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Happy Star Wars Day!


Says it all really!

Anyone doing anything Star Wars related today / tonight to mark our day?
[member="Connor Harrison"],

There is a roller derby team that is near where I live. They always have a bout around this time of year that is Star Wars themed and they have volunteers from the 501st come out and dress up and what not to celebrate Star Wars.

Really looking forward to this one with a mix of old Canon and New canon cosplayers.
When Carrie Fisher passed away I actually realized something... the Force is real. Not in the sense that allows us to move things with our minds, even though I'm convinced most of us attempt it every now and then.

But it's something that does bind us Star Wars fans together. It's what allows us all to connect with each other and these movies, shows, and games. It's pretty awesome to be a member of the Star Wars fandom. After all I wouldn't have met all you awesome people if Star Wars wasn't in my life.

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