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Gunna Need a Healer

Cedric Dorn

So for me Ossus is Essentially over. I fought Shorn to a standstill but as a result Diana got pretty freaking broken.

In short Diana has broken ribs, broken collarbone, a shattered left arm, huge cuts on her back and chest, she likely has a concussion, her left leg is covered in shrapnel, and she was also stabbed with Devaronian blood-poison blade. I'm also sure there's a few things i'm missing.

In Short, Diana is currently broken.

I would like to do a thread where i RP out just how much pain she is in and the whole healing process. I'm guessing this would need a Master level healer honestly just because of how broken she is, though if there are any Master/padawan/Knight Combo's that want to learn on healing Diana i wouldn't be opposed to that :)

Any takers?

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@[member="Diana Moridena"]

Well I guess the Repub has it combat medical team on ground, but not sure why we don't have healers in the invasion as well. Anyway.. Iella can't help, but I think you are looking for a new thread for this anyway. :) I hope someone comes along here soon.

Cedric Dorn

Aye i should have made that clearer. This will be a new thread that takes place a day or so after the invasion of Ossus and will focus more on the healing of troops(not just Diana).

Your help may well be needed :)