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Hey guys. Today I will be graduating from my class of 2017. I do not know how long I will be there but around the afternoon I will be very busy and will not know when I will reply. I will try to get out a couple of posts today but I can't make any promises for either Jakkor Kess or Kyrel Ren. So if I don't get back to you all either tonight then tomorrow. Really excited and really nervous at the same time. So I hope to be back soon if not today then tomorrow. :)

Those affected. [member="Evaelyn Zambrano"] [member="Samara Galloway"] [member="Anika Nygaard"] [member="Anora Shaw"] [member="Cyril Ren"] [member="Atani Bril"]l
[member="Natasi Fortan"]

Awww. Now don't get teary eyed on me. Aren't you supposed to be the ruthless Grand Moff? ;) <3

Thank you very much, my old friend. :)

[member="Valessia Brentioch"]

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