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Approved Tech Hel-Class Bio-Slug

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  • Intent: To create a revolutionary type of bio ammunition.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Bloatfly
  • Homing Round
  • Parasite
  • Force Dead
  • Acid Secretion
  • Homing Round's allow the slug to compensate for otherwise bad aim, effectively creating a self guided projectile with destructive consequences.
  • Parasitic nature allows for the round to burrow itself deep inside of the target and feast upon the internal structure that they are.
  • Force Dead means that the creature is entirely cut off from the force, and nothing short of Force Lightning will kill it when referencing the metaphysical.
  • Acid Secretion allows it not only to digest organic matieral, but many types of armor aswell. Should the user not get the creature off fast enough, that is.

  • Swarming Nature
    ​Since the round is technically alive, in the most crude definition possible, it does infact fly towards the target that is most directly infront of it. More often than not, this is the person it was initially targeted at, and as such becomes a homing round that finds its opponent, finds a weakpoint in said armor, and promptly burrows its way deep inside the muscle before beginning a feast that will not cease until it is able to mate, or die.

[*]​Living Ammunition
  • ​Simply put, the Hel-Class Slug is nothing to play with, and is certainly not your father's wamp rat. This tiny bug is able to eat ten fold its weight in matierals, creating one of the most devastating biorounds to ever hit the markets of the known galaxy. Should it ever get under your skin, removing the limb is often the best choice, and if it enters the torso then pray that it gets fat before it hits something really important.

[*]Metaphyiscally Meek
  • ​With Yuuzhan Vong DNA spindrels injected directly into the genesis of this parasite, it finds itself entirely cut off from The Force in ever imaginable way. There is no stopping the round with the force, nor is there the chance of dominating its feeble mind. It is by far the crudest and most reprehensible creation to reach warfare since the imagination of chemical weaponry.

[*]Acidic Sunder
  • ​On the topic of chemical weaponry, the acidic nature of the creature is something it derives from the Grutchin DNA helix that exists in its own genome. This effectively creates a parasite that is able to eat through most metals with relative ease, although is still unable to destroy the more robust metals in the galaxy. In this case, the creature will often try and subvert the armor in favor of an area it actually can eat through.

Weaknesses :
  • Expiration Date
    Since the creature is encapsulated nearly its entire life, the bionutrients that are stored inside the housing it sits in can run out. In effect, this causes any long term use of the rounds without exchanging them impossible, forcing it to be used only in short term conflicts or assassination missions rather than outright warfare on a grand scale. They are however shipped in a carbonite storage crate, making any shipments effectively void of this glaring weakness, so long as they stay frozen.

[*]Small Appetite
  • Although ravenous in nature, and able to eat many times their own weight, relatively speaking they are still not able to eat excess amounts of anything. Should armor be in the way, this would limit how much they could eat once inside, and even once inside would only be able to eat up to a few pounds of dense muscle or organs. While this still creates a massive pocket of damage, this means that most people who face these must be subject to being hit by multiple rounds before falling.

[*]All Foe, All Day
  • In regards to his homing capabilities, and armor bypassing instinctual nature, they are far from domesticated in any sense of the word. They have almost no intelligence past their endless hunger, and if in the wrong place at the wrong time, will eat and dismember teammates just as they would a foe. This is an especially problem in close proximity fighting, where the instance may rise that a teammate is somehow near the opponent, or anywhere near the direct line of fire, creating a distraction for the bioslug. This increases the chance of collateral exponentially, and is highly advised against team orientated operations without extreme training to those utilizing it.

[*]Short Range
  • Very powerful, this round is able to decimate any target that is within a hundred meters of ths shooter. Anywhere past this however is nearly impossible to hit, as the creature inside would likely get too distracted, slow down too far, or simply die from being released from its bionutrients too long. In no way can this round ever be used at a very long range without extreme augmentation to the way it is forged, which in effect would ruin the status of the creature inside. This is nigh impossible to do without extreme understanding of how it was created in the first place.

[*]Collateral Force
  • ​Despite its Force Dead nature, the slug can still be affected by indirect means of manipulation. This means that once inside the body, the only true way of killing it with something like The Force would need to strike around it, instead of it directly; lest you use Force Lightning, of course.

Created as the greatest form and function of high velocity nature at work, the Hel-Class bio slug is by far one of the cruelest weapons to ever be conceived for warfare. With acidic mandibles that eat through armor and flesh alike, and an unending hunger that never ceases until death, there is no end to the abhorrent nature that is this round. While many have made ammunition through the history of the galaxy, this specific round is dreaded amongst every aspect of society; from the darkest lords of Nar’Shadda to the highest courts of Alderaan, to witness this in use is to witness an afront to god.

In design, this parasite finds itself set inside a small capsule that holds the nutrients it requires for not only survival, but a specially engineered inertia compensator for the velocity that it is often shot at. This capsule is surrounded with a standard Tanium jacket, but one that is specially crossed in certain areas to allow a premature detention before it hits its target. Using a specialized microprocessor and miniaturized sensor module, the round is able to tell the distance from the target and slow itself enough for the creature inside to survive impact with the target’s exterior. A decent distance from the target, most often halfway to it, the jacketed nature of the round is shred off as shrapnel, with it the capsule itself. This in effect leaves the parasite to witness the world for the first time, exposing it to the air that it finds so very foreign.

At this point, the bio portion of the slug extends small wings that work as initial gliders; assisting in correcting its course should the jacket being shed have disrupted it at any point. In addition, this allows the creature to find its target and prepare for its initial impact. This is however when the Nang Hul portion of its DNA comes into place, allowing it to survive even an extreme force against the target identified. Often times this round is regarded as a ‘heavy hitter’ despite its less than convenient armor piercing capacity, but that is solely because of the inertia that is carried with the arguably heavy parasite.

This being said, the creature is extremely ineffective against anything like a vehicle or personnel carrier; forcing the creature to find its new source of sustenance almost immediately lest it die from its rapid evolution into adulthood. The larvae may not consume much, but the adult is able to starve itself within moments of being exposed to air, the known catalyst for its transformation.

Lastly, should enough rounds be fired at a singular target, and a mating ritual is able to be performed inside one of the muscles, a small cluster of the creatures will be spawned and rapidly deposit themselves in the nearest food source possible. They are able to reproduce within moments, and with oxygen being so plentyful in the body it is too able to form into adulthood instantly aswell. This is however extremely rare to happen, but extremely dangerous should it ever.
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Hello! I really like this Idea and think its cool!

First off in the Detailed Special Features you have nothing except the Strengths and weaknesses. Could you fill that out with the Special Features you mentioned?
[member="The Slave"]

While force-dead it could be stopped by a barrier or a force push that influences the air instead of the slug directly. Basically force powers that don't directly influence the slug would have an effect on it, this has been the case with all force-dead creations as far as I know.

Please add that as an additional weakness and I can stamp this.
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