Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Hello! Newbie here!

Hey everybody!

I'm new here, as well as to this whole RPing thing. Hoping to have some fun and learn the ropes along the way.
IC Aella Cadeyrn tends to be reserved at first, but get her with people she's comfortable with and she'll let her guard down and have some fun. She's a bounty hunter with a bounty on her own head.
Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask... everyone around here is pretty nice, and more then willing to help. Need help finding a faction or just wanna know where to look ask... trust me someone will be there!
@[member="Aella Cadeyrn"]
Welcome to Chaos. Daxton Bane, Intergalactic Hero and Heart Stopper to the Stars at your service. If you have questions or are looking for an rp I am always game.

@[member="Sarkus Twin Kilborn"] I don't break easily ;) ... thank you!
@[member="Adenn Gra'tua"] better late than never! Thank you!
@[member="Jack Sparrow"] Greetings, Jack!

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