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Gorda the Hutt [wip]

The Black Flame

The Lords of Nal Hutta

435 years

Male Projection

3.2 meters


Dark Orange

Thin, white

Dark green (back)
Light green (lower back/tail)
Grey-green (belly)


After the recent and cataclysmic fall of the galaxy's prominent criminal syndicates - Black Sun, Red Ravens & Hutt Cartel - the world of Nal Hutta has changed hands from one galactic government to the next. The Hutts themselves could not keep track nor take hold of the chaos, unable to form a united front in the fractured state they found themselves in.

Wiggling to the top of the bloody mound of sluggish corpses came Gorda. He took the mantle of Lorda Desilijic for his own, becoming the first "Lord of Nal Hutta". With only a fraction of the resources or money of the Hutt Cartel, the work has only just begun for the Hutt to live up to his title.


  • The World is Not Enough: Ambition in its most despicable form. Gorda may not be the strongest, richest or fastest but he has a vision for the Clan and The Lords of Nal Hutta - one he will go to great lengths to see come to fruition. The question is not if, but who does he have to pay? Who does he have to kill?
  • The Tough go Antiquing: Gorda is a collector of a unique variety - he does not stop at artifacts or paintings, he collects pleasures of all varieties. On the war-torn streets of Nal Hutta, pleasure is its own commodity, sometimes worth more than money. Where money may fail you, pleasure will always be there in its most vile forms. Strippers, slaves, drugs, performers, prostitutes, rare and exotic foods - if it feels food or tastes good it can be yours...for a price.
  • Do Not Fail Me Again: Ruthlessness is a cornerstone of any true crimelord just as must as patience and generosity. Gorda understands this and is not greedy when it comes to paying his successful associates well and punishing those who are less so. Willing to both mercilessly execute and graciously reward gives Gorda allure, mystique, and fear. Powerful tools that have allowed him, gangs, corrupt officials and hired guns to do his dirty work.
  • Sluggish Strength: Hutts are, by nature, stronger than many other species even at their most unfit. Gorda's short reach only serves to protect enemies from the vicious strength of his body, cable of crushing or devouring a foe in seconds if they dare cross him while in close proximity.

  • Curse These Tiny Arms: Strong as they may be, Hutts are slow, bulbous creatures that do not expect to win any races on their own. This makes Gorda an unappealing combatant - even if assisted by technology.
  • Reliance is Your Weakness: Gorda is not what one would call self-sufficient. He is capable of pulling a trigger, driving a speeder or ship and even baking - but he cannot do any of these things well. Four centuries of servants and hired muscle have left him vulnerable in key areas of life.
  • The Weakness of a People Pt. 1: All Hutts suffer from a lack of subtlety when it comes to their work. What most people see as criminal, Hutts see as but a part of life - so much so that "criminal" can barely be translated into huttesse as the concept of the word is so different between the two. So, just like all Hutts, Gorda serves openly as a crime lord and it is not hard to discover who he is and what he does unless he makes explicit attempts to cover his involvement.
  • The Weakness of a People Pt. 2: As with their lack of subtlety, Hutts have been described by many galactic psychologists as "feeling threatened on a subconscious level". Hutts are afraid...of everything. In some, this manifests in cowardice, in others like Gorda it manifests as a deep seeded paranoia that nags at his mind - causing him to question even his most loyal.


Gorda can be described as being an obsessive megalomaniac, living day-in-and-out to collect things of monetary, statutory or pleasurable values. Much of this collecting is for his own pleasure and he will sometimes spend hours admiring his own collected artifacts, fondling slaves and servants or simply dining slowly on exotic foods or counting laundered credits. Interestingly enough he owns and collects literary works but despises reading - so will have a servant or droid read newly added works to him, usually accompanied by sound effects and music to keep his attention.

He thoroughly enjoys the finer things in life for the mere pleasure of experiencing what others (or many) cannot - and his most prized pleasures are those you cannot find anywhere else. To this end, he often enjoys much simpler things and he can often be found smoking a large hooka system or delighting in recreational drug use while working out and conducting business.

Never, however, would you find him putting himself near areas where the dirty work was happening. While he is more than willing to carry out or supervise executions, he knows his own limits and avoids physical conflict wherever possible. This is why he has defined himself a personality and demeanor that falls between being a friendly neighbor and an ax murderer. He will always offer commodities and small luxuries to guests and returning muscle, but this can flip in an instant and turn to fits of rage and extreme anger.

It has happened more than once in which these fits of anger have led him to devour failed henchmen or enemies in front of his palace.


Folds over folds of leathery green skin, piled atop a bed of slime and grease that drips from every crevice - this is a disgusting image that does little justice to the sluggish form of Gorda. Not a far cry from the usual filth of Hutts, Gorda does show a slightly above average taste for clothing and finery than your average member of the species. Whether it be his gem incrested cybernetic eye or his array of antique jewelry, he enjoys the pleasure of showing off what others cannot have.

Another Hutt would not find this repulsive or in poor taste, it is simply the way of their people to expose one's wealth...what is disgusting is his splotches of thin, wiry hair. Coating his body is what can only be described as white furs - somewhat of a mutation among the Hutt species. This genetic disgrace has led him to develop an intense trichotillomania that drives him with an incurable urge to pull out his own hair - giving him splotches of hair across his entire body where hair has begun to grow inconsistently.

Gorda was born into the Desilijic Kajidic to a podracing tycoon and money launderer for the Hutt Cartel. Unfortunately, following the rise of the Gulag Plague, Gord's father lost his entire business as the galaxy fell in short order to the virus. During this time of destruction, The Hutt Kajidics survived primarily through a retreat into the Throne Worlds - operating their syndicates through occasional caravans of explicit goods.

The wealth that existed was traded between clans and Kajidics and an inclosed economy blossomed, but as the centuries wore on even the moderately wealthy hutts were overtaken by the richer - Gorda's father was of the former. When the wealth dried up, the elder Desilijic was overcome with depression and guilt - falling ill and never recovering.

This left Gorda as a low ranking member of the Desilijic Kajidic with little wealth to his name - but things would turn around when the darkness finally ended. Though his father had fallen into ruin and had long-since passed, the need for his services was needed once galactic governments began to rise. So Gorda took up the mantle and continued his father's legacy.

He would stay at the bottom of the totem pole throughout the history of the Hutt Cartel, amassing wealth property. Then the Red Ravens and the eventual criminal cataclysm began and when all began falling around him, he did not make his father's mistake. He paid-off the desperate to sabotage the escape of opponents and used the chaos to steal credits from everybody he could before retreating to the Throne World once more. This time, however, he had made special preparations to ensure that the most powerful never returned. Random thug shootings faulty speeder breaks and leaks to enemy syndicates sprung up around Nal Hutta and Nar Shadaa.

When the chaos had ended, he stood at the top of a small pile and he would see to it that the Hutt Cartel grew strong again - under his and Desijilic rule.

Felicity Skye

Knowledge & Luxury
[member="Gorda the Hutt"], I see you are a collector of artifacts and antiquities. Might any be of Jedi origin? I ask because maybe there is a deal to be made. Let me know if you're interested.