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Guess the song

Levi Hutch

I am not a smurf!
A very simple game. One person posts a verse from a song. The next person guesses the name of the song and the band, then puts their own verse and so on. I'll start.

I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
The blood of innocence burning in the skies
I filled my cup with the rising of the sea
And poured it out in an ocean of debris


Surprised no one has posted (or is the forum acting up for me again?)
Burning in the Skies by LP

(Edited because no one was ever going to guess the old one unless they're also japanese or serious otaku)
I watched you walk away
Hopeless with nothing to say
I screen my eyes
Hoping to see you again


Just under the upper hand.
30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday

I look in the mirror and all I see
Is a young old man with only a dream
Am I just fooling myself
That she'll stop the pain
Living without her
I'd go insane

Levi Hutch

I am not a smurf!
Patrick Swayze- She's like the wind

Now and forever
You're just another lost soul about to be mine again
See her, you'll never free her
You must surrender it all
If you'd like to meet again

Yvorre Morcade

Disturbed - Inside the Fire

It's been a long time coming
And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down


Stark raving silly
Not sure on the title, I want to say that song is by Breaking Benjamin.

When I wake up, well, I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you
When I go out, yeah, I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you
If I get drunk, well, I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you
And if I haver, hey, I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you
Live in Light, Surf Master
The Pretenders - 5,000 Miles

We were lost inside a wasteland
Of fools groping for the gold
I wonder if they'll think of us
Whlie they're still searching for their souls
Patience my love it'll all be alright

Yvorre Morcade

@[member="Theophenes"] Wrong, You're Going Down by Sick Puppies. :p

Tea Party - These Living Arms

Another mission the powers have called me away
Another time to carry the colors again
My motivation an oath I've sworn to defend
To win the honor of coming back home again
No explanation will matter after we begin
Unlock the dark destroyer that's buried within
My true vocation and now my unfortunate friend
You will discover a war you're unable to win
Eternal Father
Indestructible ~ Disturbed

Commerce brings war
Jihad has come to both sides
Eye for an eye, fire for fire
Raining death as the towers crumble
This will never end, left without a choice by the fiscal elite
War is set in motion by higher powers
A pissing contest for the unknown
Left bankrupt we all die inside
As a couple jumps hand in hand to their death