader's symbol. I smirked as the woman moved closer. Almost wishing to touch me. To touch an Aesir. Reaching out, I grabbed her hand. The man she worked for however finally spoke after coming out of his dumbfounded stare.

"You mean the people who worships the gods of the Pantheon are real?"
"You think us liars and fanatics?"
"Calm Valia."

Moving forward, while releasing the girl who only now stood back and silenced herself and her awe. My hand simply reached out to shake the hand of the man. To extend and to give an offer.

"I would only like to speak to my people. To find them. All I would like, is for a calling to the Capitol building."

The man looked between myself, the girl that was his secretary, and the men and women standing behind me. Nodding his head, he began to work his magic.


"You really think anyone will show up?"
"I had the Governor send out a message with one of our code words."
"What do you mean?"
"In the crusades, we had Neth the Keeper as one of our leaders. Many know of him and his exploits during his time with us. As stupid as it may sound, They will drop his name as a speaker, as well as my own name about a possible emergency."
"Why your name as well? You have only just gotten here."
"I have been here before Valia."

Taking a hold of the grip belonging to the sword at my hip, I looked down and barely inspected the twin heads of two Basilisk creatures. Fighting for the right to rule. Knowing full well, that this was only the beginning.

(OOC: This thread is open to any who wish to learn more about The Moross Covent, Join us, or simply thread with us and make an interaction.)

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Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Somewhere in the bloody waters in the Realm of Resu...
"Liaaaaaaaad..." A diseased creature of abominable composition gurgled with malformed throats, biological and digital, small arcs of electricity dancing between salivating teeth and tusks. For years, a terrible conflict has afflicted the creatures known as the Resu. There history had always been marred by war, but the various conflicts brought from the outside galaxy into their culture, had culminated into nothing less than Armageddon, and judgement from gods they had never known.

Though preceded by a quite period of relative "peace" with the outside galaxy, the first conflict to invade the otherwise stable feudal conflicts of Skiyun culture was of course, the Moross Crusade. Neth the Keeper descended upon the budding interplanetary feudal empire, and reached with one hand to touch the tip of their tusks, forever altering their very flesh with the aberration of technology, and minds of fanatic faith. Stone Hermes was the First Convert of Moross, rising from the obscurity or a cripple in a soldiers culture, to absolute prominence, supreme in faith and command. The oceans of Skiyun and all Resune worlds turned bloody and black with the oil of the techno-monstrosities the Morossian Resu had become, slaughtering their original kind to near extinction.

Then, as the crusade fell, the faith ingrained in each warrior of this alien race began to wither into heretical conflict. The few, and unreplenishable numbers of the Resu, Morossian and Ancient alike, began to diminish further as more death befell them. Neither distinct race of the Resu could reproduce due to the nature of the change of Neth, and a plague set upon the originals, allowing their once sacred and balanced warrior culture to drive them further to the pits of oblivion. Then, just as the Outer Rim Coalition came to the aid of one Iron Giant, to liberate the down trodden refuges of her last remaining people, something truly... terribly... incomprehensibly awful happened.

"Aesir... LIAD!" Stone Hermes, in all the tragic madness that has changed him so, likening himself to the god Liad that has so troubled his people, found a "cure" to the infertility of his species... a cure that would turn them into monsters more terrible than anything Neth the Keeper had turned them into. Now the Lord Resu, insane in his delusions, receives the summons of his former master... Neth the Keeper.

What terror will this message bring to Exocron, and the galaxy at large?

[member="Kalee Bladesworn"]
Like Lightning
People began to gather. Valia was already standing outside the main doors of the building. Waiting for the crowd to become large enough or settle down so that I could proceed. Breathing in, I accepted my new fate. One that was placed upon my shoulders a long time ago. Stepping forth, my feet were about to cross the threshold outside when I was hit with a wave. One of a power that was familiar, yet foreign in the same name. I stopped for a moment. Looking around me to see nothing but my supporters. The people who have been at my back the entire time thus far. Something was different, off, wrong.

Shaking my head, I let the thoughts fade from my head for the moment when I walked out to the crowd. Surprisingly, there was quite a number that showed. Having that many were showing up prepared for all out war it seemed, I smiled. Knowing full well that they were the ones who supported the Crusades long ago, and now return to do so again. Bowing my head, I continued forth. Walking down towards the group. Valia extended a hand to hold me back. She was a guard, and she did her job well. However, I looked at her very slowly. A nod of understanding with the release of me.

Facing my people, I spoke loud enough that even those within the back could hear me.

"So many of you have showed up in such short notice. For that, I thank you."

Slowly the crowd died down as I had let my voice be heard. Murmurs floated around. While I could not directly hear them, I could hear a few people shushing others or saying to a neighbor to shut their mouth.

"Some of you know who I am. The rest of you do not. Kalee the Sword."
"Praise be the Aesir!"
"Who are you?"
"Let our strength renew!"
"Shut up!"
"Why are we here?"

Holding out my hands for all to stop, slowly they fell silent once more. Breathing in finally, I could feel the pain in my lungs as I was so nervous about this. Was this really my purpose? To renew those who have fallen? To strengthen my people? Was this the right time? As if the man was beside me, I heard one familar voice speak to me and me alone.

"You will know when the time is right."

Taking another last breath, I continued on.

"My people. Morossian! I come unto you. An Aesir of our Faith! We had dwindled from the breaking of the galaxy years ago. Our weakness need not labor us any longer. I, Kalee the Blade, Your patron and Saint of battle, shall walk the very ground you do. I come before you to gather our strength once more. To find our numbers and to rebuild. Let your voice flow with the callings of Kalee the Battlesaint."
"You are no god! You have no right to force your religion upon us!"
"Oh you fear much! I will not force you. I will not prevent you either. Join us and see the fruit that we bare. Should you not, I will accept your choice. You are but a free person with the knowledge that Neth bestowed to you. Do with it as you wish."
"Silence my brother."

The man who attempted to speak up for me was not aiding my cause. Yes, while our faith was great, powerful, and even in the minds of many, the only correct choice, I would not be a conqueror of men. I fought for our people. I sought the bloodshed of those who wronged us. This man did no such. He merely did not agree with how we acted. For that, I accept his choice. Yet, I prayed that he used the knowledge given to him for good. No ill will.

"You are all welcome to join me, or leave me. No ill will shall come of you in either choice. Benevolent may I be towards you, I am sure the other Aesir may not be so willing. At the very least, speak to one another. Learn of our people!"
"And why should we believe you are some god?"
"I have lived and fought for many a purpose. My people, my allies, my sister, my brother. However, none have survived the depths of Hel like I have."

Drawing up the sleeve upon my left arm, I exposed nasty scar and necrotic tissue that was festering yet constantly painful towards me. Extending my open hand to them, One of the armored men walked up. Barely placing his hand upon my forearm. Feeling the scars and the damage done by the realm we feared reaching. I had survived for hundreds of years within that place. Within that set of mind.

"How did you... return?"
"I fought. I found an opening within the fabric between our world and theirs. Escaping the Netherworld. These wounds are testament to that."

[member="Stone Hermes"], [member="Finnr Nikomedes"], [member="Azlyn Ike"], @Ausqyn Nothrael, [member="Micah Talith"], [member="Kassandra Distorith"],

Azlyn Ike

Rumors, legends.. and spacers tales.... mostly when she had been on the dark world she had heard the tale that the crusade had been returning and had to see. If someone was coming and using their banners while Hali would have found it amusing there was a certain level of needed pride when she moved out fo the ship. Pale skin and hair more like a ghost to Exocron, saber on her hip and a small hooked blade to handle dangerous problems. Crystal wasn't around but Azlyn had grown in her talents since being one fo the servants but still.. she hadn't imagined coming back here after the crusades were gone.

[member="Kalee Bladesworn"] [member="Stone Hermes"]

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Away from the madness of Aesir Liad...

To Exocron once more.

Platinum Herald, leader of the last Morossian Resu to stay true and faithful, opposed to the terrible heresy the First Convert had turned to. Once more he returned to the heartland of the Morossian Pantheon, the capital of the Crusade that once spanned the stars. Called once more here, he hoped it would not be the last, though feared it might be. The Resuspawn Horde had so heavily reduced their numbers, as their own numbers swelled with the boon of heretical offspring and the unwilling conversion of his compatriots into "the third life" as a vile Resuspawn. He pittied the fallen who now swelled with the Horde and reproduced the villainy of the one once known as Stone Hermes, a creature that now screamed "Aesir Liad" without reverence or divination. It was insane, and Platinum Herald hoped whichever Aesir had truly returned from the aether would see the cancer that had grown in the mortal plane, and seek to cut it out.

Platinum Herald would be pleased to find the Aesir would be Kalee the Blade.

A mass of heated bodies swelled before the alien, who looked upon the hulking alien with one part distant familiarity, and two parts dreadful fear. In his palm, connected to him as his heart is connected to mind, a blade of his own metallic flesh was balanced in the air as a swathe of the followers back away. To be touched by a servant of Neth, was to be ailed by the forbidden knowledge that created them. Many on Exocron were aware of the creations of Neth, not least of which were the Resu elite, the alien "stormtroopers" of the crusaders faith.

"Kaleeeeeeeee the Blade." Platinum Herald called out to the Aesir Goddess, his voice a raspy deep digital echo. "Platinum Herald, faithful Morossian, praise Kalee the Blade to return. Kalee, forgive children of Neth, Liad does plague us all!" Platinum Herald fell to his knees and thrust his blade into the stone before him, pressing his form into, beseeching the compassion of the goddess with his worship.

"Liad livesssss..." The monstrous zealot and his two compatriots beside and behind him worshiped before the goddess, informing her their report of terrible pain across the zealous race of warriors, once faithful to the crusade.

[member="Kalee Bladesworn"], [member="Azlyn Ike"]
Like Lightning
After speaking a few members began to attempt to argue or to follow me up. It was strange to see so many who had come, yet doubted that their divine could return. They doubt that a Divine's soul could be trapped into the Netherworld. However, that very much was real. As I had been stuck in every sense of the word in a different plane of existence, just as our Great hall was. However, it was then I noticed that a member of the group was pushing his way through. I distinctly remember the species and its aspects, however, the name seemed to escape me. The herald as he called himself, came before and bowed completely before me.

Tilting my head as the new of Liad, Patron of all that was sickness, diseases, and even cures to the aforementioned, was also still very much alive. Tilting even further as they kept their heads as low as their natural bodies could. Many looked between them, and myself. Wondering what I would do about this situation. In truth, I myself had no idea either. Liad was not a patron I was fond of, nor resentful towards. He was just... there. Breathing in. I moved forward to be standing down in the group. Moving to plant myself before the Morossian Resu.


Once they had, I looked between the features of the beings. Remembering their species name, and all that Neth had done with them. How he transformed many to become technobeasts in some function, and much more.

"As you come to me, I can only assume the news comes as one of your own kind have claimed themselves as Liad?"

I didn't know what else to think. Yes, another Aesir would mean better chances of those who came before the Moross would find a much easier time, as well as the claim being brought to light as either a false lie, or the bright truth. Either way, I welcomed this.

"Very well Herald. May the blessings of all be upon you for bringing me this development. When shall I expect Liad to join his people to rebuild?"

[member="Azlyn Ike"], [member="Aesir Liad"],

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
The Platinum Herald was silent as [member="Kalee Bladesworn"] broached the subject of rebuilding, and mournfully the Morossian Resu attempted to construct a coherent thought that would translate well to his goddess. Truly, Herald did not believe Stone Hermes had become a true Aesir, whatever heresy he had split his body with more likely turned the sad traitorous creature mad. Though the faithful believer could do little to dispute the claim either, having spent so much time running away from the insane treacherous spawn of the supposed "Aesir". They were hardly alive let alone sentient, and spread, grew, and prospered as a plague did festering upon the meat of his people. Herald doubted the Stone Hermes he once knew ever existed in the husk that was his body any more, it may very well be possible the divine plague-ridden presence of the cure-giver Liad could occupy such a deranged mind.

In the morbid silence, there was truth.

"Rebuild alone goddess, Liad shall fester in all people. Heresy claimed Stone Hermes, First Convert of Moross in Realm of Resu. Insanity, or god, Liad comes with "Cure", a plague of terrible rebirth. Kill heretic, or direct divine will of Liad away. Faithful of Resu, seek shelter from unclean." Platinum Herald was forthright in deliver his foreboding warning, praying the blessings upon him would allow the goddess to comprehend that his proclamation of Liad's presence was a proclamation of dire warning. Do not trust the presence of Liad, a god who cure those he sickens in equal measures, without remorse, and every cruelty. A mad god who's tests had no answer, and who tested frequently and greatly, releasing the pain only when boredom has encroached him, necessitating the divine to make new testaments to answer to.

This was the thing with which the Morossian Resu feared, Liad's Testament...

[member="Azlyn Ike"]
Like Lightning
The speech was broken. Main points were maid very clear. Stone Hermes, one of the first Resu to join the Moross Crusade long ago had been reformed into a beast, a creature. However, still claiming the title of Aesir. With this, those who sought to keep him away from the Covent that I would be bringing to fruition, were the Resu who sought to stay away from the plague that is Liad. They sought sanctuary from a being who had no mercy in any respect. Oh the stories of the other Aesir I knew very well. However, one can never judge by rumors and myths alone. I gave the chance for the Platinum Herald to seek out the other divine being. Yet, I had the distinct feeling that it wanted nothing more than to stay well away from the plagues of the Patron.

Inclining my head, I extended an upturned hand as a gesture of acceptance of his kind.

"Until the plagues that are Liad are cured, you and all your kind are more than welcome here."

Letting the hand drop. I turned to Valia. Nodding my head, she moved forward herself and stood beside the herald. Simply looking at him as I continued.

"Valia, please show them to appropriate accommodations for those that are here today. You have my word Herald, you and your kind shall be welcome here and have a place to call home should you desire it."

Valia nodded her word at my command. She was about to lead the man away, yet I held a hand up to her. Shaking my head, I looked over the crowd of people. They had been mostly silent through the encounter. The best were whispers of what was going on. Raising my voice, letting it boom across the distance to clarify my Will and desire.

"All who follow the Aesir will be welcomed with open arms, A place to call home, Food upon your table every night, and a source of work. This reformation will not be done overnight, nor will it be easy. Yet, I ask this of you. Brothers, and sisters, please lend me your hand in creating a home not just for yourself, but all of our people."

As the volume of my voice rose to the sky, some turned and walked. I would offer them no ill intentions, nor prevent them from doing so. They are free beings who can choose their desire. Those that stayed, were more than welcome to sit at my table. Closing the distance to the Herald, I placed an hand upon his arm.

"Please, see to that your people are comfortable. When you have rested, we shall talk more of Stone Hermes and his claim as Liad."

Moving from him, I walked myself into the crowd. Grasping arms with a man who smiled brightly and simply nodded. Going to the next woman, she thanked me for my return, then indicating her little child. A boy barely out of his toddler years. He looked at me with absolute amazement as I knelt down. Welcoming him to the Covent.

I sought to meet every person as they would come to see me, an Aesir, and to be welcomed formally to our home, and family.

[member="Aesir Liad"], [member="Azlyn Ike"],
Zahori Denko
Within the crowd, eyes of vicious yellow look on as the one called Kalee the Sword spoke. The Aesir herself, or so she claimed. No emotion showed on Xristos face. Most of his visage was covered by the black hood atop his head. He mad eno movements, only stood still and observed. Others like him were around. Followers of Erebos were always about, but you would not be able to tell there was one until it was too late for you.

The crowd began to irritate Xristos. Too many people letting out their voices began to pester him. Slowly, he moved through the crowd and tried to make his way to the outskirts. Then, the zabrak looked around and was reminded of why he was here. Exocron. It was there that the Moross had been born. It may have been home to the others, but not to Xristos. Not yet. But, it would be soon.

[member="Kalee Bladesworn"] | [member="Aesir Liad"] | [member="Azlyn Ike"]
Like Lightning
I felt strange.

The plethora of eyes and sights upon me made me feel like every part of my body was exposed. I felt naked in the face of all of these people. Sure, I had been in the nude in front of quite a few people. However, this was different. I made the choice to be naked in front of those people. I made the choice of being exposed. Here, it was much different. I had no choice. Eye would be wondering upon me. Judging me. I started to breathe more heavily as I continued to shake hands, grasp arms with people.

I attempted to calm my nerves. So many people here, the empathy link I had with the force overwhelmed me. So many emotions and thoughts that were not being controlled. I knew how to keep mine in check over years of work and dedication to the art. However, what made it difficult was the fact that so many people were here. Letting the emotions fade one by one, I attempted to block them out. However, there was something different. Within all of this range, I could feel quite a large pool of power that felt... uneasy. Almost as though they were using the Aura of Uneasiness as a power. It was very strong. Irritation was also in abundance within this same circle.

Looking out among the crowd, I could eventually feel within the force where it was coming from. Out among the outskirts. While I may reach the person who was creating such a rift within this emotional flux of people, I still kept calm and moved about the crowd. Kneeling down to a little girl who was holding a doll. She was rather scared. Holding out my hand to her, She slowly crept her own forward at her fathers urging. Smiling at the little girl,

"You seemed frightened? Is it the big scary people that follow me?"
A nod of the child's head.
"Do I seem a little scary too?"
Once more a nod of the head.
"It's okay to be scared. Thats why people can be brave. Even if they are scared, they still stand forward."

The little girl seemed to be in thought. Wondering what was going on. Her father leaned down and started to whisper in her ear. Possibly speaking ever so little about the situation. I could read the mouth movements about her being brave for standing in front of me. The father then looking towards me smiled. Extending my hand out, I attempted to hold the girls hand. She was skittish. Afraid of what might happen. Slowly she stuck out her hand and let it be gently clasped within mine.

"What is your name Little Light?"
"That is a very pretty name. Mine is Kalee."
"Hi Kawee"
"Here let me give you something."

Turning around to face one of the many who were part of my guard, I extended a hand out. One of them lending me a candy bar that they had been saving. Kneeling back down in front of the girl, I handed it to her. Eyes opening like saucers for a royal banquet. I smiled and chuckled a little as I pushed my hand closer to her with the candy. She was okay to take it. Gingerly she grasped it and took the candy bar before smiling back at me. Still shy, but seeing that I was not a threat or as scary anymore.

"What do you say?"
"Oh! Tank you Kawee. Sorrwy"
"Oh no. No need to be sorry. Glad to see you smiling. I hope you and your family find our new establishment comfortable."

The little girl nodded her head once more and continued to smile as she held the doll and the candy bar closely to her chest. Her father ushering her away from my crouched position. I breathed in. Reminded greatly of a child I once had to take care of long ago. Looking up, I headed towards the outer portions of the crowd, and attempted to seek out this person who was filled with... darker thoughts than those around me.

[member="Xristos"], [member="Aesir Liad"], [member="Azlyn Ike"],