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Hadrian Distorith

Hadrian Distorith


Social Information

Name: Hadrian Distorith
Alias(es): N/A
Title(s): N/A
Homeworld: Dantooine
Current Locale: TBD
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Masculine
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Lord
Force Alignment: Dark

Physical Information

Species: 50% Energy Vampire, 25% K'paur, 25% Human
Age: 811
Sex: Male
Height: 185.42 cm
Weight: 82.55 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian
Playby: Ian Somerhalder





Ferian Adair [a.k.a. Stalis'ur'talin | Paternal Grandfather]
Lucianus Adair [Father]
Kassandra Distorith [Mother]
Sariyah Adair [a.k.a. Blaise Sal-Soren | Older Half-Sister]
Hrethir Adair [a.k.a. Balor Sal-Soren | Older Half-brother; dec.]
Hrethik Adair [Older Half-brother]
Eordahn Shamalain [a.k.a. Greyhide | Younger Half-Brother]
Dahldeda Shamalain [a.k.a. Blackthorne | Younger Half-Sister]
+potential offspring/other relatives



Discipline of the Body
In being raised by his mother, Hadrian acquired her emphasis on self-maintenance, and thus is habitually used to adhering to a strict regimen of physical training, such that even if he were without the aid of the Force running through his veins, he is a force alone.

Other Strengths TBD


Ruin Befall Ye Who Cross Me
Though not a lick of his father went into making Hadrian what he has become, he nonetheless shares the man's predilections to territoriality and possessiveness, in part a feature of his K'paur DNA, which can make him ruthless, fly off the handle, or forsake all else to deal with the problem, depending on what has been damaged or stolen, or whom has been slighted or harmed.

Other Optional Attributes TBD


Weaknesses TBD

To be written...

Hadrian is the product of a one-off liaison between Lucianus Adair and Kassandra Distorith, early in their acquaintance some eight centuries before present day, and some two years after the death of Lucianus' first mate and - to date - only wife, Blaire Adair (née Sal-Soren). Lucianus made little time for the boy, being absorbed in the war he waged against the Jedi and the Republic of the time and having only any real regard for his legitimate offspring, thus Hadrian was raised solely by his mother.

Though Kassandra was a Lord of the Sith, she did not deign to provide any training to her son in this milieu from the start. Rather, her desire was that her son come to know well the galaxy around him, and establish himself solely with the tools he had by nature and nurture; only then would she see to it that he was given more power. This establishment was a long game, the better part of a century of work, but on the other side the young half-vampire came out on top of an information network of his own making that spanned the galaxy, and lined his pockets from the sale of information to the highest bidder... information that could ruin or make lives, topple or grow empires, at times.

With this accomplished, Kassandra trained her son in the ways of the Force, according to plan, imparting to him her knowledge of shaping the elements of water, fire, earth, and air, developing his telekinetic abilities, sharpening his Force senses, and broadening his empathic scope - a useful tool, to help meet his physical needs.

--// further history to be written... //--

Hadrian Distorith


A blessing of genetics. A curse for the bleeding heart. What caught your eye?

Hadrian Distorith

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