Star Wars RP

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I'm about as new as new could be, a few years of experience off on Google Plus so all this forum stuff is totally foreign to me.

But seeing how active this place is in comparison, I just couldn't resist hopping in.

Julian Valentine

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Welcome. If you need help with anything just PM me. Everything can seem pretty daunting at first, there's so much to learn and know, but it's a lot easier to get into the swing of things than it actually seems. Enjoy your stay.
Not quite sure how to PM and all that yet, so hopefully not annoying or against any sort of rules to ask a question here:

Would that questions section also include questions on the lore?
Darth Vornskr the Second
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Welcome to Chaos! :D

First of all, I would recommend reading the rules.

If there is anything more: ask and you shall receive. If you have any questions about how to do stuff and what kind of lore there is, ask! You can also spend hours on wookieepedia (, where you can find most things Star Wars.

Don't be afraid to reach out and try new things. Look at the many groups and factions there are, and find what you like best.