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Hello denizens of Chaos

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Hey Dris!

Would you like some advice? Here's some advice:

1. Don't piss off a redhead.
2. Don't push the big red button. Ever.
3. Circe is a no-go zone.
4. Tefga is the Almighty One.
5. Tefga is the Almighty One.
6. Tefga is the Almighty One.
7. Go with a sniper rifle for recon work.
8. Tefga is the Almighty One.
9. To @mention someone, either click @ and type their name, or just click the @[member="JaK"] Sandrow, for example, below the avatar.
10. Shawarmas are tasty. (a la hawkeye is awesome)