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LFG High risk contract -smugglers and mandos wanted

Link: Click here

I've put a contract in the marketplace which will be about Credius trying to employ a team of smugglers to try what is possibly one of the most daring and risky heists possible: stealing a large shipment of Bes'kar or mandalorian iron.

For this ofcourse, we'll need some opposition: that's where any interested mandos come in. We need a handfull of Mandos to play the opposition and provide the smuggling team with some difficulty, other interested smugglers can still join up, but have to do so through the contract terminal.

More information [location, work out, link, etc coming up soon]
So we're still in the need of some mando's to fill up some slots as opposition to the smuggling crew, as it can't be expected of me to 'write' the entirety of the opposition regarding the fact that I more or less am biased to the result xD

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