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Approved Starship Haran'uliik-class Light Frigate

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Credit: Babylon Five

Intent: To create a rapid response frigate that can reach and engage targets that larger ships could not catch and smaller ships could not engage.

Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics,
Model: Haran'uliik-class Light Frigate (Hell Beast-class in Galactic Basic)
Affiliation: Mandalorians, Hyperion Security,
Modularity: Modular Ammo; Takes half an hour to change ammo types
Production: Minor

Durasteel-Reinforced Vulcan Mounting
Glasteel Viewports
Alusteel-Reinforced Quadranium {Hull}

The Haran'uliik-class Light Frigate was a recent development from Mandal Hypernautics. Designed as a rapid response ship, the Haran'uliik is intended to intercept and destroy targets that are far too fast for larger 'ships of the line' to engage, yet too large for smaller fighter wings to risk engaging. The ship is designed to incorporate numerous large and powerful weapons into the forward sections of the ship, to take advantage of the high speed and agility of the ship as well as make the most use of the limited number of weapons capable of fitting on such a small frigate.

Otherwise too large for such a small ship, the Vulcan Mass-Driver Flak Cannon that adorns this vessel was built into the frame of the ship itself and protrudes from the prow of the vessel. Incapable of movement, the ship itself must rotate to bring the Vulcan cannon to bare on its enemies. Likewise, several large Deck Cannons were built into the hull of the ship itself and face the forward.

Classification: Frigate
Role: Support Ship, Heavy Interceptor, Light Carrier,
Height: 77 Meters
Width: 132 Meters
Length: 220 Meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.5
Minimum Crew: 58
Optimal Crew: 280

Armament Rating: 18

The primary weapon of the Haran'uliik is a fixed, forward facing Vulcan Mass-Driver Flak Cannon that runs nearly the entire length of the ship. Supporting this weapon are a number of Deck Cannons, which themselves are also fixed and forward facing. To defend itself from flanking starfighters while the ship focuses on its primary target, several Point Defense Lasers have been spread evenly over the hull.

One and a half Squadrons of Fighters
One Squadron of Bombers, Dropships, Gunships, or Shuttles

Non-Combative Attachments:

Encrypted HoloNet Transceiver
Standard Communications Array
Ray Shielding
Deflector Shielding
Enhanced Combat Sensors

Passenger Capacity: 380
Cargo Capacity: 2,200 Tons
Consumables: 4 Months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 4 (2.0 Guide) 7 (3.0 Guide)


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There's a lot of little things that need to be taken care of on this, a lot of them look like simple oversight so I'll just list them out for you to either edit or explain further.
  • You have two Hull materials listed neither of which are reading as standard so I'd like you to explain why you chose them and what benefits you expect from them.
  • Ammo swapping, if the Vulcan isn't shooting flack stuff then it counts as a capital gun which would put this over it's count by an unacceptable amount.
  • Hangar: Support (18/48 Fighter/Bomber, 4/4 Gunship, 8/8 Dropship) Why aren't you using the full hanger?
  • Speed should be 5 with the -1 for being a support ship.
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Captain Larraq


The speed is appropriate as per Ayden.
The armor is copied from what was listed on the Mythosaur. I simply thought it was better than just putting 'durasteel'.
The Vulcan cannon is a weapon system. What ammo you load it with is purely a roleplay perspective and has no impact on the statistical design of the ship. There are two ammo types for the weapon and each has a listed 'rough value' as compared to other weapon systems. The choice to use the capital or the defensive weapon value in the construction process is dependent on the limitations of the overall design and speaks to the flexibility of the weapon system itself.


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Okay! Good news, the speed issue was worked out and there's a chart update coming on that to lessen future confusion on class and speed rating.
So your speed is fine, the guns are fine. If you could erase the 'Ferro-Magnesium Ceramic {Hull}' as I have no real idea what that is besides magnesium (which is highly flammable and burns super hot) that's magnetic and somehow not a metal, that would get you down to one hull type that everyone understands.
Do that one thing and this'll be good to go.
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Deleted the second hull type as requested, also clarified where the durasteel was. It's used to help keep the Vulcan cannon from vibrating the hull or frame of the ship.
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