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Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders [Open to SJO]

Objective: A human man, a hunter, once lived in a settlement on the planet Balamak. Some time ago, the hunter's wife went missing into the woods nearby, and he has asked the other settlers to help. After only an initial search party though, the other settlers have given up. They believe her to be dead, he states, but he believes otherwise. Seeming to believe the other settlers have given up suspiciously quick, he has retreated to his hunting cabin in the woods to be away from the settlers who he has lost trust in, and asked the Silver Jedi to help out. He still thinks she may be in the woods somewhere, even if it's unlikely by now after he's already spent a week since searching by himself. The mission report also notes that there have been sounds of growling and snarling heard in the woods...

Secondary Objective 1: The settlers appear to be very uncomfortable when it comes to talking about the hunter's missing wife, and refuse to even try to talk much on the matter. If possible, try and get to the bottom of exactly why while you look for her.

Participants (Up to 5)
- Josh DragonsFlame

There were many cases of strange happenings in the galaxy, and Josh had seen hundreds of them in his time as a Jedi. He'd been sent out with a team in order to investigate a matter though, that seemed fairly small. Maybe a bit too small for a Jedi Master and a team, yet at the same time... Reading the mission report, something didn't seem to add up. The settlers had apparently given up on the man's wife and pronounced her dead only after a short search party, and refused to even entertain looking again. But why? It sounded like they didn't even try, why bother to even look if you weren't going to put any effort into it?

Nothing about it made sense. And the bit about growls and snarling being heard further unsettled him. If there were beasts there, it was unlikely that the man's wife was still alive. But if he could at least find some trace of her, some remains, he could at least give the man closure. It was an unfortunate thing to think about, considering Josh had a family of his own and he couldn't imagine losing Jason and having to be told that they'd found a body after he had searched for so long, but... It was better to know than to not know and always wonder, he supposed.

The shuttle would touch down on Balamak as the party would step out to meet with this hunter.

Riley Jenson

The Desert Dweller
Riley looked at it, the planet was strange but as she stood there ready for anything her tail wrapped around her waist. Brown hair trailing down her back until she was checking out a few of the things. her saber was on her belt as she clenched and unclenched her hands. Being able to remember things from her people and their skills working with the jedi on her home world. "Where are we again?" She asked mostly standing there with her arms crossed and checked the boots of her training gi robes. They would protect her easily from most problems that could be coming her way things to the enhanced materials and whoever else was here with them.