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Approved Planet Gratos (Recovery)

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The Black Flame
Name: Gratos

Region: Outer Rim
System: Gratos System
Suns: Fraxus
Orbital Position: Habitable Zone
Moons: Kador (habitable rock, mountainous, dwarf planet) Illio (Habitable plains, dwarf planet) Junos (uninhabitable rock, moon)
Coordinates: H-15
Rotational Period: 36 hours
Orbital Period: 319

Class: Terrestrial, 2 times the size of earth
Diameter: 25,512
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Arid/tropical
Gravity: two times standard
Primary Terrain: The terrain is mainly covered in a thick jungle swamp land that is much more green than that of most worlds of the same terrain type. The jungles run from the swamp lands and up beautiful mountain sides that host waterfalls and some of the larger cites that the Graug have built. While most consider the planet a personification of dread, those lucky enough to travel to the planet and survive its harsh diseases have said that the Sorrowful mountain range (at the planets south pole and pictured below) is on of the most wondrous sights in the galaxy. Some of the jungles on the planet are so thick that the sun is blotted out, the Graug do not build cities here as it is home to the vicious Stym swarms.

Native species: The Graug, The Stym (WIP), Dread Spiders & Colossal Dread Spiders (WIP), Glycons (WIP), Talos (plural Talosi), The Babi (WIP)
Immigrated species: none
Primary languages: Graug
Government: Imperial Matriarchy
Population: 80 billion (above ground and below ground)
Demonym: Gratosian (Graug if referring to the native species)
Major cities: Roxus (capital: a city of Imperial palaces and temples)
Fluxus (Major Military city: Found under the ground in the Northern Hemisphere, hosts a large majority of Imperial forces)
Groxus (Major Religious City: Found in the Southern Hemisphere. It is believed to be the point in which the gods first created the Graug)
Major imports: War Materials (metals, ores etc)
Major exports: Exotic poisons, bioweapons and mercenaries on occasion. Ultrachrome, Durasteel, Songsteel
Affiliation: They are a strongly independent species but would lean towards the Sith if they needed too.

Culture: Imperial Clan: The Imperial clan is centered a Horde Mother, or a queen to outsiders, who rules over the clan. The Horde Mother gives birth to her children; the males serve as generals and the woman as official mating partners to her sons. The fetuses are genetically altered while in the room to assure that enough sons and daughters are born. The children of her children are all modified to be female and they are expected to have many who will go out and mate with as many males as they can. All of the children born to the Horde Mothers grand children live only to serve and are modified to do so. While this seems like a tedious process, many genetic alterations are at the clan’s disposal to excel birth rate. Plus, it is not uncommon for the children of the Horde Mother to have literally hundreds of children.

This taboo ritual is then used to justify the Horde Mother’s title, as she is seen as the beginning of the entire clan. The Imperial Clan’s culture circles around domination of the others clans and eventually the universe, every year a religious festival is even held once in a generation which individuals willingly sacrifice themselves in the name of “The War God”. The Horde Mother also takes part by meeting with the most successful of her sons and matting with him publicly to conceive the next Horde Mother who will be modified to ensure perfection and then nurtured from a child at a normal growth rate. This particular clan is known for its massive Imperial Palaces made of natural stones and its underground military complexes.

Technology: On par with the rest of the galaxy
History: The planet was first observed by New Republicans before the Darkness, at this time life was just beginning to show signs of complex life forms beginning to take shape. During the Yuuzhan Vong war, the outpost on the moon of Kedor was destroyed and the planet was left in darkness and forgotten. While the rest of the galaxy fumbled and crumbled during the darkness, the increased Darkside influence in the galaxy speed up the evolutionary rate of the Darkside connection of the life forms.

After two centuries of rapid evolution the clear victor of the evolutionary race emerged in the form of the Gruag. Clans were formed and over the centuries wars would be waged almost endlessly until only four clans remained. The leading clan was able to explore the moon of Kedor after much trial and error and discovered the ancient Republic Outpost. The technology salvaged from the centuries old ruins propelled the species forward many hundreds of years and allowed them to achieve advanced space flight and modern technology. Soon after this point in the planets history a global war was waged in which the three minor factions of the planet up rose against the Imperials leading the way. In the end the Imperials inherited the whole planet and sent the others away to nearby places off world.

With the political boundaries settled, the imperials made contact with the outside world by way of a radio signal sent out in multiple directions. In time diplomats showed up to great the new members of the galactic community. It was not long before communications broke down, the Graug not accustomed to dealing with diplomatic offers in this way. Before long the diplomats who were sent were executed by the imperials or attacked by the Lost Clan of pirates. While no army was sent to deal with the species, it was shunned galaxy wide for its primitive cruelty and embargoed by most civilized worlds.
Notable PC's: High General Imperial Krag (WIP) Horde Mother Jira

Intent: This planet is being created to give my new species a homeworld, long term goals are in the works.

I know this is a submission which has already been approved, but I'd like to ask for one tiny thing to be altered before I accept the above approval; change the term "Modern" for the Technology level to be something along the lines of "on par with the rest of the Galaxy" - modern could mean anything. Do this, @mention me, and then we'll be good to go.
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