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Annihilation Head of the Snake | BotM Annihilation of Csilla - OOC Thread

NPC Storyteller

In the northern Unknown Regions, the savage Brotherhood of the Maw has seen conquest after conquest. The Croke, the Lugubraa, the Shi'ido, the Gundanbard, the Jin, even the mighty Sorcerers of Rhand, all have either bowed before them or been swept aside by a tide of blood and fire. To the west of the Maw's burgeoning dominion, only a few tiny colonies remain independent, scattered among abandoned and uninhabited worlds. To the east, however, lies a worthy prize: the prosperous agriworlds and well stocked armories of the Chiss Ascendancy, flush with resources that could fuel a great campaign to burn the galaxy and loot the ashes.

At first, the timing for invasion appeared perfect. The attention of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force is focused on the eastern edge of Ascendancy space, locked in battle with the New Imperial Order as the Imperials attempt to conquer their well-defended Redoubt. But the Ascendancy, recognizing the myriad threats gathering around its borders, recently issued a summons to Chiss across the galaxy, calling them home in order to strengthen its position. If Chiss Space is permitted to consolidate its strength, the glorious Maw campaign to ravage the Ascendancy's worlds could devolve into years of warfare against each Chiss house in succession.

The Dark Voice desires a decisive conquest, not a gradual, piecemeal chipping away of its enemies.

And so the greatest weapons of the Brotherhood shall be unleashed upon the one place important to all Chiss, regardless of house: their homeworld, Csilla. The Brotherhood aims to destroy the entire planet, cutting off the head of the snake in one swift stroke. With the center of their culture shattered and their Defense Force in disarray, the Chiss will fall to the hordes of the Maw. At the same time, the Brotherhood shall announce to the entire galaxy that a new age is dawning: the Age of Annihilation, in which the old order shall be torn down and the galaxy shall burn. Only then can something new arise from the ashes.


On April 1st, 2021, the Brotherhood of the Maw will launch an ANNIHILATION of Csilla.

BotM Faction Staff: Kaigann Fossk Kaigann Fossk | Maestus Maestus | The Mongrel The Mongrel

Annihilation Duration: April 1st - April 30th

Casualties of War

If I missed or miscategorized you, please let me know!


Objectives Preview


Ground warfare on Csilla's frozen surface, with trench fighting in the bloodstained snow


Fleeting above Csilla as the Brotherhood's superweapon charges and prepares to fire


Duels aboard the Maw superweapon as Lightside strike teams try to take control of it


Whatever you want to do as Annihilation looms!
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