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Happy 4yr Anniversary SJO!

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream

4 years and counting.

The Order of the Silver Jedi turns four years old today - May 15th.

This isn't going to be a huge post, but it will be meaningful and from the heart.

Thank you to all of our past and present writers who have helped shape this Faction from starting out as a small glimmer of hope on Voss to now a shining beacon of the Light on Kashyyyk and the Mid-Rim. Your creativity, support, collaboration and passion for Star Wars and writing has made the Silver Jedi the longest running Major Faction in the Chaos galaxy. Be proud of what you have done.

Thank you also to [member="Coci Heavenshield"] and [member="Thurion Heavenshield"] who started the ball rolling for the Silver Jedi four years with a single idea - an idea to write fun Star Wars stories with like minded people from around the world. From that seed, they nurtured it and helped it grow to what it has become, and for that, you should be truly proud of what you have both done and I hope we are doing you proud today.

Thank you to Chaos; to the sides of good, evil and everything in between for providing us with lots of defining stories and adventures. Without them as our nefarious enemies and faithful allies, we couldn't exist.

I am just one of the humble writers who currently has taken on the FO position, but those who have come before me helped shape the Silver Jedi into the thriving Light Side Faction it is today, and I just hope I can do the same for the next FO waiting to take my place and steer this ship into future greatness.

Big thank you to my current staff [member="Valae Kitra"] [member="Thurion Heavenshield"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] and [member="Jyoti Nooran"] who do so much IC and OOC that keep the cogs turning. They are a treasure trove of ideas, of support and enthusiasm. Without them, the SJO wouldn't be what it is.

So THANK YOU again and happy anniversary to all you Silver Jedi of the past, the present and the ones yet to come for doing what you do so well - be bloody brilliant. We love you all, and I am very proud to be your FO.

Let's make some Star Wars stories!

May the Force be with you all. Always.


The darkness lays ever near the light.
I was doing my monthly check-in when this popped up in my notifications. Although I haven't been here for quite a while I thought I'd say congratulations. So yeah... Congratulations!

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
This is extraordinary. And from the start it has been a fun and interesting undertaking but to still be here four years later can only be attributed to the wonderful people that had/have come to SJO over this time.

It helps to have great people behind the scenes that love the faction and love what they are doing to give the members something to fire up the muse, and create a creative environment in which they all feel they can give something to in their writing. No matter what direction they wish to take with it.

So thank you to everyone who joined in the fun over the years and a big thank you to the wonderful people (both member and staff past and present) who have taken this faction even further.


Kixi Rajki

Xiz'hata-zin Jhådmin
Congrats SJO. I have been inactive for a while, but I still have good memories of when I began here in July 2015 and joined the SJO soon after. Awesome to see its still here. With such dedicated RPer such as [member="Coci Heavenshield"], I believe the SJO will be around for many, many more years still come. :)
Damn. I just saw this. I remember joining this just after the Invasion of Coruscant as Hasjo Hallu. I rose to Jedi Master here, I the honour of Jedi Weapons Master. I remember all the people who said the SJO wouldn't last and that this 'splinter faction' was doomed to fail. Yet it has stood the test of time.