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Hello Ladies and Germs


Galen Paven
Hey there, I am Nick, 35 Years old from Palm Coast FL. I thought I had posted in here, but i guess I did not! I am an Old School Rper from the early Days of AOL and when Rhy'Din was a HUGELY popular city in the AOL RP scene. I am probably dating A LOT of you with my age and such. I stepped away from Rping about 3 years ago, then 2 years ago got married to my long time G/F, this year we will be together for 15 years and married 2! But i Digress! I am open to any type of SL arc. My char is a Clone Jedi, which i am slowly trying to get his backstory from being a jumbled mess. I did start a scene here: https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/from-then-until-now.155650/ so any one is welcome to join in! I am super open to it! So anyway, Thanks for having me!
Broken Heart and Soul
GreyJedi GreyJedi welcome to Chaos! I hope you'll enjoy your stay! :)