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Holy Gorge, the Spirit Child




NAME: Holy Gorge
RANK: Spirit Child (High Priest)
AGE: 46 Standard Years

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.4m
WEIGHT: 220lbs
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: None
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, Darkside Tainted



  • The Brains: Born of the Holy Clan of the Spirit Child, Gorge is one of the smartest Graug in existence. Given this massive strength, he was hailed as the leader of his birth brothers and sisters, rising through the ranks and assuming the mantle of the title of Spirit Child after being appointed by the Horde Mother.
  • Acrobatics: Gorge's athletic frame structured with lean muscle boosts his abilities in close quarters and lightsaber combat. Though he's not as strong as those from the Imperial clan, he makes up for it with his agile nature.
  • Dark Affinity: As a member of the Holy Clan, Gorge's genetics naturally gave him a sensitive affinity to the Darkside. Given this ability, Gorge is extremely strong with the Force and learning new abilities is easy peasy.
  • Influential: Being the Spirit Child of the entire Graug species, he is worshiped and heralded as the Prophet of the Gods. He is respected by every single Graug and his status outranks even most of those in the Imperial clan.
  • Borderline: Due to his genetic makeup and strong tainting of darkness, Gorge is prone to having bursts of sporadic insanity when pushed to the brink during a stressful situation or extremely frustrated.
  • Light of Disgust: Graug are naturally repelled by the Lightside, almost all Graug are fearful of the light and its ways. Gorge is a little worse than the rest of the species, when strong Lightsiders are nearby, it pushes him even more towards insanity.
  • The Hunger: Gorge isn't like most Graug when it comes to combat. He absolutely adores consuming the flesh and blood of his enemies. This primal instinct spurs whenever bloodshed is nearby and often causes him to give brash orders to envelop himself in even more death and destruction.

As a Graug bearing the Holy name, his natural form is taller and leaner than the rest of the Graug. He is often adorned in ceremonial battle armor and always wields his serrated-edged sword. As the Spirit Child, he is almost never alone. Gorge always has bodyguards or servants in his presence to fulfill his every desire or slaughter his foes.

Holy Gorge was the most intelligent of his birth brood on Illio, the Holy moon of Gratos. Being the most mature and wielding the more brain mass, he was instantly revered to as the leader of his bunch. The years passed as a young Holy Graug, learning how to fight for survival and killing many of his brood brothers. Gorge's natural affinity with the Darkside and his surprising intelligence soon earned his high marks regarding religious affairs and was summoned by the Horde Mother herself to meet her on Gratos.

It was the highest honor that could have happened in his life.

The Horde Mother bestowed a blessing upon Gorge to kill a Mammoth Worm. And so he did. He hunted for the worm alone for 4 days, surviving in the harsh environment as he went on the prowl. Gorge soon discovered a single Mammoth Worm, drawing his sword and began to slay it. He hacked away at the throat, spewing bright blood in every direction. And he drank his fill. Holy Gorge followed his namesake and began to feast upon the Mammoth Worm's corpse. Savoring each and every swath of flesh, muscle, and cartilage that went down his throat.

This single act earned him the title of Spirit Child, the renowned Prophet of the Gods of the Graug. He was heralded as the most influential Graug, save for the Horde Mother, of the time. Gorge assumed the mantle of the Holy Throne immediately and began to advance his people and make them stronger so one day they will topple the Imperial Clan.

And his journey to ascension begins...

To Be Added.

I eat them afterwards. <3

This garbage is for the Lost Clan.


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