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Ground based anti-capital ship weapons

Anaxsi Hawk
I was wondering what submissions have been made for essentially what the title says. I'm thinking of stuff like the Ion cannon and hyper velocity gun from Empire At War, and how those could be used in a location sub. I know the NIO used one at Borosk, but I want to know what has been submitted.


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Constantine Oliva Constantine Oliva The cheapest and fastest way to engage ships in orbit of a world will always be Assault missiles. But, if you are looking for something special there are a number of hypervelocity guns that are ground-based. Planetary Ion Cannons are rare these days but there are some out there. The canon one still works sell but shielding has come a long way since Hoth. Most current vessels have massively powerful ion shielding included in their normal shield suites. HVC and large massive Velocity guns are the best thing to use other than assault missiles Actually come to think of it ith most of the ECM and missile countermeasures it may be the best thing. Somethign that moves very fast and can not be intercepted is key. Also multiple small projectiles always work better than one big one, so a Hypervelocity cannon that fires High velocity small projectiles ad ultra velocities would do the trick. Shielding is made to take a lot of force from solid impacts but not continuous force. Shielding basically bends and ripples when it is impacted and the generators are made to counted this. If you hit them over and over very rapidly for a long period of time it makes the shield projectors work harder and in return the shielding go down faster. Also in the grand scheme of things, it is much easier to accurate smaller projectiles faster. Accelerating large projectiles takes a longer rail and more energy to accelerate the projectile and you will never get larger projectiles to move as fast as smaller ones. But just search the factory for Hypervelocity cannons and I feel you will find what your looking for.
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Constantine Oliva Constantine Oliva , there's really a lot of Factory submissions that have covered this.

As Reshmar has said, it's probably easiest to simply search for terms like "hypervelocity cannon" in the Approved Technology forum to find most of them. It's worth noting here too that many members also make many large scale weapons intended to be used originally on starships and then adapt them later on for ground use.

Looking at military base submissions in the Codex will also give you a feel of what's often being used for planetary defense weapons by members on the site.